How to Enhance Website Visibility (6 ways)

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If you have been battling with your website visibility, I will share in this post, a few ways you can improve the visibility of website website and get it seen by several people around the web.

Before we go on to sharing  how you can enhance the visibility of your website, I will like to tell you a story. We were about five hundred students in my basic school.

Out of the five hundred students, forty eight were in my class.

Some members of my class were more popular than others. Everybody knew Afi Gidiglo because she was fair and was identified by a chocolate-brown pinafore worn over her yellow polyester uniform.

Senyo Ahiaba Ahiaba was known but for entirely different reasons.

He was the storyteller. Almost everybody on campus labelled Senyo as the one hour story teller.

His stories were so captivating and long. He would be called to tell stories in different classes when it was entertainment or story telling time in the school.

There were some people who were not so popular.

For example Michael Ajatey or Lowe Doris were in my class but they were hardly known outside the class. I was not very popular in school.

website visibility

To become known by my teachers and other students, I decided to do something drastic. More about that later.

Compare Your Website Visibility to the People in My Class

According to the,

The Indexed Web contains at least 4.69 billion pages (Friday, 07 June, 2013).
The Dutch Indexed Web contains at least 263.82 million pages (Friday, 07 June, 2013).

The sheer volume of available sites and the clutter can easily make your site go unnoticed.

There is hope however. You remember Senyo? He was a good story teller.

What about Afi? I am sure you can almost see where I am getting at.

If your site remains like Doris and Michael, it will be lost in oblivion.


Create a Brand and a Unique Proposition

Here is the point. Afi, had a unique brand. There is something that differentiated her from all of us in the school.

Her colour and her dressing. How does this relate to your site?

Your site requires a brand as well as a unique proposition.

When you have determined the brand of your site and your unique proposition, ensure that your keywords and articles are relevant.

The content you produce must not be haphazard. It must follow a consistent plan and must be in consonance with your unique selling proposition.

The relevance of your content to your brand and unique proposition will eventually pay off.

Do not try to trick search engines to gain SEO points.

Guest Post

Senyo was popular because of his stories. His stories did not remain only in our class. He told stories in other classes consequently, he was known for his long captivating one hour stories.

If your website or blog is to do well, you will need to guest post.

Guest posting can provide your site with some link juice.

The number of sites linking back to your website determines the authority of your site. You can also submit articles to high quality directories.

You can guest post on sites such as squidoo, hubpages, and so on.

Use Pictures

When you use pictures in your post, ensure that the pictures are properly described and relevant to your content. Relevancy is key. Also use the appropriate tags.

If you do not take the pictures yourself, make sure you are not infringing on someones copyright.

You can find free pictures at or

You may also buy amazing and relevant pictures at

Syndicate with Social Media

Social media has become very relevant not only in ranking your site, but in getting people to see it.

After you churn out your relevant and useful content based on your unique value proposition, people who are helped by it would share your  content with their friends using the various social media channels.

If your site makes it easier for people to share your content with their friends on facebook, twitter and the other social media sites, more eyeball will see your site.

This has a two way effect.

You will be seen first on social media and then search engines will begin to rank your content based on the engagements it receives on social media.

Check Your Metrics and Analytics

It is important to always measure which of your posts are faring favourably with your readers.

You also need to check how often people stay on your website. Google analytics is a wonderful free tool gauge your metrics.

Ensure that Your Site Loads Fasts

Many people will leave your site if it takes too long to load.

The key is to ensure that you have not overloaded your site with too many plugins and extensions that make it slow.

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