This Story Will Send You Thinking, Every One Who Heard it Agrees

It was just a simple story but it really sent me thinking about how I could own my life. I have to make decisions that affect my life. I will tell you this story that challenges you to the core. First however, let me tell you how I got the story. I made a call on my way from the office expecting to meet a former colleague who had come to Lagos on a business visit. Will you eat kenkey? I knew he would want to eat kenkey because he has been away from Ghana for a while. Kenkey is a Ghanaia delicacy. I reached Daniel’s lodge at about 7:30pm local time. We were seated on the second floor. We had a good chat and then he gave me a CD to watch. As a colleague of Daniel in one of the top shot banks in Ghana, I knew that Daniel had a strong work ethic. If he gave me a CD, then it is for a reason.

I inserted the CD into my laptop and then I began to watch the movie that would leave an indelible imprint on my mind. Only a few movies have a lasting effect on me. It was not my favourite kind of adventure movie. It was cartoons (I am not a fan of cartoons) and these animations really sent my mind wide. I don’t remember the title of this video. I think FFG owes the story. The story follows this line. Two friends from High School, Welty and Kamen, met after a long time. They decided to catch up on past times. During their conversation, they told each other what they were presently doing. Kamen worked in the corporate world and earned a huge salary. To get more pay, he needed to work harder and for long hours. He did this to provide for the comfort of. He hardly had time for his children. His wife only wished he could spend a little more time with her and the family. He desperately needed to spend time with his family but his work would not let him.

After Welty heard about Kamen’s life, he was moved because unlike Kamen, Welty seemed to have the time to do whatever he wanted to do and he also had the money to do it. He spent time with his lovely son, played golf, visited recreational centres, watched football at the stadium, etc. Welty decided to help his friend. He knew that, if Kamen had to take charge and own his life, he had to understand the principles that he, Welty had used to obtain wealth and at the same time have the time to pursue his leasure. He told Kamen about a boatman who became wealthy without trading his time for money. I will tell you that story Welty told Kamen in the next post.You will see the mistakes that you probably are making that is costing you the opportunity to own your life and place your dreams within your reach.


Eyram Hlortsi