How to Build a Huge Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing LegendI must be sincere, much of what I am about to share with you on, “how to build a huge network marketing organisation”, today is not my original idea. I learnt it from a number of network marketing legends.  I will not discount the fact however that, I have interspersed these great lessons with personal experiences with the valuable information and wealth of experience that was shared to me.

If you joined network marketing or a multi-level marketing company, chances are that you saw an opportunity that will ease if not totally wipe away your financial woes. True. There are countless stories of people whose situation received a complete overhauling because the joined the bandwagon of a network marketing company. From each success story however, one can always glean the valuable information that leverage was the key to success in multi-level marketing (mlm) or network marketing. For the ease of flow in this piece, I would use mlm, multi-level marketing and network marketing interchangeably.

When you sit in the presentation of a typical network marketing opportunity, the concept of building a huge organisation is so simplified that you can almost feel even your dog could attain success with that program. As a result, many people jump in without even understanding how success comes to the top shots in the network marketing world. After all, you just need to get two people, then they go out and get two people, then the situation repeats itself until you have an organisation of ten thousand distributors/reps.

Some people are lucky and the first two reps they sponsor build huge teams under them. They suddenly become six figure earners overnight. I am sure that you will not like to build your business based on luck. Look, these happy go lucky success chalkers are only a tiny fraction of the success stories of network marketing.

Before you get me wrong, let me come clear on this one. Network marketing is legitimate and holds the key for you to build a huge organisation that will eventually make you enjoy time and financial freedom. The caveat however is that you must learn to do it right.

Network Marketing professionals

It is no wonder that 93% of the people who venture into network marketing fail mainly because they have not taken the time to learn the rules of the game. They do not understand the business model. I was the same and failing miserably. Though I was failing, the success chalked by others told me that it was doable. Maybe there was a principle being applied. When I gave myself to learning the secrets of building a huge network marketing organisation, my overview of how to build my network marketing business changed. If you are willing to learn a few of the things I learnt, lets roll.

First and foremost, network marketing is a profession. You are the professional building your business. This basic understanding that you are building a business will do the trick for most people. Every business has working hours. Set your working hours and keep to it. It requires great self discipline to do this. This missing ingredient accounts for failure for most people.

If you are building a business, then there is the need to promote your business. Understand this. Network Marketing is a numbers game. You need to go through a network marketing is about large numberslarge sample of prospects before you get to recruit or sponsor people of quality into your organisation. It is these quality people you sponsor that will help you attain your goal of financial freedom.

Imagine how many people you can talk to in a day if you spent an average of 1hour presenting your opportunity  to people. Where is your personal brand?Clearly, you will have to give your business a promotional boost so that you can have many people to show your opportunity to at the same time. You have to advertise your business. If you do your advertising well, your business will get a major boost. Awwww… advertise does not necessarily mean that you need to spend money. But if you have to, what is wrong with that? Who should build your business for you? Are you not willing to take hold of the of  your business and direct it to where you expect it? You will need to develop a system that makes you reach as many people as possible. There are free methods and paid methods to do this. You can use social media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc, content marketing such as blogging, article, video marketing, etc. You can also use classified ads to generate tons of leads. The key here is that you have to know how to do this right so that you don’t get ghosted, as users of craigslist will term it. Get a coach to take you through which ever strategy you decide to master. You can add the rest later.

Anybody who gets into contact with you must identify that unique thing which sets you apart. It is called your personal brand. It is the same brand that you permeate in to your business. Now you need to have succeeded to build a credible brand and you need a credible brand to succeed. What a dilemma. Today however, even newbies can be branded just because of the brands they associate with. I chose to go all the way with MLSP. In a later post; I will share with you how to build your brand even though you are a complete newbie in this business


Yours in network marketing success