How To Choose The Right Hosting That Fits Your Needs?

Choose the Right Hosting

The most common problem faced by bloggers at the time of starting the blog is the right web hosting. the right web hosting will create a higher chance of getting successful in getting millions of views.

The problem arises how to choose the right hosting which will fit the blog needs? To know if the web hosting is right for your blog or not you will have to first analyze what are your blog needs. So that you can choose the web hosting which fulfills all the needs of your blog.

Why It Is Important To Choose Right Web Hosting?

If you are new in blogging then you would not have any knowledge about how web hosting plays a crucial role in the success of the blog. now let’s know why it is important?

For creating a blog you need two things. A domain name and a web hosting. the domain name will be the address of the blog and the web hosting will keep the blog active on the internet.

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There are various web hostings available in the market and each one offers a different set of features in their plan. this web hosting comes with some yearly recurring fee which might be expensive for beginners.

However, there are some free web hosting services like blogger, Wix, etc. free hosting is always preferred by new bloggers as they think why to pay money when you can get it for free. Thinking that is not bad because in the start we don’t have the knowledge and we always try to save money whenever it is possible.

The drawback of the free web hostings is that they always come with some hidden limitations means you cannot fully customize the blog and even you will be unable to monetize it with ads. however free web hosting is good for learning to blog for students and don’t have the intention to expand it.

To expand your blog and unleash its full potential then you need to cut all the limitations and these are only possible in paid hosting.

The paid hosting is best as there will be no limitations in customization and you can full freedom to do whatever with the blog along with the customer support. Customer support is very important because at some point you will definitely stick may be some plugins will not work or the blog will not load etc then you will need to contact the customer support in order to solve that problem and this support you don’t get in free hosting.

Choose the Right Hosting

Things To Look In Right Hosting

To identify if a web hosting is right for the blog needs or not you need to check the hosting plan features and offerings before buying it. the things which should consider the right web hosting is mentioned below.

1. Bandwidth

The first thing to check in the hosting plan is how much bandwidth limit is given. The bandwidth limit can be understood as how much traffic the hosting can handle and if the traffic will increase beyond the provided limit then the server will overload and will go down.

So to be sure this doesn’t happen. First, analyze how much traffic you are targeting and then select the plan which matches the limit.

2. Disk Space

The second important thing to consider is the disk space in the server. This space is space on the server for storing your blog and all its data. So if the disk space will be not sufficient then the blog will slow down.

3. Customer Support

The other required thing is the customer support as mentioned earlier in the blogging field it is very common facing technical problems like a theme not loading, the server gets down or having problem with doing settings, etc. for all this you need an expert to solve the problem.

Now, the above features are sufficient to identify the right hosting for your blog needs. However, you will have to search among hundreds of web hosting providers to match the requirements. Checking each and every hosting will consume so much time and you will not be sure if the service is the same as promised.

So to reduce the burden your back, we have tested and found the best choice for your blog.

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Cloudways is the world-class best web hosting. it is very reliable for beginners as well as professional websites. Cloudways uses advanced technologies to provide the best service and make the blog run smoother and faster.

Cloudways have the CloudwaysCND technology which helps to reduce the traffic load on the main server by sending the requested user to the server which is situated near to users. with this method, the distance between blog and server reduced which means the user can get data within seconds.

Cloudways Features

1. 1 TB Bandwidth

Cloudways offers 1TB bandwidth which is more than required for any small and medium level blog who gets about 50k or more traffic. it is very much sure that the server can easily able to handle the traffic without getting down.

2. 25 GB SSD Disk Space

In Cloudways lowest plan, you are getting 25GB SSD disk space. most of the servers use HHD storage because it is cheaper while Cloudways provides SSD disk which is a lot faster than the HHD disk. 25GB is sufficient for any medium level blog and it will run very smoothly without getting slow down.

3. Technical Support Team

Whenever you will face any kind of problem in the hosting then you have various ways to get in touch with the technical team like you can directly call, email, live chat. The live chat features are very best because if you don’t feel comfortable talking with the team so you can chat with them on the official website. their response time is very quick so you don’t have to wait long for getting solutions. You can contact support team 24/7/365 doesn’t matter if its day or night they are there to help you anytime you need.

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