Own Your Life – What it means to Own Your Life

What does it Mean to Own Your Life

To understand what it means to own your life, analyse by yourself, this statement Don Faila makes.  “When you subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and the things you have to do each day of your life, most people don’t have more than two or three hours a day to do what they would like to do: and then, would they have the money to do it?”

Depending on which angle you want to tackle this, you will have varying responses. But the underlying factor is that you are in control of the vehicle that is moving in the direction of your destiny. This means that, you can choose to be happy, sad, loving, hating, etc all at will at any particular moment. For example, IF YOU HEARD A BAD NEWS AND WERE CRYING, YOU COULD DECIDE TO BE HAPPY AND SWITCH MOODS IMMEDIATELY. Now, this is extreme but that is what it means to own your life. It means that you have the ability to control, no not to control but to DETERMINE your emotion.

If you can determine your emotions which you can, why then would you choose to allow a negative painful emotion in your life?

The next thing it means to own your life is that you can choose where you want to live, what you want to eat and what clothes you would wear without looking at the price tag.

Own your life, means you can buy anything without considering the price tag
I sell for $5,000,000.00

This is what it means NOT to own your life. When you can tell a lie under pressure, or give explanations to justify what you have done for fear of punishment or for a gain of reward.

Now consider this! Can you be said to presently own your life? If you cannot wake up at the time you want to, work at your goals according to your schedule in order to achieve them, and even decide how your day goes, think again about the control you have on your life.

To what extent does your money have power over you? You can determine that you are in charge of your own life depending on your response if you lost every dime have made. Or if you experienced what some people will call a mishap. Would you accept that it is part of life, then you wake up and start all over or you will sit there languishing in pain?

Can you go where you want to go, or acquire what you want to or do what you like to, and would you have the money to do it?

The extent to which money or circumstances influences your life is a great indicator of the extent to which you are in control of your destiny.

No matter where you stand, you can own your life by the decision (s) you take now – The decision to change your situation.

I will share in the next post, the stories of people who changed their situations by taking the decision to own their lives. I will also share with you, how you can do same.

In the meantime, leave me your comments. To you, what does it mean to own your life?

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Own Your life – Part One

A Slave/Master of Your Thought

Over the years, I have struggled until I came to the realization that to enjoy a fulfilled life, you need to take charge and Own your life. Prior to this realisation, I had dreams and aspired great heights. Each time, I was not able to achieve my goals, I would think, “was I any different from all the others?” I know I was not because according to my performance in class and at my place of employment (I worked with a multinational bank at the time), I was one of an above average performers. Many of my colleagues looked up to me but I was grossly dissatisfied and did not attain my goals. Some people seemed to enjoy the attention of almost everyone around. This made me moody because, I thought, for fairness sake everyone needs to enjoy the same level of attention. That thinking was a big fallacy! I needed a slice of the cake of friendship these folks were enjoying. This was not happening and I got more troubled and moody. I actually thought that people did not like me. The more I thought, the more I coiled into my shell. I could not control my circumstances and how I felt. I did not own my life. It was not nice being lonely. Even my close friends now seemed distant. I plunged deeper into my moody self. To keep myself company, I buried myself into books. One day, something drastic happened. The light hit me. Then everything began to change. I was more happy, I started enjoying friendships and Today, I have a very different view of life.

Own Your Life by your choice to take action
It depends on you

When you do not own your life or control how you feel, you are almost a slave of your thoughts, wondering what other people are thinking or who did or did not do what. Let me tell you a true story. I know a man. Let me keep his identity by calling him Kofi.

Kofi Baths Up to Ten Times A Day!!!

Kofi wanted attention from his father and mentor above his brothers. But growing up, Kofi’s mother told him that, he needed to bath well because he had a strong body odour. Kofi took that lightly in the beginning. Later in life, Kofi noticed that his father was closer to his other brothers than himself. His desire however was to be his father’s attention. His father who is allergic to bad smell often told stories of how body odour could cost you important relationships, promotion at work or valuable things in life. After all, people only give goodies to those they liked. Life they say is not fair. You can be a great producer, an intelligent person or a genius and and still miss out on the goodies of life. Now, Kofi would bath anytime he was going to see his father. He would use lime because that was the best odour suppressant he knew. He would make sure that anytime he was going to meet his father, he had taken his bath. But it seemed his father did not notice any of these and when he noticed it, did not even get Kofi closer. Kofi was really down. If Kofi was with his father and his father had to scratch his nose due to discomfort Kofi would think that, he was producing bad odour. Sometimes real, other times imagined. Somehow, his feelings affected his confidence and his mood. This affected his relationship with other people. He would interpret his lack of social acceptance as a result of the bad odour he produced. He plunged into a perpertual state of unhappiness. Guess What? Kofi would

"Take charge", "own your life"
Having a good time!!!

bath about seven to ten times in a day in order to get around. He had become a slave and victim of his own imagination because of his desire to please others. Back to the light that hit me. I got a basic understanding of what it means to Own Your Life. This changed my perception and has put everyone of my dreams within my reach. I set huge goals now and I feel so much in control of the goals. In our next post, I will continue of what it means to OWN YOUR LIFE. But see, you can master your situations. You can CHOOSE to be happy!!! You can attain all your goals. It is within reach!!! Take Massive Action To Take CHARGE NOW!!! I will be very grateful if you can share your own experiences situations that made you feel enslaved by your thoughts. What are you going to do differently to Own Your Life and take charge of your destiny. Let me hear from you.   Eyram Hlortsi Business Builder/Entrepreneur Trainer