Stop Pitching Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Yes!! I just gave a straight blatant shoot at it. It sucks when you pitch people with your network marketing opportunity.

how to pitch your network marketing opportunity

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NO Network Marketing Here


I will tell you shortly. Before then, have you realised that friends and loved ones avoid it when you start talking about your opportunity to them and pestering them that they need to join you? Ask Mark Yarnell. His father did everything to stop him when he decided to give network marketing a shot of his life.

Let me tell you a story. It is a true story. I know a man who started a network marketing business. He failed in a couple and was neck deep about to drawn in his last opportunity. This man had read the book by Robert Kiyosaki titled “Business of the 21st Century”. He knew that this the industry that can turn his financial fortunes and make him a monthly seven figure earner and still give him the luxury of the time to spend enjoy with his family and loved ones. My friend told me that, it would take him between 20 to 30years if he had to make six figures a month in his current organisation.

When my friend joined his present opportunity, he was determined to succeed. He did all his upline to do. He followed his companies training rigorously. In less than a month, he had spoken to over two hundred people and signed up four people. His moral was boosted. Was he soon to become the next Randy Gage? His hopes were high and his energies multiplied. He shared his story. It was working. Or was it?

Soon, he realised that he had spoken to everybody he knew on earth about his network marketing opportunity (Just kidding), but that is how it felt. Many people did not care about his golden life-saving seven figure making opportunity. Sadly enough, he could not meet as many people to present his opportunity to. He took to advertising and realised that, people did not respond. Was he missing something?

People avoided him. This was to be expected because trainings from his company showed him how to deal with rejection. But why will people not reject you when you just go straight to them and pitch your business? Are you their personal financial advisor or entrepreneur consultant? I will show you a model called attraction marketing later.

As my friend had exhausted his warm market, he decided to venture into the cold market. Rejection was much more severe. He felt like giving up and calling it quits. I know my friend. He is not one who quits so easily. He would find a way to become the top producer in his company.

He advertised his company.

His results sucks!!!

The response was poor. He had however made a good move. But why were the results poor? Others advertised the same company too. People preferred to join the team of the presenters and those who ran the show. They wanted to be with the celebrities in my friend’s network marketing company.

My friend had to think outside the box. How do I become the one who people get attracted to?

Become a star. PERIOD!!. To win their hearts, my friend decided to become a star first. He decided to give people great value for free. This was value that he had paid several hundreds of dollars for. When people received the gifts he gave them, they knew/thought that he had more to give. Now, prospects were gravitating towards my friend like a magnet. People would ask him about his opportunity even if he did not speak about it. Everyone wanted to be in his team.

Why you should not pitch your network marketing opportunity

  1. It sucks. It simply is unprofessional. No one will really want to join you. The catch is that when you chase people around, they don’t want to come to you. Ask the guys. They somehow ran from ladies who are chasing/pestering them and they go for the ladies who are ignoring them. This is simply human nature. Pitching is like gravels in the mouth. Become a consultant or trusted advisor and see people coming to you.
  2. The next time you tell someone your company is the best and all the stuff you say to pitch your business, remember this phrase, who cares? They would have joined you if they cared. People feel that you don’t even care about them when you pitch them your opportunity and they reciprocate.
  3. When you give people value regardless of whether they join you or not, they see that you are selfless. As a result, they want to buy from you when you have not offered to sell anything. They simply want to pay you back for your generousity.
  4. When you pitch your opportunity, people see you as a sales person, and we all don’t like sales people, EVEN YOU. Give value and get die-hard fans who take your every advise

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