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Who is Eyram?

Hi! Eyram here

Eyram Hlortsi
Hi! This is Eyram

I am sure this question popped-up in your mind because of a number of reasons

  • You need to conduct due diligence on me – That’s important because you probably have seen me out there or,
  • You simply want to satisfy your curiosity, maybe
  • You want to hook up with me. I love friends, but I will have to qualify you to ensure that we both have great value for our time,
  • Reason number 4? I don’t know. Yes I really don’t know everything.


Whatever your reason is, Congrats! You found me!!!

Remember I said I did not know everything? True!

This is also the reason why I spend quality time researching to ensure that I add great value to my friends and partners. Anyways…

 Eyram Hlortsi is the second of five children born to Mr Kenneth Hlortsi. Wow!!! Great father. Virtually unknown by the world. This man would give up everything for his children. Daddy, I LOVE YOU.

After obtaining a degree in Economics and Management (Insurance option) from the University, Eyram Hlortsi sought to work for Lighthouse Chapel International as a Missionary. Working as a Missionary requires a great deal of time for prayer, visitation, counselling and interaction.  Somehow, Eyram found himself working with a multi-national bank as a relationship officer. His job description was to source for high profile individuals (big shots/the cream of society) and manage their portfolios. This was challenging and exciting.


Why? He had a burning sensation to spend lots of quality time in church and with his associates and loved ones.

His job description and setting made this virtually impossible. He would rush off to work at 7am and not return until 8pm each day. He needed to do something about it, AND HE DID.

There was great lobbying in the bank to move Eyram to the Corporate Banking Unit when he quit.

Fast forward, Eyram is happily serving as a Missionary in a new country.On 16th December 2012, Eyram was happily fellowshipping in church with fellow church members when he received a visitor.

BAM!!! This was a shipping magnate. He had decided to drive by and inform Eyram that he was in town. “I will stay in touch” this man said. I will let you know anytime I enter this country.  This is just by the side.

Necessity demands that he finds a job on the Mission field. Eyram secured a job with a diplomatic Mission. He soon realises that the unpleasant cycle is repeating itself. He stumbles on two books by Robert Kiyosaki and Robert G. Allen titled “Cashflow quadrant” and “Multiple Streams of Income” respectively. These two books introduces him to the world of network marketing.

Eyram tried a couple of companies and failed. He knew however that, if he had to succeed, he had to get it right. For Eyram, failure is not an option. He needed to get it (he had to get the time to spend with his friends, associates and loved ones and more importantly, his church work), so he started researching. This is how uncovered the secrets that have changed the face to his network marketing business.

Now armed with his research findings, Eyram is helping his team greatly by adding value to them and their business.

Eyram Set Up This Blog

Eyram decided to share what is boosting his business not only with his team but also with to help senior citizens (people aged 40 and above), mums and dad’s to own their future without having to rely on measly retirement/pension benefits. Why? His father woke up to the rudest shock of his life a few months after retirement when he realised that, his pension benefits could not help him live the life he enjoyed while still in active service.


This is a crusade! This is the dream…

On this blog, Eyram Hlortsi

  1. Seeks to wake up the entrepreneur in Senior Citizens so as to enable them own their lives and their future,
  2. Show struggling business builders how to build successfully and the new trends in promoting their business and
  3. Teach struggling business builders how to attract troops of prospects who want to partner them or buy from them.

Can you share in this dream?


How can I be useful to you? Let me know.



Eyram Hlortsi

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