How to Prospect for Network Marketing

If you just keyed in how to prospect, chances are that you want to give your business a boost by finding potential customers. This piece is one of several in the series that will serve as a prospecting guide in your efforts to learn what to do and what not to do when you are prospecting.

  1. The journey to attracting the right kind of prospect starts from your mind. Your mind frame will determine whether you will attract or generate quality prospects or wishy washy leads.
  2. Keep abreast with hot topics especially those in your industry, this will help you sustain valuable conversations for longer
  3. Define your role in the prospecting process. You are supposed to gather information that will help you know your prospect. The information gathered will aid you to qualify the prospects. You will know first-hand whether this is a prospect you will want to court for your network marketing opportunity.

How To Prospect – Position yourself

If you are just starting out, make sure you are seen where the prospects will be looking. Prosects have become very sophisticated. They will search you out. Online, they will use search  via the search engines, social media, etc. Off-line, they are likely to be looking around events hosted by players in your industry. The events include trade shows, training programs, fairs, etc. They will look for success stories. Locate yourself around the key players in the business. Talk with them, interview them, ask questions, and compliment them. Their popularity will have a rub off effect on you giving you some credibility which is much needed to boost your prospecting efforts.

How to Prospect – Maintain a confident Posture

Identify your unique selling point take pride in it. To a large degree, your prospects can have their lives and businesses transformed because of information you possess and give out. They might have heard or accessed this same information in many places but the way you deliver and present the same information can give their lives a major boost. Equipped with this knowledge, it is important to maintain a confident demeanour when interacting with people. You will naturally attract prospects. Your duty will then be to qualify them.

How to Prospect – Advertise

Advertising will save you the trouble of cold calling and experiencing rejection. Most network marketers dread being rejected. When you advertise, the people who are searching for solutions you can provide locate you. When they approach you, you need to sort out the quality prospects from the chaffs.

How to Prospect – Use Questions to Qualify Prospects

Ask questions that will lead you to determine whether the person you are relating with is qualified for your time. Conversation must centre on the person and help you in your sorting process. The prospects you qualify must be taken deeper into your sales funnel. After this, ask them questions that will bring to fore their needs. Suggest working solutions to their problems. Provide a solution if you have it, usually free of charge. If you do not possess the solution, show them where to find it. If you do not know where to find it, help them find it. You must apply good judgement and moderation in this case. If you can’t help them, empathize with them and move on. Remember to ask them if they found the solution and how should you meet again. If these people do not buy from you, they will seek you out eventually. You will become their go-to person if they are seeking solutions.

How to Prospect – Use a funded Proposal

You can prospect by using the funded proposal.  Simply put, a funded proposal (Self-liquidating offer or SLO) is a way to get paid to prospect. You do this by offering a low cost high value solution that meets the needs of your target market. This brings them into your sales funnel and then you nurture and eventually sell your opportunity to them. In many cases, these people ask to join your opportunity even without you selling to them. The funded proposal help you to generate prospects who are farther down into the sales funnel.

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To your MLM prospecting success.