What is Your Number One Question About Blog or Blogging

What is Your Number One Question on Blogging

Before I started blogging, I had lofty ideas. I will make money in the shortest possible time. In fact, I was so anxious that unlike me, I did not take the time to learn enough. I got me a blog. This was disaster. After weeks of hard work, I was not seeing any results. I decided to do what I would normally do before I started any venture, THINK. Before I even thought about thinking, I had purchased many products. I am yet to see any product that was useless though (All the products I purchased have aided my thinking). There were many questions on my mind. Chief among this is how do I get started.

When I got started, I just exposed myself to one thousand and one questions about blogging. The truth is that for some of the things, if you are not taught, you will simply not know how to go about it.

I went through a lot of pains until I figured it out relating with some of the best brains online. I know that the questions I had when I started may be different from the questions you have now. Since you may be able to figure out some of the things by yourself, I have decided to make it easier for my readers. I am going to allow you access to ask the single most important problem regarding blogging that you want addressed. I am going to send the answers to your inbox.

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New Year Resolutions I Made

Many people make resolutions for the New Year.  I am sure that you have made your resolutions as well. I trust that, before you made your resolution, you saw the popular post on goal setting by Dr. Bob Clarke

For several weeks, I was thinking about the successes I chalked in the year that is soon to fade and my expectations for the coming year. My Spiritual Father has declared this year as the year of  loyalty. I strongly recommend the book Loyalty and disloyalty as well as Know Your Men if you are interested in building a long and lasting Ministry/business or relationships.  This is the reason why I am determined too ensure that each resolution is achieved. At the close of this new year, we will count one after the other how good the Lord has been to us.

I got an Inspiration and classified my Resolutions

I was watching little angels tell the story of God’s love and then I caught the inspiration on the things that I needed to achieve this year. To avoid distortion, I classified my resolutions as is shown below.

Spiritual Resolution

  1. Hold monthly retreats to ensure that I am in tune with the plans of God in my life
  1. Train five quality shepherds from my AOFM  from the present crop of ordinary church members.
  1. Build a stable AOFM with 30 regular members attending church from my fellowship


My Business and Other’s

Economists are predicting a gloomy year. The Chinese economy is shrinking, India as well, there is great uncertainty about the US economy. (Thank God at least one hurdle was crossed. More taxes slapped on the money generating men, mmmm?). More job cuts will not be surprising. This is the reason why I am determined to show as many people how to build a business and earn incomes that are not dependent on the economy. There are failure proof ways to increase one’s incomes should the economy plunge into a recession. Ask Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad fame


I am not a superman and I don’t intend to play the hero who is to save the world.

  • What I am determined to do is to help 10people build a US$10,000.00 monthly residual incomes. (These must qualify for my time though).
  • Help 500 network marketers build their business with ease without going through the needless pain of experiencing rejection, cold calling and getting lost online because they had no guidance. This is a serious situation one can fall into.


Resolutions Concerning the Family

  • When I spoke with my precious daddy about my desire to send him visiting some of the major cities in the world, he was very excited. The expression of joy over the phone concretized my desire to send him to any place of his choice this year. His trip will be completely sponsored and I will make sure daddy has a memorable vacation as he tours the world. This is particularly exciting for me because it is my first time of organising a vacation for my father. I am doing this to show appreciation for my father who sacrificed everything he could owe to give me a good life. Daddy, I LOVE YOU.
  • I will be tying the knot with my beautiful beloved in July. I have waited for too long. No more doodling. This is the planned year. I am reaching  the alter this year. Awwww… There is romance in the air.

Social Resolutions

  • Make five friends each day and make a positive contribution to each one’s life.
  • Put a smile on the faces of at least 3people each day.


Personal Resolutions

  • Loyalty to God, to the church (Lighthouse Chapel International) and to myself.
  • Commitment to self mastery/discipline.
  • Add value to anyone I spend 3minutes with.