What is Your Number One Question About Blog or Blogging

What is Your Number One Question on Blogging

Before I started blogging, I had lofty ideas. I will make money in the shortest possible time. In fact, I was so anxious that unlike me, I did not take the time to learn enough. I got me a blog. This was disaster. After weeks of hard work, I was not seeing any results. I decided to do what I would normally do before I started any venture, THINK. Before I even thought about thinking, I had purchased many products. I am yet to see any product that was useless though (All the products I purchased have aided my thinking). There were many questions on my mind. Chief among this is how do I get started.

When I got started, I just exposed myself to one thousand and one questions about blogging. The truth is that for some of the things, if you are not taught, you will simply not know how to go about it.

I went through a lot of pains until I figured it out relating with some of the best brains online. I know that the questions I had when I started may be different from the questions you have now. Since you may be able to figure out some of the things by yourself, I have decided to make it easier for my readers. I am going to allow you access to ask the single most important problem regarding blogging that you want addressed. I am going to send the answers to your inbox.

Enter your name and email in the fields below to receive access to ask that all important question bothering your mind. Its free to do so. We respect your privacy.

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Own Your Life – Part 3, Take Charge

Here is an important quote to help you own your life.

Even when evil comes to you, understand that you deserve and require them and that by first enduring them, you may be stronger, wiser, nobler.

When you have fully entered into this realization, you will be in a position to mold your own circumstances, to transmute all evil into good and to weave, with a master hand, the fabric of your destiny”.  James Allen

quote to own your life

I hope you read the preceding posts title Own Your Life Part One and Part Two.

If you did, then you are waiting for this piece. At 21, Brian worked a construction job.

According to him, he was broke and lived in a small one room apartment.

One evening, as he sat, he had a “great flash of awareness.”

He gained an insight into life and his situation that would turn everything around in his life.

This was his thought, “no one else was ever going to help me. No one was coming to the rescue.”

This thought, injected a dose of courage into Brian.

He decided from that moment to take charge of his life.

He realized from that one moment that, everything that would happen to him for the rest of his life depended on him.

The Brian mentioned is the one you know – BRIAN TRACY!!!

The decision to determine your circumstances really requires great courage.

The courage to Own Your Life.

Understand that, you are in your current state because of the decisions you took or did not take.

The failure to decide is the decision to do nothing, AOL 38.

The failure to take decisions can also ruin everything you are building.

Decide to take full responsibility of everything that happens in your life.

When the decision to own your life is firm, many frivolities will naturally be eliminated from your life.

You will not give excuses for non-performance. You will not tell lies under pressure.

You will not need to justify an action you have taken.

Anytime someone is responsible for your failure or success, you cannot make remarkable achievement.

Your background is not responsible for where you are now.

The poverty of your parents and their inability to give good education cannot be blamed.

Your handicap is no excuse. Let me reiterate this! You are responsible for your current state.

If you do not accept the responsibility, you cannot move ahead.

You will always find someone/something to blame for your lack and failures.

If something good can happen, why not to you? Why not now? Decide now.

Take responsibility for your situation. If you do not like it, take charge, take steps and change it.

Dream your future, visualize it and step into it.

This is only possible when you know that you know that you are responsible for your state, happiness, wealth, productivity and success.

Name it, claim it and take it!

Do you agree that you are ultimately responsible for your success or failure? Do you own your life? If you want to take charge of your financial future I recommend you visit my side hustle breakthrough blog here.

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments area.