Can You Make So Much Money Working 2 hours a day

Usually, when you see lead capture pages, you are told to enter your details in order to learn how you can make so much money without doing anything or working just for two hours a day ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. This concept is really appealing to busy professionals whose salary usually requires support if their income is to outlive their paydays. The real question is can you really make money working for short hours.

The answer is a resounding YES. You can make money from home working for 2 short hours a day. Before you get me wrong, it is not as easy as it sounds and this is why many people give up and say these programs do not work. Now to the main question. How can you work for two hours a day and still earn extra income that can eventually replace your present salary?

The answer is simple

  • Automation/technology
  • Done for you marketing
  • Advertising and
  • Coaching.

Do not pick the phone to call your boss and tender your resignation yet.

We will consider each of these methods using a typical work from home opportunity say MLM / network marketing opportunity.

Work From Home For Two Hours a Day
Don’t Call Your Boss to Quit Just Yet


Assume you signed up to a good company whose products are awesome, it would take at least 30minutes to make a presentation to one person. If you are working for two hours a day, it would imply that you are presenting your opportunity to four people each day. In a week, you would have spoken to 28 people about your opportunity. Research shows that it take an average of four follow ups before a person buys into your opportunity. Moreso, if you are a great marketer, you would be converting sales at about 25% of your prospects. This rate is outrageous. Many do not achieve it. Even the best marketers are happy with a 4 to 10% sales conversion rate. But assume that you signed up one out of every four after seven contacts, in a month, you would be signing up only two people if you worked two hours a day. Can you see why a lot of people do not make it? Assume that your presentation is converted into videos or blog posts which can be seen by several people at a go. Do you see how you can easily be working less hours? You presentation will get interested people to contact you then you follow them up.

In following up your leads/prospect, you can also use the aid of technology. You can use autoresponders, webinars, etc. This has worked greatly for a lot of the home business success stories out there. Presently, you can actually get paid to follow up your prospects. After building your list (collecting the lead information), you recommend products say an ebook that can presell them. Then you organise a webinar to answer questions people may have. People like to pay for this stuff. As they get deep into your funnel, you sell them on your opportunity. In using technology, you need to do two important things, be yourself so that the people will get to know you and trust you, then build a money making list. I hear, building a money making list has been made so easy a monkey can learn to do it. Lol

Done For You Marketing /Advertising

Many people who want to work for 2 hours a day really need this. You need someone to the sales copy or presentation for you. This is so because it takes a lot of time to write very good copy that converts well. For you, the most important thing now is to make some good cash. Many opportunities especially affiliate programs  have a marketing funnel they pass their prospects through. All you have to do is to send traffic to these offers (Build your list). You can send traffic to affiliate offers by advertising. A simple well thought out classified ad may not be as expensive as you think. When the ad is properly placed in front of the right target, it can be very profitable. Facebook ad are also cheap. You can target your ideal audience and drive the traffic into your squeeze pages. Treat your home BUSINESS and a BUSINESS.

You need guidance from someone who has attained some level of results. Just learn what they did right. Improve upon it and BAM! You will be seeing good result. Focus is very important online. If you are not focused, you can miss out. There is so much information out there that you can be overloaded with information. A lot of the information out there is also crap. Just get one person who is doing well, follow them and copy them.

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Your MLM Company May be Illegitimate – How to Tell

You may just be sitting on a time bomb. How can you be sure that the MLM company you are promoting or intending to promote is not the next Zeek Rewards or Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FTHM)? The pain many people have had to suffer and a drying of some income stream of affiliates is better not remembered. If you intend to engage in a long lasting business however, you will have to ensure that your priced opportunity could still be around for all times. Conduct due diligence in the areas that would be mentioned below.

How to tell a Network Marketing scamre
Scam Alert

Check With The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

All you have to do is to visit the Federal Trade Commission website and enter the company name in the search box. Any issues filed against the company with the FTC will come up. Read them to determine what decisions you have to make. Please note, every information you gather will serve as a pointer to your final decision making.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The next step is to check the company’s BBB ratings. Check how many complaints were logded, what is the nature of these complaints and whether the issues have been resolved. This will provide some level of comfort. Every company that is doing business will have issues with their clients. If complaints are resolved and closed at the BBB, this is a very good sign. You may consider the company. Care must be exercised though.

Check The Company, Its Products and Business Model

If the only way you can really make money with your MLM is to promote the opportunity, you are in for a big trouble. Your company stands the risk of being categorized a pyramid scheme. It is obvious for instance that 90% of distributors in FTHM lost money. The only way that distributors could really make any substantial income was from recruiting down lines. Do not fall for illegal schemes.

Social Proof

The explosion of social media sites such as facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus, etc have made it so easy to find out what the popular view held by the public on a particular issue. You can mine very important information from what people say. Other sites such as may also be useful in conducting your due diligence.

When applying these rules, it is always good to keep your brains and look at things objectively. Some people will generally malign a company just because they have had a bad experience dealing with the company. This should not be the reason why you loose out on a great opportunity that may be begging at you.

Search Reviews on The Company

Indeed, there is a lot of crap on the internet lately. People write reviews just to promote their offers or to bad-mouth a company. These people do not deal with issues objectively. They are usually swayed by their emotions of bitterness or their greed for money. Don’t worry. You can always tell a good review from a bad one. Just read in between the lines. None the less, reading reviews can reveal important facts that should help you tell whether to go ahead with your company. To search the reviews of a company, you can just type the company name with words such as “complaints” “scam”, “review” etc. in the search engines. For a company XYZ, you could type XYZ Scam or XYZ review.

Is the Compensation Plan Difficult to Understand?

If the compensation plan of the company is difficult to understand, ask questions. Usually, compensation plans are thorny issues that bring companies to face the law. The more frequent a company faces trial, the higher the probability of the company being declared a pyramid scheme.

Go with Your Guts

Always go with your gut feeling. If it does not feel right to you, do not join the company. Many businesses have collapse because entrepreneurs have refused to listen to their gut feelings. Other entrepreneurs have flowered because even though every thing seemed right, their gut feelings opposed it. They were right most of the time.

The post above is just to provide you with a guide. Each of these methods is not failure proof. It is important that you ask questions. Also check with your attorney to make sure that you are making a sound, legal business decision.

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100% MLM Duplication Possible

How to Get 100% MLM Duplication on Your Team

YES! 100% MLM Duplication is possible. Before I show you how, just come with me.

A month or so after I joined network marketing, I heard my upline, Daniel Sekpey make a statement. This statement did not mean much to me at the beginning. He said that the key to network marketing success was duplication. After I had sponsored a dozen of people into my network marketing organisation, I saw all of them fall of due to attrition. I was concerned. My business must not fail. Moreso, I needed to help my team build the dreams they envisioned when they joined my team. The desire sent me searching. Then I realised that 100% MLM duplication is possible.

Is My Duplication Proposition Feasible

Yes! Before you say I am exaggerating, finish this post. If you don’t think 100% MLM duplication is possible, close this page and dont come here again! At least, at the time of my discovery, Ann Sieg made the bold claim and had the stats to support it. My curiosity heightened, and I searched more. How is this possible and how could I implement what I had learnt? Can everyone else build their Network Marketing businesses ensuring 100% MLM duplication on their team. Go through this entire post and discover HOW YOU CAN also obtain 100% MLM duplication.

1.     Understand that Network Marketing is Not for Everyone

When network marketing reps are recruiting or sponsoring people, they do not have the right posture. They pitch almost everyone with their opportunity. The quality of the people they sponsor tells on their duplication efforts. Some people are simple not cut out for MLM. You probably are one of them. When a prospect comes to you begging to join your opportunity even with credit card in hand, you must not admit them to your team if they are not cut out for this kind of business. Below is a list, not exhaustive, of people you should not admit into your team. These people actually kill the team:

  • Nay sayers
  • Complainers
  • Blamers
  • People with get rich quick mentality
  • Disloyal people
  • People who complain they don’t have time
  • Pessimistic people
  • Non diligent people, etc

If a prospect displays any of these traits, your red lights must immediately show. You will have to take them through rigorous screening to qualify them. In fact, be more inclined to disqualifying them for your team in this situation.

2.     Network Marketing is a Marketing Business not Sales

People do not simply get it. If you are in MLM, then you are in Marketing. People confuse marketing with sales. Sales is just a tiny part of  Marketing  which deals with how to promote your product, service or opportunity to your prospects. If MLM is marketing, you need to know what you are promoting. Mind you, it is neither your company’s products nor your opportunity. Mike Dillard will tell you best.


How to Get 100% MLM Duplication

  • Teach each team member to stand out and be unique. Give them systems that will help them enhance their uniqueness. This is what Ann Sieg did to obtain this outstanding duplication on her team. She adopted the principle called attraction marketing. The reason why your tumb print is different from that of everyone else is the reason you do not have to mix in.
  • How can everyone sponsor with ease and ensure duplication. The answer lies in the quality of prospects you add to your team. If you sort them out and qualify them properly, they may be on five downlines, but these are they who will get you to seven figures. It may take time to enrol those five. But you must. If you don’t find the right qualities, don’t enrol.
  • Teach each team member to develop and invest in their leadership abilities. If you could overcome over six million sperms to fertilize the egg that produced YOU, then, you are a CHAMPION from birth. You can be a leader. You can learn the art of leadership. An invaluable resource I have found that has changed the way I am building online is the magnetic sponsoring course.



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To your MLM success

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