Pros Of Having SSL In A Domain Name: Detailed Guide 2019

Pros of Having SSL In Domain Name

If you are wondering why it is important to install an SSL certificate in the domain name? and what are the benefits of it? all these questions will be answered today. I will be talking about SSL in domain name in full detail so you can know if it is important having or not?

What Is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket layer which means it adds an extra layer of security while transferring data from website to server. SSL makes the transfer secure so that all the data will be transferred between the blog and sever in an encrypted format, making it unreadable for others.

Why SSL Is Important?

SSL is important because of it a protocol which enables us to send and receive data without manipulation and being read by hackers. There is a huge concern with the privacy of data of users as in some sites it is required to enter the credit card details or other important details which should not be disclosed to anyone like password, account details, etc.

Back then HTTP protocol was used to send and receive the data between server and website but the drawback is it was it doesn’t promise that the data is not manipulated or accessed by others so it became very unsafe for doing the online transaction as the risk of data theft was there in the HTTP protocol.

So to solve this problem HTTPS came into use as it is the same as the old HTTP protocol but it is a secure version of it. the ‘S’ in it stands for ‘Secure’. This protocol is enabled by verifying the website whether the data is being transferred securely or not and that website is not fake and these are verified by the trust certificate known as SSL.

This protocol sends and receives data in an encrypted format so that no one can read the data in between and only accessed by the server and user.

Pros of Having SSL In Domain Name

Pros Of Having SSL

1. Gaining Users Trust

The benefits of having SSL on the blog as many as first of all it is secure for users to enter critical details without hijacking which leads to huge trust on the blog. In the opposite, if a blog or website is not using  SSL which means it is not verified if the user data is safe on this blog. when a website does not have an SSL then the browser security feature shows that website as unsafe for surfing and warn the user. So with the unsafe alert, the user will exit the website and will never return.

On the other hand, if the website is having SSL certificate which means it is verified and guarantees the data is safe on this website and all the data being shared here is secure. So this impacts the users positively creating huge trust on the website which will keep them coming again and again.

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2. SEO Ranking

The SEO ranking is very important for a blog to get on the first page of google search results. The SEO ranking is increased by many factors like blog speed, performance, DA PA, backlinks, SEO friendly articles. These factors have a higher SEO ranking boost.

Google has announced that the blog with SSL certificate or HTTPS domain will get a slightly higher SEO boost. However, it is not as higher than the above factors but it is still a little boost. and by doing little boost the ranking will reach a higher rank. So it is very beneficial for the blogger to get an extra SEO boost just by adding SSL.

3. Data Protection

The craze of online banking has increased over the years which also puts the security concern higher for managing online data. These data is very critical and will harm the user if leaked so when performing online transaction it is important to check if the website is using HTTPS protocol or not. If the website doesn’t have HTTPS domain then it is better to keep your personal data away from that website. give data only if the website is using HTTPS protocol.

How To Get HTTPS Domain?

The process for shifting from HTTP to HTTPS is very simple. you only need to install and verify the website with the SSL certificate and then the domain will become HTTPS which means it is now verified as secured.

The SSL certificate is available on various SSL registrar websites. For installing the SSL you will have to pay a recurring fee per year to continue the service just like the domain name.

However, in some web hosting plans the SSL certificate is provided for free as the compliment with the service. It is very beneficial as you will save a lot of money on the service.

Get Cloudways Free SSL?

There are various web hosting providers which offer free SSL certificate with the package and my personal favorite web hosting is Cloudways who offers premium and high-level service with a lot of free services. these services will cost you huge money if you will try to buy from other website but in Cloudways you get all of them for free.

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Cloudways offer free SSL for a lifetime and along with another free service also like free site migration, free trial, etc. Cloudways is one of the reliable web hosting to get if you are a beginner and want to make the blog professional. Cloudways uses CND technology to increase the speed and to reduce the accessing time between server and blog. this means the blog will run lightning fast and the SEO ranking will increase without working hard.

In the start of a blog, its SEO ranking is very low and sometimes even zero. and the process of increasing the SEO will take at least 3-6 months. But with the SSL certificate you will get a little boost in the start and also the users will have easily build trust on your blog by looking at the secured sign in the browser’s address bar.

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Get to know about the Importance of having an SSL Certificate in a domain name.

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