Network Marketing Success – Some Fail, Some Excel, You…

photo of Eyram Hlortsi The network marketing success coach
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In Every kind of business, some people are successful.

Other people fail.

In network marketing, the story is not very different.

The shocking statistics is that only 3% of network marketers become successful or attain their goals of earning a five or six figure residual monthly check.

network marketing success

Network marketing success has eluded 97% of people who engage in network marketing.

How can you attain success if you venture into network marketing?

Many networkers quit their present company before they are 5months into the business and then jump ship or fall out.

Usually, after listening to a presentation by a company, you a charged up and feel that this business is so easy.

This is it!!

You have just been given magic wand that will turn your fortunes around with little work.

You have just seen the best opportunity in the world.

You pulled out your credit card and enrolled as a distributor.

You were told that the product had no match.

  • The product sells itself.
  • The timing is just right.
  • This is the industry.

XXXX amount of YYYYY is consumed by the world each day.

What if you are the one to supply all these?

With your new found zeal, you pick up the phone and make as many calls as can be made.

You are only limited by the amount of money you have to recharge with talk time credits.

It feels is interesting.

You sign up four people in a few days (that is if you are lucky – many people are not that lucky though).

Three months into your business, looks like you have spoken to almost everyone you know.

What do you do now?

You feel that there must be gold somewhere in there.

You go over your list again until your friends and loved ones begin to avoid you – rejection.

Some enrol into your opportunity to encourage you or to prevent you from bugging them.

You soon realize that your business is not growing as you thought it would.

Your downlines are falling off – attrition.

People around you are tired of hearing you pitch your business.

What you envisaged as the springboard to your success is almost now bitter to your taste.

Some people at this stage begin to hate Network Marketing .

I hope this is not you.

The truth is network marketing still holds the key of turning the fortunes of the average man around.

That is, if you learn to do it right, you will obtain network marketing success.

The Network Marketing Success Secret

Now the big question is, Why do some people fail, while others succeed?

I have been chatting with a number of networkers and uncovered a simple truth.

When I shared what I found out with a network marketer, his jaw dropped and it all became clear to him why he was struggling.

The secret to sponsoring downlines and building a huge network marketing organisation is no secret in the first place. Now I am shooting…


They do not want to join your business but they want to join you.

So why are you not sponsoring them?

The answer is simple.

You have not positioned yourself well enough as the one who holds the solutions to their problem.

Have you ever seen a consultant or an expert in a particular field running around and chasing people to come for his solutions?

My friend Dr. Bob Clarke showed me how he positioned himself.

I barely stole it for $10.00 risk free.

You can also learn how to become a sponsoring magnet that attracts prospects and converts them into downlines. These are your action plans Prospects cannot leave you

  1. Add value to yourself
  2. Practice every valuable instruction you learn
  3. Give out great value for free. Giving good value for free is facebook’s multi-billion dollar secret.

For your freebie to be held in value, you need to have a recognisable brand.

How can I be of help to you? Let me know on facebook.

To your success in network marketing.

Eyram Hlortsi

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