Attraction Marketing – How to Attract Customers and Partners

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Magnetic Sponsoring and the Number 1 Attraction Marketing System

Attraction marketing is not only an appealing marketing concept but a system that works well. Stress is reduced and rejection is almost eliminated when you are building any business. Your MLM is no exception.

The concept of attraction marketing holds that, rather than going to look for prospects to join you or buy from you, you can position yourself so that those who need your product or services will find you. This is so because people who need a solution to a problem tend to look for it. When you are properly positioned, you can attract them to you and your business.

Many businesses fail for want of customers. Some sales people give up because they experience rejection. We will deal will handling rejection later. The rejection many people experience is sad but unnecessary. Imagine trying to sell beef to a vegetarian. That is what many people do. No matter how experienced you are, you may not be able to sell a deep freezer to an eskimo in winter. Answer this question. Who will sell more, an unskilled salesperson trying to sell beef to a hungry man looking to eat beef stew or a skilled salesman trying to sell beef to a satisfied vegetarian?

Attraction Marketing System
There is none like this

How to Attract Prospects With Ease

If you needed information a few years ago, you had to go to the library. Few people go to the library today. All you have to do is to go online and lookup whatever information you desire. This can be done even in your bathroom. Information is now freely available. Google is a good place people can find you. Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, etc are just a few places people look for their solutions. If you can position yourself well on google or any of these channels and with a high converting offer, your marketing efforts will become very easy. Getting organic traffic from google is what is termed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the online parlance. Getting traffic is easy. It takes hard work though.

Before you can use attraction marketing to your advantage, you must be sure that you have an earnest desire to promote your offer. If you are into network marketing or MLM, you have to be convinced show the plan, then you need a confident assurance you will attract the right kind of customers to your offer, then, you need to ask your prospects to become customers. However, you have to let them know who can qualify for your attention.

1. Attraction Marketing is based on Healthy thinking

Before someone will find you attractive, you need to find yourself attractive. The question then is how do you find yourself or your offer attractive? What is your unique proposition? What do you have that others probably do not have? What makes you unique makes you attractive. You do not have to have an ingenious skill or offer. Your offer just needs to be unique and valuable. Get this, and then you naturally have people gravitating towards you. You need a positive mental attitude in order to be and stay attractive.

You need to think well of your prospects. See your prospects and the customers coming to you as the best in the world who can explode your business. Your marketing will naturally attract these kind of people to you. As a man thinketh, so is he. You cannot attract the right kind of people with a negative attitude or posture. You need to read two important books, The Attraction Marketer’s manifesto and magnetic sponsoring.  Click on pictures on the right and learn how you can get these books.

Giving Great Value is Key in Attraction Marketing

Many people do not just buy products. They also crave an experience after they purchase a product. Attraction marketing aims at providing them just that. It is very common today to see people treating customers without regard. When people have a great experience when they purchase a product or service from you, they are always going to come back. You can give your customers a great experience by giving them more value than they paid for. When they are looking for an information, give them that information and more. You can also give each customer a personalized service so they know that they are not just part of a number. Mention their names, send them letters and emails. Remember their anniversaries. They will not forget you. Marketing this way will get them hooked to you. This is the essences of attraction marketing. Building loyal customers and not even appearing salesy.

Many people use some of the concepts of attraction marketing without even knowing it. How great would you perform if you mastered the art of attraction marketing?

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