A Simple Great Story Which Will Definitely Keep You Thinking

Remember I promised to tell you the simple great story Welty told Kamen? Well, read on. There lived a king in a village in the far east. The king had a daughter named Irie. Irie was so beautiful that all the young men in the village fancied her. In that village, was Boaty and Breto. They were very good friends. Irie fancied both of them. One day, a terrible disaster struck. A mighty earthquake split the village. This earthquake  divided the village into two halve such that people on one half of the the village had relatives living in the other half. There was a heavy downpour filled the gully the earthquake had left with a stream.

Boaty and Greto decided to make rafts so they could visit Irie on the other end of the village. Unknown to them, their decision to make raft was the beginning of a booming business, afterall, there were several people on either end of the village who desired to see their relatives.

They were making money with their new business. Seasons passed by. Next year, Irie would be eighteen. At this age, the tradition of their village demands that she will choose a suitor. The king, seeing the dilemma that her daughter faced, decided to throw a contest for all the young men in the village. Any man who is able to raise one thousand talents of gold before the said period would take Irie’s hand in marriage.

The contest was heated. Boaty and Greto now worked more than usual. Each one  trying to make more trips than the other. They expanded their business by building a boat so that they could make each trip with more people. One night, as Greto lay in bed thinking about how he could raise the money, he calculated that no matter how long he worked, he could not raise the one thousand talents of gold because he would be limited by his efforts and time. He decided to build a bridge this would be a great OPPORTUNITY to raise the one thousand talents of gold and that, he would not have to row his boat again.

During the DAY, Greto would row his boat and towards sunset, he would build his bridge. Boaty and other people in the village laughed at Greto. No one in their village has ever thought of, seen or imagined a bridge before. When the bridge was completed, Greto decided to commission the bridge.

  • The price was lower than the fare charged by the boat.
  • The bridge seemed safer
  • Since it was the first time something like that was built in the village, many people decided to try it.

Boaty continued rowing his boat. As his income increased, so did his lifestyle.

Are you familiar with that?

Soon, it was winter. Boaty could not row his boat across the snow. As the days went by, Boaty also realised that his strength was failing him. He could not make as many trips as before. Soon, he can not row his boat. How will he survive when that time came.

On the other hand, Greto decided to build a connecting pipeline from the bridge to his room. People would pay their toll and he would collect the money in his room. In a very short time, Greto raised the money. He married Irie and they married happily ever after.

Boaty finally realised that he had not made the right right decision by continuing to rely on his strength to make money.

After listening to the story, Kamen woke up to the fact that he was also doing the same thing Boaty did, trading his strength and time for money. When Kamen got home, he pondered on Welty’s words. He made the decision to follow Welty’s advice i.e and make a move like Greto did.

How about you? Which method do you prefer? If you are still unsure, try answering the following questions.

  • Do you possess an income that flows 24hours without you having to work for it?
  • Are you relying on strength alone or do you have the right system to produce money?
  • Does your income continue to flow after you are gone?
  • Can you quit work anytime you choose without sacrificing your income?
  • Should you for any reason be out of work now, can you survive for the next year without a job?
  • Do you have to be present to make money?

If you can not answer just one of the questions above,  contact me. If you answered yes to all these questions, kindly share with this community how you did that. Like this post, leave your comments and feel free to share it.

This Story Will Send You Thinking, Every One Who Heard it Agrees

It was just a simple story but it really sent me thinking about how I could own my life. I have to make decisions that affect my life. I will tell you this story that challenges you to the core. First however, let me tell you how I got the story. I made a call on my way from the office expecting to meet a former colleague who had come to Lagos on a business visit. Will you eat kenkey? I knew he would want to eat kenkey because he has been away from Ghana for a while. Kenkey is a Ghanaia delicacy. I reached Daniel’s lodge at about 7:30pm local time. We were seated on the second floor. We had a good chat and then he gave me a CD to watch. As a colleague of Daniel in one of the top shot banks in Ghana, I knew that Daniel had a strong work ethic. If he gave me a CD, then it is for a reason.

I inserted the CD into my laptop and then I began to watch the movie that would leave an indelible imprint on my mind. Only a few movies have a lasting effect on me. It was not my favourite kind of adventure movie. It was cartoons (I am not a fan of cartoons) and these animations really sent my mind wide. I don’t remember the title of this video. I think FFG owes the story. The story follows this line. Two friends from High School, Welty and Kamen, met after a long time. They decided to catch up on past times. During their conversation, they told each other what they were presently doing. Kamen worked in the corporate world and earned a huge salary. To get more pay, he needed to work harder and for long hours. He did this to provide for the comfort of. He hardly had time for his children. His wife only wished he could spend a little more time with her and the family. He desperately needed to spend time with his family but his work would not let him.

After Welty heard about Kamen’s life, he was moved because unlike Kamen, Welty seemed to have the time to do whatever he wanted to do and he also had the money to do it. He spent time with his lovely son, played golf, visited recreational centres, watched football at the stadium, etc. Welty decided to help his friend. He knew that, if Kamen had to take charge and own his life, he had to understand the principles that he, Welty had used to obtain wealth and at the same time have the time to pursue his leasure. He told Kamen about a boatman who became wealthy without trading his time for money. I will tell you that story Welty told Kamen in the next post.You will see the mistakes that you probably are making that is costing you the opportunity to own your life and place your dreams within your reach.


Eyram Hlortsi

Your MLM Company May be Illegitimate – How to Tell

You may just be sitting on a time bomb. How can you be sure that the MLM company you are promoting or intending to promote is not the next Zeek Rewards or Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FTHM)? The pain many people have had to suffer and a drying of some income stream of affiliates is better not remembered. If you intend to engage in a long lasting business however, you will have to ensure that your priced opportunity could still be around for all times. Conduct due diligence in the areas that would be mentioned below.

How to tell a Network Marketing scamre
Scam Alert

Check With The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

All you have to do is to visit the Federal Trade Commission website and enter the company name in the search box. Any issues filed against the company with the FTC will come up. Read them to determine what decisions you have to make. Please note, every information you gather will serve as a pointer to your final decision making.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The next step is to check the company’s BBB ratings. Check how many complaints were logded, what is the nature of these complaints and whether the issues have been resolved. This will provide some level of comfort. Every company that is doing business will have issues with their clients. If complaints are resolved and closed at the BBB, this is a very good sign. You may consider the company. Care must be exercised though.

Check The Company, Its Products and Business Model

If the only way you can really make money with your MLM is to promote the opportunity, you are in for a big trouble. Your company stands the risk of being categorized a pyramid scheme. It is obvious for instance that 90% of distributors in FTHM lost money. The only way that distributors could really make any substantial income was from recruiting down lines. Do not fall for illegal schemes.

Social Proof

The explosion of social media sites such as facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus, etc have made it so easy to find out what the popular view held by the public on a particular issue. You can mine very important information from what people say. Other sites such as scam.com may also be useful in conducting your due diligence.

When applying these rules, it is always good to keep your brains and look at things objectively. Some people will generally malign a company just because they have had a bad experience dealing with the company. This should not be the reason why you loose out on a great opportunity that may be begging at you.

Search Reviews on The Company

Indeed, there is a lot of crap on the internet lately. People write reviews just to promote their offers or to bad-mouth a company. These people do not deal with issues objectively. They are usually swayed by their emotions of bitterness or their greed for money. Don’t worry. You can always tell a good review from a bad one. Just read in between the lines. None the less, reading reviews can reveal important facts that should help you tell whether to go ahead with your company. To search the reviews of a company, you can just type the company name with words such as “complaints” “scam”, “review” etc. in the search engines. For a company XYZ, you could type XYZ Scam or XYZ review.

Is the Compensation Plan Difficult to Understand?

If the compensation plan of the company is difficult to understand, ask questions. Usually, compensation plans are thorny issues that bring companies to face the law. The more frequent a company faces trial, the higher the probability of the company being declared a pyramid scheme.

Go with Your Guts

Always go with your gut feeling. If it does not feel right to you, do not join the company. Many businesses have collapse because entrepreneurs have refused to listen to their gut feelings. Other entrepreneurs have flowered because even though every thing seemed right, their gut feelings opposed it. They were right most of the time.

The post above is just to provide you with a guide. Each of these methods is not failure proof. It is important that you ask questions. Also check with your attorney to make sure that you are making a sound, legal business decision.

If this post helped you, share it with your friends so they don’t get scammed. Please leave your comments in the box below.



Fuel-Price Hikes – Any Hope

This is not a political piece

It is not a treatise on economics

Read it all through to the end.

It is not what you think it will be.

When was that? Sunday, 18th February 2013. I had come back from church exhausted. I devoured my supper like a hungry lion. I enjoyed every grain of the jollof rice I was served for supper. The taste was enhanced because its preparation was tampered with love. Have you ever tasted food like that?  After supper, I turned to the television thinking about how I would overcome laziness and move to my room, take of my clothes and shower before I allow sleep to kiss my brows good night. What I saw shocked me. Thank God I had already finished my meal.

The news could probably have left the food sour in my mouth. Fuel prices have gone up again. While analyst were debating the economic impact and the necessity or otherwise of the decision taken, a large section of the general the general public sampled greeted the decision with disdain.

A particular respondent vented so much of his anger on the authorities because, according to him, the general public was not duly informed of the impending price hikes. He had come to the bus terminal hoping to make his journey back home only to be told that the prices had changed. WHAT A SHOCK!

If you lived in places where drivers and their conductors are suspect, it is not uncommon to see passengers fighting with conductors just because they are of the opinion that they are being swindled when fare prices change.

Just look at this, in a country like Ghana where majority of the over 24million people live on less than $2.00 a day, one can understand why government policy which triggers increase in prices across board will meet public outcry. Each of these people living with less than $2 a day cannot even afford a gallon of diesel which is in excess of $3.

I thought for a moment. Is this not what we experience all the time? Can we not see that the way of the future is subsidy removal? I am not here to argue for or against subsidy removal. I am of the opinion that, our politicians do not hold the key to solving our problems. They use decisions such as subsidy removal and liberalisation to garner favour from foreign donors, such as the IMF and World Bank. They want to be seen as dedicated to ensuring fiscal discipline when they do not do anything about their spending spree which is largely responsible for the huge budget deficit, the excuse to increase fuel prices when global crude oil prices go up.

Fuel prices have become a thorny political issue. Let’s leave that discussion to the politicians.

Every political party is suspect. The general public have trusted in politicians to turn their economic woes around.

Every increase in fuel prices lead to untold hardship to the populace. The situation is not about to change anytime soon. What if you could take advantage and position yourself for the future?

What if you could provide succour for car owners and firms who use fuel?

What if you could also improve the purchasing power of the passengers by giving them the opportunity to earn supplemental income? Can you imagine the joy you will put on people’s faces.

Can you see that right in front of you is a great business opportunity?

I found in Dr. Mensah Otabil’s quote an important motivation. “ … in every adversity, there is an equal potential advantage.”

Why don’t you find out the possibility of improving people’s lives?

Can you think of anyway/opportunity that can provide succour to anyone concerned when there are fuel-price hikes? Please share your opportunity in the comments box. It could be of great help. No spammy  links please.

You can also ask for suggestions. I will answer your questions.

Share this page on facebook, twitter and everywhere you can.

To your success



Eyram Hlortsi


Own Your Life – Part 3, Take Charge

Here is an important quote to help you own your life.

Even when evil comes to you, understand that you deserve and require them and that by first enduring them, you may be stronger, wiser, nobler.

When you have fully entered into this realization, you will be in a position to mold your own circumstances, to transmute all evil into good and to weave, with a master hand, the fabric of your destiny”.  James Allen

quote to own your life

I hope you read the preceding posts title Own Your Life Part One and Part Two.

If you did, then you are waiting for this piece. At 21, Brian worked a construction job.

According to him, he was broke and lived in a small one room apartment.

One evening, as he sat, he had a “great flash of awareness.”

He gained an insight into life and his situation that would turn everything around in his life.

This was his thought, “no one else was ever going to help me. No one was coming to the rescue.”

This thought, injected a dose of courage into Brian.

He decided from that moment to take charge of his life.

He realized from that one moment that, everything that would happen to him for the rest of his life depended on him.

The Brian mentioned is the one you know – BRIAN TRACY!!!

The decision to determine your circumstances really requires great courage.

The courage to Own Your Life.

Understand that, you are in your current state because of the decisions you took or did not take.

The failure to decide is the decision to do nothing, AOL 38.

The failure to take decisions can also ruin everything you are building.

Decide to take full responsibility of everything that happens in your life.

When the decision to own your life is firm, many frivolities will naturally be eliminated from your life.

You will not give excuses for non-performance. You will not tell lies under pressure.

You will not need to justify an action you have taken.

Anytime someone is responsible for your failure or success, you cannot make remarkable achievement.

Your background is not responsible for where you are now.

The poverty of your parents and their inability to give good education cannot be blamed.

Your handicap is no excuse. Let me reiterate this! You are responsible for your current state.

If you do not accept the responsibility, you cannot move ahead.

You will always find someone/something to blame for your lack and failures.

If something good can happen, why not to you? Why not now? Decide now.

Take responsibility for your situation. If you do not like it, take charge, take steps and change it.

Dream your future, visualize it and step into it.

This is only possible when you know that you know that you are responsible for your state, happiness, wealth, productivity and success.

Name it, claim it and take it!

Do you agree that you are ultimately responsible for your success or failure? Do you own your life? If you want to take charge of your financial future I recommend you visit my side hustle breakthrough blog here.

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments area.

How to Prospect for Network Marketing

If you just keyed in how to prospect, chances are that you want to give your business a boost by finding potential customers. This piece is one of several in the series that will serve as a prospecting guide in your efforts to learn what to do and what not to do when you are prospecting.

  1. The journey to attracting the right kind of prospect starts from your mind. Your mind frame will determine whether you will attract or generate quality prospects or wishy washy leads.
  2. Keep abreast with hot topics especially those in your industry, this will help you sustain valuable conversations for longer
  3. Define your role in the prospecting process. You are supposed to gather information that will help you know your prospect. The information gathered will aid you to qualify the prospects. You will know first-hand whether this is a prospect you will want to court for your network marketing opportunity.

How To Prospect – Position yourself

If you are just starting out, make sure you are seen where the prospects will be looking. Prosects have become very sophisticated. They will search you out. Online, they will use search  via the search engines, social media, etc. Off-line, they are likely to be looking around events hosted by players in your industry. The events include trade shows, training programs, fairs, etc. They will look for success stories. Locate yourself around the key players in the business. Talk with them, interview them, ask questions, and compliment them. Their popularity will have a rub off effect on you giving you some credibility which is much needed to boost your prospecting efforts.

How to Prospect – Maintain a confident Posture

Identify your unique selling point take pride in it. To a large degree, your prospects can have their lives and businesses transformed because of information you possess and give out. They might have heard or accessed this same information in many places but the way you deliver and present the same information can give their lives a major boost. Equipped with this knowledge, it is important to maintain a confident demeanour when interacting with people. You will naturally attract prospects. Your duty will then be to qualify them.

How to Prospect – Advertise

Advertising will save you the trouble of cold calling and experiencing rejection. Most network marketers dread being rejected. When you advertise, the people who are searching for solutions you can provide locate you. When they approach you, you need to sort out the quality prospects from the chaffs.

How to Prospect – Use Questions to Qualify Prospects

Ask questions that will lead you to determine whether the person you are relating with is qualified for your time. Conversation must centre on the person and help you in your sorting process. The prospects you qualify must be taken deeper into your sales funnel. After this, ask them questions that will bring to fore their needs. Suggest working solutions to their problems. Provide a solution if you have it, usually free of charge. If you do not possess the solution, show them where to find it. If you do not know where to find it, help them find it. You must apply good judgement and moderation in this case. If you can’t help them, empathize with them and move on. Remember to ask them if they found the solution and how should you meet again. If these people do not buy from you, they will seek you out eventually. You will become their go-to person if they are seeking solutions.

How to Prospect – Use a funded Proposal

You can prospect by using the funded proposal.  Simply put, a funded proposal (Self-liquidating offer or SLO) is a way to get paid to prospect. You do this by offering a low cost high value solution that meets the needs of your target market. This brings them into your sales funnel and then you nurture and eventually sell your opportunity to them. In many cases, these people ask to join your opportunity even without you selling to them. The funded proposal help you to generate prospects who are farther down into the sales funnel.

Show some love. What are the important skills that one must must to be effective at prospecting? Leave your thoughts in the comments. You can also share this post every where.

To your MLM prospecting success.


Attraction Marketing – How to Attract Customers and Partners


Magnetic Sponsoring and the Number 1 Attraction Marketing System

Attraction marketing is not only an appealing marketing concept but a system that works well. Stress is reduced and rejection is almost eliminated when you are building any business. Your MLM is no exception.

The concept of attraction marketing holds that, rather than going to look for prospects to join you or buy from you, you can position yourself so that those who need your product or services will find you. This is so because people who need a solution to a problem tend to look for it. When you are properly positioned, you can attract them to you and your business.

Many businesses fail for want of customers. Some sales people give up because they experience rejection. We will deal will handling rejection later. The rejection many people experience is sad but unnecessary. Imagine trying to sell beef to a vegetarian. That is what many people do. No matter how experienced you are, you may not be able to sell a deep freezer to an eskimo in winter. Answer this question. Who will sell more, an unskilled salesperson trying to sell beef to a hungry man looking to eat beef stew or a skilled salesman trying to sell beef to a satisfied vegetarian?

Attraction Marketing System
There is none like this

How to Attract Prospects With Ease

If you needed information a few years ago, you had to go to the library. Few people go to the library today. All you have to do is to go online and lookup whatever information you desire. This can be done even in your bathroom. Information is now freely available. Google is a good place people can find you. Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc are just a few places people look for their solutions. If you can position yourself well on google or any of these channels and with a high converting offer, your marketing efforts will become very easy. Getting organic traffic from google is what is termed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the online parlance. Getting traffic is easy. It takes hard work though.

Before you can use attraction marketing to your advantage, you must be sure that you have an earnest desire to promote your offer. If you are into network marketing or MLM, you have to be convinced show the plan, then you need a confident assurance you will attract the right kind of customers to your offer, then, you need to ask your prospects to become customers. However, you have to let them know who can qualify for your attention.

1. Attraction Marketing is based on Healthy thinking

Before someone will find you attractive, you need to find yourself attractive. The question then is how do you find yourself or your offer attractive? What is your unique proposition? What do you have that others probably do not have? What makes you unique makes you attractive. You do not have to have an ingenious skill or offer. Your offer just needs to be unique and valuable. Get this, and then you naturally have people gravitating towards you. You need a positive mental attitude in order to be and stay attractive.

You need to think well of your prospects. See your prospects and the customers coming to you as the best in the world who can explode your business. Your marketing will naturally attract these kind of people to you. As a man thinketh, so is he. You cannot attract the right kind of people with a negative attitude or posture. You need to read two important books, The Attraction Marketer’s manifesto and magnetic sponsoring.  Click on pictures on the right and learn how you can get these books.

Giving Great Value is Key in Attraction Marketing

Many people do not just buy products. They also crave an experience after they purchase a product. Attraction marketing aims at providing them just that. It is very common today to see people treating customers without regard. When people have a great experience when they purchase a product or service from you, they are always going to come back. You can give your customers a great experience by giving them more value than they paid for. When they are looking for an information, give them that information and more. You can also give each customer a personalized service so they know that they are not just part of a number. Mention their names, send them letters and emails. Remember their anniversaries. They will not forget you. Marketing this way will get them hooked to you. This is the essences of attraction marketing. Building loyal customers and not even appearing salesy.

Many people use some of the concepts of attraction marketing without even knowing it. How great would you perform if you mastered the art of attraction marketing?

New to Attraction Marketing? Let me know how I can help you.

Do well to Leave your comments and questions on attraction marketing in the comments box. I read each one of them and I will do well to answer as many as I can

How to Approach Network Marketing

Many people fail in network marketing not because they cannot build huge organisations but because they use the wrong approach to network marketing. In this post, I will be sharing some dos and don’ts for anyone who wants to succeed in network marketing.

How Not to Approach Network Marketing

  • Do not see it as a get rich quick scheme. When done right, it provides the pathway to your financial freedom where you can have the vacations you dream about, and a residual income pipe that flows to you. This I am sure can help you pay the bills, have that grand wedding ceremony you dream about, but your dream car or that diamond chain which you only see on TV.
  • Do not go about pitching people your opportunity . You will not last long in the network marketing business if you build this way. NO leader builds their business in this manner. It actually sucks. They experience rejection because of this approach and quit. Consider this, I sat behind a pretty lady in a public bus. Tell you, this lady is really pretty. A gentle man who was joining the bus (I am sure he is sanguine) could not keep it to himself. He blurted out. Damn, you are so pretty. The girl looked at him, chuckled and looked away. What did he do wrong? Let me know in the comments your comments. I can’t tell you about you about the guy, a stranger, who joined the bus a few minutes later, saw the girl, and started a conversation with her. They were chatting and laughing as if they knew themselves from the beginning. Let’s analyze what the first person did wrong. Leave your comments if you have any answers.
  • Don’t attempt to sponsor just anyone – This business is not meant for everyone. If you tried it, you will fail miserable. You may have to sponsor a million people before you get the five that can contribute significantly to your business and financial goals.
  • Do not be in a hurry to sponsor your family members when they do not see your opportunity immediately, move on. They are not your warm market.
  • Do not promise to build anyone’s organisation for them. You will end up recruiting a bunch of lazy people who should not be entrepreneurs in the first place. I made a list of people who should not be entrepreneurs in 100% MLM Duplication is possible.

how to network marketing

How To Approach Network Marketing

Everyone who has built a huge network marketing business know how to do it. You can learn from them. They did a number of the things below. Do it too.

  • Develop a magnetic personality. This is how all the outstanding leaders have built their MLM opportunity. You can learn how to brand yourself and get more people coming to you to join your opportunity. Mike Dillard properly handles the subject in the Magnetic Sponsoring Course
  • Spend money to develop yourself into a leader. The more knowledge you have, and the more you apply that knowledge in your business, the more attractive you become. You can check my other posts to see my progress. Knowledge is awesome and there is nothing like acting in consonance with what you know.
  • Be ready to learn even unconventional methods of building your organisation. Remember, it’s YOUR business. When you follow your system’s training and it is not working for you, you don’t just quit. Find out great ways to build your business like I have done. Knowledge is power. Etc
  • Your greatest prospects are those who are already in the network marketing business or are buying products in the industry. This advise was given me by a network marketing great. An African hero, who built a seven figure network marketing business with Syntek Global and achieved a rank status of Team Elite in less than eight months. How do you find network marketers and how do you get them to join you. They are already building a business you see. When you come to the MLM Prosperity Academy, you would be thought how to do this. I have a free gift for anyone who pops up. It’s training on how to attract great networkers using facebook.
  • Recruit leaders only. If you do, you are sure to build huge teams. If your team is currently struggling, train them in the art of leadership.
  • Don’t go about showing the plan to your prospects. Ooops!!! Did I just say that? Sure, I did. These are the things you should do.

Teach people how to

Show them where to

Offer to help those who ask you.

When people ask for your help and you have to use illustrations, use YOUR opportunity and company as a great example.


My list is not exhaustive. If you think I left something out, show some love. Mention it in the comments box below it will help others you know.


You can also share this post with anyone building a network marketing business. You do not know how much help you would have provided for them.


Yours in Prosperity.
Attraction Marketing System

100% MLM Duplication Possible

How to Get 100% MLM Duplication on Your Team

YES! 100% MLM Duplication is possible. Before I show you how, just come with me.

A month or so after I joined network marketing, I heard my upline, Daniel Sekpey make a statement. This statement did not mean much to me at the beginning. He said that the key to network marketing success was duplication. After I had sponsored a dozen of people into my network marketing organisation, I saw all of them fall of due to attrition. I was concerned. My business must not fail. Moreso, I needed to help my team build the dreams they envisioned when they joined my team. The desire sent me searching. Then I realised that 100% MLM duplication is possible.

Is My Duplication Proposition Feasible

Yes! Before you say I am exaggerating, finish this post. If you don’t think 100% MLM duplication is possible, close this page and dont come here again! At least, at the time of my discovery, Ann Sieg made the bold claim and had the stats to support it. My curiosity heightened, and I searched more. How is this possible and how could I implement what I had learnt? Can everyone else build their Network Marketing businesses ensuring 100% MLM duplication on their team. Go through this entire post and discover HOW YOU CAN also obtain 100% MLM duplication.

1.     Understand that Network Marketing is Not for Everyone

When network marketing reps are recruiting or sponsoring people, they do not have the right posture. They pitch almost everyone with their opportunity. The quality of the people they sponsor tells on their duplication efforts. Some people are simple not cut out for MLM. You probably are one of them. When a prospect comes to you begging to join your opportunity even with credit card in hand, you must not admit them to your team if they are not cut out for this kind of business. Below is a list, not exhaustive, of people you should not admit into your team. These people actually kill the team:

  • Nay sayers
  • Complainers
  • Blamers
  • People with get rich quick mentality
  • Disloyal people
  • People who complain they don’t have time
  • Pessimistic people
  • Non diligent people, etc

If a prospect displays any of these traits, your red lights must immediately show. You will have to take them through rigorous screening to qualify them. In fact, be more inclined to disqualifying them for your team in this situation.

2.     Network Marketing is a Marketing Business not Sales

People do not simply get it. If you are in MLM, then you are in Marketing. People confuse marketing with sales. Sales is just a tiny part of  Marketing  which deals with how to promote your product, service or opportunity to your prospects. If MLM is marketing, you need to know what you are promoting. Mind you, it is neither your company’s products nor your opportunity. Mike Dillard will tell you best.


How to Get 100% MLM Duplication

  • Teach each team member to stand out and be unique. Give them systems that will help them enhance their uniqueness. This is what Ann Sieg did to obtain this outstanding duplication on her team. She adopted the principle called attraction marketing. The reason why your tumb print is different from that of everyone else is the reason you do not have to mix in.
  • How can everyone sponsor with ease and ensure duplication. The answer lies in the quality of prospects you add to your team. If you sort them out and qualify them properly, they may be on five downlines, but these are they who will get you to seven figures. It may take time to enrol those five. But you must. If you don’t find the right qualities, don’t enrol.
  • Teach each team member to develop and invest in their leadership abilities. If you could overcome over six million sperms to fertilize the egg that produced YOU, then, you are a CHAMPION from birth. You can be a leader. You can learn the art of leadership. An invaluable resource I have found that has changed the way I am building online is the magnetic sponsoring course.



I sent out an email earlier to you this year. I want to help more 10people earn $10,000.00 this year. If you are on my team, get the


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Own Your Life – What it means to Own Your Life

What does it Mean to Own Your Life

To understand what it means to own your life, analyse by yourself, this statement Don Faila makes.  “When you subtract out the sleeping time, commuting time, working time and the things you have to do each day of your life, most people don’t have more than two or three hours a day to do what they would like to do: and then, would they have the money to do it?”

Depending on which angle you want to tackle this, you will have varying responses. But the underlying factor is that you are in control of the vehicle that is moving in the direction of your destiny. This means that, you can choose to be happy, sad, loving, hating, etc all at will at any particular moment. For example, IF YOU HEARD A BAD NEWS AND WERE CRYING, YOU COULD DECIDE TO BE HAPPY AND SWITCH MOODS IMMEDIATELY. Now, this is extreme but that is what it means to own your life. It means that you have the ability to control, no not to control but to DETERMINE your emotion.

If you can determine your emotions which you can, why then would you choose to allow a negative painful emotion in your life?

The next thing it means to own your life is that you can choose where you want to live, what you want to eat and what clothes you would wear without looking at the price tag.

Own your life, means you can buy anything without considering the price tag
I sell for $5,000,000.00

This is what it means NOT to own your life. When you can tell a lie under pressure, or give explanations to justify what you have done for fear of punishment or for a gain of reward.

Now consider this! Can you be said to presently own your life? If you cannot wake up at the time you want to, work at your goals according to your schedule in order to achieve them, and even decide how your day goes, think again about the control you have on your life.

To what extent does your money have power over you? You can determine that you are in charge of your own life depending on your response if you lost every dime have made. Or if you experienced what some people will call a mishap. Would you accept that it is part of life, then you wake up and start all over or you will sit there languishing in pain?

Can you go where you want to go, or acquire what you want to or do what you like to, and would you have the money to do it?

The extent to which money or circumstances influences your life is a great indicator of the extent to which you are in control of your destiny.

No matter where you stand, you can own your life by the decision (s) you take now – The decision to change your situation.

I will share in the next post, the stories of people who changed their situations by taking the decision to own their lives. I will also share with you, how you can do same.

In the meantime, leave me your comments. To you, what does it mean to own your life?

To your MLM Prosperity.



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