How To Optimize Your WP Blog For SEO? [Quick Tips For Newbies]

Optimize Your WP Blog for SEO

Only creating a blog will not attract traffic, to get traffic on your blog it must be completely SEO optimized so that the blog will be discoverable to more users and if the content will be intriguing then they will definitely visit the blog.

But first, it is important to make blog fully SEO optimized in order to get full exposure in the market. The question arises how to SEO optimize a blog? if you have this question too then you are on the right page because today we are going to mention the quick tips for newbies to optimize their blog.

Why To SEO Optimize A Blog?

It is the very frequent asked question why it is needed to do the SEO of a blog? the answer is that there are about millions of blog and many blogs have the same content as your blog has then the competition increases to get traffic on the blog.

the more a blog get traffic is the most successful blog in the market. Now the blogs with same content get traffic due to which one has higher SEO ranking in the search results and which blog is more pleasing to the user then that blog will be able to beat its competition.

The research behind it is when a user search for a keyword in the google search or Bing search then top 10 websites will be shown on the first page of the search result. The study shows only a few users about 1% only go to the next page of the search result to the website which is on the first page will get full exposure and will get huge traffic.

This position is decided on the basis of SEO ranking by the search algorithm that is why it is very important for a blogger to do SEO of their blog in order to appear on the first page.

Optimize Your WP Blog for SEO

How SEO Ranking Increases?

The SEO ranking depends on many factors which are considered by the Google search algorithm like blog’s speed, performance, uptime, optimization, themes, backlinks, DA PA.

All of these factors are considered for SEO optimization. The blog who has higher speed and have SEO optimized theme then it will be rank higher in the search result than another website with the same keyword.

Now to increase the SEO ranking of the blog, all these factors should be optimized and after doing this optimization the blog’s ranking will increase and will have a higher chance of getting shown in the first page of the search result.

the studies also show that 90% of the users go with the first link in the search result and only a few percents go to another link to the website who is holding the first position will get most of the traffic while the second and third website will get remaining traffic.

so it is very important to beat the website who is on the first position by optimizing the blog better than the first one so the ranking will increase and then your blog will be on the first position.

Optimize Blog Speed By Cloudways Hosting

The most important factor which holds the highest priority in the SEO ranking is the blog speed. The blog speed is very crucial for the overall success of the blog as the blog with higher speed will get the highest priority compared to other websites.

The speed of a blog is determined by the web hosting it is using because the server is responsible for the data access and if the server is slow then the blog will also perform slow and will get down very frequently.

To make sure the blog speed is maximum it is better to use a premium web hosting for the blog. Cloudways is the best web hosting for increasing the blog speed as it has advanced technology for increasing the blog performance such as CloudwaysCND, built-in cache system, SSD disk and many more.

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SEO Benefits Of Cloudways

1. Blog Speed

The first and most important factor is the blog speed, with the Cloudways hosting blog speed will increase like a turbo. Cloudways servers are optimized for providing ideal speed to the blog and will not get slow down because it has a built-in cache system which will make the data accessing process very easy and faster. So the blog will not take time to read the data from the server and you will get the required data within seconds.

2. Cloudways CDN

CDN technology is used to reduce the traffic load on the server and make it run faster. In the CDN hosting the server are distributed in a different location in the world and all these servers will have the duplicate data of the main server so when any user will request data then the main server will divert that request to the nearest server present to the user.

This reduced the read time and traffic load will not increase on the main server leading it to function freely and effectively.

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3. SSD Drives

In many web hosting server, HHD drives is being used to store the log data and these drives are a bit slower than the SSD drives. SSD drives are of new technology built for faster process. Cloudways uses SSD drives to store the blog data and this increases the data processing speed by 3 times.

4. Lightweight Theme

The weight of the blog theme should be no more so that the blog can process fast. The blog can be made lightweight by using simple blog themes which do have big size and the thumbnail size should be less in the blog post.

Plugins should also be considered to make the blog lightweight. Do not add an unnecessary plugin which will eat the space and increase the blog size. So it is recommended to use the plugin which has less weight.

5. SSL Certificate

Google has mentioned that a blog with an SSL certificate will get a higher ranking than the blog who don’t have an SSL certificate. It is because SSL certificate uses HTTPS protocol to transfer data securely between user and server. So it is important to add the SSL certificate on the blog.

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