Succeeding Online Requires Only one Thing

People Don’t Succeed Online Because They Do too Many Things

When I started online, I did many things. I was wondering why I was not gettting any results. No optins to my capture pages, nothing. Zero! I was concerned about the look of my blog, I was concerned about what plug in I did not have, etc. Reading posts about doing a business online showed me a thousand and one trick. Every body was showing you how to become a millionaire online without lifting a finger. True, this is appealing to the masses. You get to buy their product or opportunity only to realize that you still have not made a dime. Some of those products were good, a lot of them were garbage.

How I made My Discovery

I got the magnetic sponsoring course which showed how to get targeted leads to your opportunity. It was a basic MLM lead generation and recruiting course. The course said that you could actually generate an endless list of leads flocking to your opportunity with credit card in hand. This was appealing. In purchasing the course, I discovered what truly was making the leaders successful and all other people failing. Since then, I have had scores of people optin to my squeeze pages. When I discovered this principle, I made my first sale online. My first sale was returned, but I had found the thing that makes you succeed online – SELLING.

How I made my first sale online

This is how I made my first sale. I made a friend on facebook who had a challenge marketing her home business. I shared the principles of attraction marketing with her and how she did not have to be spammy. She needed to give value to her prospects like I was giving her. After the discussion, I shared with her where I got my information. (This is how I get most of my leads). Within 24 hours, I had made a sale.

Knowing the truth will help you greatly.

  • There is no single opportunity that will make you money when you sit down and do nothing. Any such opportunity is a ponzi. Be suspicious of it.
  • Becoming successful online or in any business is all about selling.
  • Being successful online is not about having a large list. A large list is a great step to making more money though.

Blogging in itself will not make you money unless you sell.

Joining the best affiliate program would not make you money unless you sell the opportunity

No money is made unless a sale is made.

To be successful therefore, you must learn the art of selling.

You can however not be successful at selling if you do not care a hoot about your prospective client.

This is what you must do, connect with your prospect, know exactly what their needs are, and then help them. If you are selling an opportunity, let your prospect know exactly what your opportunity is, and help them along the way. Mind you, its a business you are building. Do not waste time on complainers and whiners. Teach your members exactly what you do to make each sale. Care about them. They joined you in the first place because they believed you could help them. If you really care about your clients, you will give them real help. When you do this, you are on your way to succeeding online. You do not need to be a guru or know it all. Just show this one person what you did that worked for you. When it works for them, they would show another and even mention you. You are on your way to becoming a star.

Where To Find Your Ideal Prospects

Position yourself where your prospects are looking for solutions eg forums, groups on facebook, yahoo groups, hangout on google,  you can also do Search Engine Markeing (SEM)  etc. Don’t just post your affiliate links there. That is spam. It is rude. Rather, join in the discussion and make intelligent contributions that solves people’s problem. They would naturally find you out. These are the best kind of leads. They are ready to buy. They make you successful.

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How to Approach Network Marketing

Many people fail in network marketing not because they cannot build huge organisations but because they use the wrong approach to network marketing. In this post, I will be sharing some dos and don’ts for anyone who wants to succeed in network marketing.

How Not to Approach Network Marketing

  • Do not see it as a get rich quick scheme. When done right, it provides the pathway to your financial freedom where you can have the vacations you dream about, and a residual income pipe that flows to you. This I am sure can help you pay the bills, have that grand wedding ceremony you dream about, but your dream car or that diamond chain which you only see on TV.
  • Do not go about pitching people your opportunity . You will not last long in the network marketing business if you build this way. NO leader builds their business in this manner. It actually sucks. They experience rejection because of this approach and quit. Consider this, I sat behind a pretty lady in a public bus. Tell you, this lady is really pretty. A gentle man who was joining the bus (I am sure he is sanguine) could not keep it to himself. He blurted out. Damn, you are so pretty. The girl looked at him, chuckled and looked away. What did he do wrong? Let me know in the comments your comments. I can’t tell you about you about the guy, a stranger, who joined the bus a few minutes later, saw the girl, and started a conversation with her. They were chatting and laughing as if they knew themselves from the beginning. Let’s analyze what the first person did wrong. Leave your comments if you have any answers.
  • Don’t attempt to sponsor just anyone – This business is not meant for everyone. If you tried it, you will fail miserable. You may have to sponsor a million people before you get the five that can contribute significantly to your business and financial goals.
  • Do not be in a hurry to sponsor your family members when they do not see your opportunity immediately, move on. They are not your warm market.
  • Do not promise to build anyone’s organisation for them. You will end up recruiting a bunch of lazy people who should not be entrepreneurs in the first place. I made a list of people who should not be entrepreneurs in 100% MLM Duplication is possible.

how to network marketing

How To Approach Network Marketing

Everyone who has built a huge network marketing business know how to do it. You can learn from them. They did a number of the things below. Do it too.

  • Develop a magnetic personality. This is how all the outstanding leaders have built their MLM opportunity. You can learn how to brand yourself and get more people coming to you to join your opportunity. Mike Dillard properly handles the subject in the Magnetic Sponsoring Course
  • Spend money to develop yourself into a leader. The more knowledge you have, and the more you apply that knowledge in your business, the more attractive you become. You can check my other posts to see my progress. Knowledge is awesome and there is nothing like acting in consonance with what you know.
  • Be ready to learn even unconventional methods of building your organisation. Remember, it’s YOUR business. When you follow your system’s training and it is not working for you, you don’t just quit. Find out great ways to build your business like I have done. Knowledge is power. Etc
  • Your greatest prospects are those who are already in the network marketing business or are buying products in the industry. This advise was given me by a network marketing great. An African hero, who built a seven figure network marketing business with Syntek Global and achieved a rank status of Team Elite in less than eight months. How do you find network marketers and how do you get them to join you. They are already building a business you see. When you come to the MLM Prosperity Academy, you would be thought how to do this. I have a free gift for anyone who pops up. It’s training on how to attract great networkers using facebook.
  • Recruit leaders only. If you do, you are sure to build huge teams. If your team is currently struggling, train them in the art of leadership.
  • Don’t go about showing the plan to your prospects. Ooops!!! Did I just say that? Sure, I did. These are the things you should do.

Teach people how to

Show them where to

Offer to help those who ask you.

When people ask for your help and you have to use illustrations, use YOUR opportunity and company as a great example.


My list is not exhaustive. If you think I left something out, show some love. Mention it in the comments box below it will help others you know.


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Yours in Prosperity.
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