Succeeding Online Requires Only one Thing

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People Don’t Succeed Online Because They Do too Many Things

When I started online, I did many things. I was wondering why I was not gettting any results. No optins to my capture pages, nothing. Zero! I was concerned about the look of my blog, I was concerned about what plug in I did not have, etc. Reading posts about doing a business online showed me a thousand and one trick. Every body was showing you how to become a millionaire online without lifting a finger. True, this is appealing to the masses. You get to buy their product or opportunity only to realize that you still have not made a dime. Some of those products were good, a lot of them were garbage.

How I made My Discovery

I got the magnetic sponsoring course which showed how to get targeted leads to your opportunity. It was a basic MLM lead generation and recruiting course. The course said that you could actually generate an endless list of leads flocking to your opportunity with credit card in hand. This was appealing. In purchasing the course, I discovered what truly was making the leaders successful and all other people failing. Since then, I have had scores of people optin to my squeeze pages. When I discovered this principle, I made my first sale online. My first sale was returned, but I had found the thing that makes you succeed online – SELLING.

How I made my first sale online

This is how I made my first sale. I made a friend on facebook who had a challenge marketing her home business. I shared the principles of attraction marketing with her and how she did not have to be spammy. She needed to give value to her prospects like I was giving her. After the discussion, I shared with her where I got my information. (This is how I get most of my leads). Within 24 hours, I had made a sale.

Knowing the truth will help you greatly.

  • There is no single opportunity that will make you money when you sit down and do nothing. Any such opportunity is a ponzi. Be suspicious of it.
  • Becoming successful online or in any business is all about selling.
  • Being successful online is not about having a large list. A large list is a great step to making more money though.

Blogging in itself will not make you money unless you sell.

Joining the best affiliate program would not make you money unless you sell the opportunity

No money is made unless a sale is made.

To be successful therefore, you must learn the art of selling.

You can however not be successful at selling if you do not care a hoot about your prospective client.

This is what you must do, connect with your prospect, know exactly what their needs are, and then help them. If you are selling an opportunity, let your prospect know exactly what your opportunity is, and help them along the way. Mind you, its a business you are building. Do not waste time on complainers and whiners. Teach your members exactly what you do to make each sale. Care about them. They joined you in the first place because they believed you could help them. If you really care about your clients, you will give them real help. When you do this, you are on your way to succeeding online. You do not need to be a guru or know it all. Just show this one person what you did that worked for you. When it works for them, they would show another and even mention you. You are on your way to becoming a star.

Where To Find Your Ideal Prospects

Position yourself where your prospects are looking for solutions eg forums, groups on facebook, yahoo groups, hangout on google,  you can also do Search Engine Markeing (SEM)  etc. Don’t just post your affiliate links there. That is spam. It is rude. Rather, join in the discussion and make intelligent contributions that solves people’s problem. They would naturally find you out. These are the best kind of leads. They are ready to buy. They make you successful.

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