Nine Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Home Business

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Internet or Network Marketing Home Business – Why You Should Not Join

reasons why you should start a home business

 The other day, I placed a little classified ad that brought in several leads. Like I usually do, I contacted my lead and decided to find out why they want to make money from home either with internet marketing (i.e make money from online) or with network marketing (multilevel marketing, mlm). One particular prospect informed me that he was newly retired and needed money to take care of the house. His pensions were meagre and could not take care of all the bills. As this man spoke, I wanted to write a post on reasons why you should start a home business. Something clicked within me. I realised that, you should rather not start a home business and earn extra income for a number of reasons. So far, I have nine reasons. You may have to help me come up with more reasons.

Why You Should Not Start a Home Business

1. You Are Broke Until Payday

If your salary is not enough, this is one chief reason why you should not consider starting a home business (be it network marketing or any of the make money online programs) in order to earn extra income. While I still worked at the bank, we were paid well. There was a trend however, the money never seemed enough for many people. Maybe, a lot of people are trying to live beyond their means in order to keep up with the perceived status they have couched for themselves. Maybe, the money was truly simple not enough. Maybe, it is the two reasons. If you are not able to meet all your pressing needs with your salary, why do you need home business to provide you with extra income. You should not consider network marketing or any of the make money online opportunities. Or should you? After all, you don’t have the money to start the business that can change your life even though these businesses may even be cheaper than the price of 2 loaves of bread.

2. You Don’t Have all the Time with Your Family and the Things that Matter to You

When I spoke with Daniel why he started network marketing, (and really, this is a young gentle man who earns about US$12,000.00 without doing any active work) he said that he was motivated by the fact that starting a home business afforded him the opportunity to spend quality time with his family and pursue his other pleasures. Daniel is pastor.  The next time I meet you, remind me. I would arrange for you to say hello to Daniel. After building his particular network marketing business for about 6 months, Daniel had set himself up to earn only $12,000.00 a month working about 4hours a week. He travels all over the place. Sorry! This post is not about Daniel. It is about you. Right? How is your life like? You are too busy to devote 2hours of your time a day to build your own business? You are too busy to spend time with your family and persue your pleasures. You are too busy to tie your lace before you go to work. You are really busy my friend. You cannot spare 2 hours a day to start and build a home business that will allow you the time and financial freedom you need. True! Not many people deserve to have time for the things they love. Maybe you are one of such people. That is why you should not consider an extra source of income.


3. You Value The Life of Your Children

Gone were the days when at least one parent needed to stay at home to take care of the children. In this hard economic times, both parents have to work and cater for the family. The other day, I visited a day care centre. And that is exactly what it is. A DAY CARE CENTRE!!! Parents had dropped their 3month old babies in the care of teachers who cared for the babies more than the parents themselves. After all, if you can’t stay to breast feed your own baby, don’t you think that another person may not change the diapers of the child until they know you are on your way to their school? You value the children so much that, you do not want to take responsibility for nurturing them. This is why you should not start a home business because a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) can eventually correct this comfortable situation you find yourself in.

4. You Want to Add to Your Retirement Savings

When I saw a lot of pensioners with placards the other day in Nigeria, I was moved. They were demonstrating that their pension incomes were meagre. These people served their countries well or did they? There is an African proverb that says that when you see your brothers beard on fire, you must fetch water and keep it by you. Because you want to add to your retirement saving, do not consider starting a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) because a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) will not add to your savings. It will provide an income stream that cannot be depleted if you start and build these businesses well. If your aim is to just to add to your retirement savings, your ambition is small. Find something else.


5. You Cannot Own Your Life

Not everybody can build a business. After all if everybody was an entrepreneur, who would make all the money and who would be the one that is paid? It is not wrong to work for another person but if you consider how banks and other financial institutions ruthlessly sacked their workers, you will easily understand that, the people you work for and even the government care more about profit than they care for you. If they sack you, how would you survive? Anyway, you would find another job but that would be after several months or years of searching again or? You may be lucky to get a job the next morning.

6- 9 I leave these reasons to you.

I told you I was giving you 9 reasons, but I will leave the discussion for you to continue. Ponder these thoughts and let me know whether you will still go ahead and start home business (network marketing or internet marketing)

Let me know your thoughts.

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