Facebook is about to die

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facebook logo photo: logo facebook logo-facebook.gifThere is fear in the air… Or is there? What is the alternative to facebook? Is facebook the future? Is google plus actually about to overtake facebook? What will happen to your facebook account if facebook dies.

When you consider how google is making in roads, it almost looks like the internet firm, google, is going to win the war and become the ultimate monopoly that determines what happens in the internetosphere

It looks like the firm enters a market, dominates it and then begins to make the rules. It is no news that they are now social. Google plus has overtaken twitter as the 2nd most popular social network according to business insider

Consider google’s search engine. When google adopted selling search terms in 1998, they greatly impacted the search business. By 2000, google’s search engine had gained prominence. Using their pagerank innovation, they soon dominated the search engine business.

Today, rather than say conduct a search online, you will simply hear people say, “google it”. Regardless of what you may think about other search engines, google has a somewhat monopoly in the field. When google wants to update their algorithm, everyone is on the look out. Many people outside the US, UK, Canada and other countries do not even know whether search engines like bing exist. As at July 2013, google’s market share stood at 83.13% according to techwyse.com. Imagine that 83% of all searches are conducted on one platform. This is dominance.

google photo: Google Google.jpg Google is bringing the future to our world. They have ventured into research and technology. Are they dominating? What was science fiction five years ago now today’s reality.

– Home automation
– driveless cars
– robotics

See, google ventured into search, they are now the leaders. They ventured into email, gmail is now tops. You almost dont say email anymore. You say gmail! Google + has overtaken twitter. Is facebook about to die?

What is Facebook’s futristic plan?
Just recently, facebook unveiled the facebook Home. With this app, Facebook Home can help you to
– glance at your phone for photos and posts from your facebook newsfeed
– chat, send and receive texts and facebook messages in one place. You can be chatting while using other apps
– Notifications – see the news as it happens
– Access your favourite apps and use them to post to facebook from the same place.

Even though the facebook home did not gain much popularity with the American users of facebook, recent events suggests why facebook came up their Facebook Home home idea for the android platform.

Facebook has partnered other giants like Sumsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Opera, MediaTek, Qualcomm and to launch the internet.org initiative, which aims to bring internet to two thirds of the worlds population who do not have access to internet. Is this facebook’s iniative to dominate the internetosphere

It is evident that facebook is targeting the rest of the world with a population of about 5 billion people where there is little or low internet penetration, notably, Africa, Latin America and Asia. This is clear especially when you remember that facebook partnered Spreadtrum to make chipsets for low cost smartphones and features phones, the phones mainly used by the majority of people in emerging markets like Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Clearly, there is a scrumble for domination in the internet market space both by google and facebook. While google is trying to bring the future to the now and dominating the internetosphere, facebook is trying to gain dominance by getting internet users addicted to facebook apps. What is Microsoft and Apple keeping close to their chest?

confused man photo: Old Man Confused.jpgTo the internet marketer or a person looking to make money online leveraging the internet, there is an important question. Who wins this war? What ever the case, at the moment, it is important to leverage these developments to enhance your business. Targeting has become easier. Take advantage of both google and facebook until facebook dies. Or is it rather the death of google being predicted now?

Will google invest in technology that will free man from doing things that encumber them now only to allow these people to channel this free time to facebook? Or will google eventually use their social arm, he google plus to fight facebook back? What is up googles sleeves as it is mulling the internet balloons?

Who do you think will win the war and why? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Really this competition is keeping both parties at the top of their game. It lies on the users of these platforms to know how to make the best out of them.

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