A Simple Great Story Which Will Definitely Keep You Thinking

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Remember I promised to tell you the simple great story Welty told Kamen? Well, read on. There lived a king in a village in the far east. The king had a daughter named Irie. Irie was so beautiful that all the young men in the village fancied her. In that village, was Boaty and Breto. They were very good friends. Irie fancied both of them. One day, a terrible disaster struck. A mighty earthquake split the village. This earthquake  divided the village into two halve such that people on one half of the the village had relatives living in the other half. There was a heavy downpour filled the gully the earthquake had left with a stream.

Boaty and Greto decided to make rafts so they could visit Irie on the other end of the village. Unknown to them, their decision to make raft was the beginning of a booming business, afterall, there were several people on either end of the village who desired to see their relatives.

They were making money with their new business. Seasons passed by. Next year, Irie would be eighteen. At this age, the tradition of their village demands that she will choose a suitor. The king, seeing the dilemma that her daughter faced, decided to throw a contest for all the young men in the village. Any man who is able to raise one thousand talents of gold before the said period would take Irie’s hand in marriage.

The contest was heated. Boaty and Greto now worked more than usual. Each one  trying to make more trips than the other. They expanded their business by building a boat so that they could make each trip with more people. One night, as Greto lay in bed thinking about how he could raise the money, he calculated that no matter how long he worked, he could not raise the one thousand talents of gold because he would be limited by his efforts and time. He decided to build a bridge this would be a great OPPORTUNITY to raise the one thousand talents of gold and that, he would not have to row his boat again.

During the DAY, Greto would row his boat and towards sunset, he would build his bridge. Boaty and other people in the village laughed at Greto. No one in their village has ever thought of, seen or imagined a bridge before. When the bridge was completed, Greto decided to commission the bridge.

  • The price was lower than the fare charged by the boat.
  • The bridge seemed safer
  • Since it was the first time something like that was built in the village, many people decided to try it.

Boaty continued rowing his boat. As his income increased, so did his lifestyle.

Are you familiar with that?

Soon, it was winter. Boaty could not row his boat across the snow. As the days went by, Boaty also realised that his strength was failing him. He could not make as many trips as before. Soon, he can not row his boat. How will he survive when that time came.

On the other hand, Greto decided to build a connecting pipeline from the bridge to his room. People would pay their toll and he would collect the money in his room. In a very short time, Greto raised the money. He married Irie and they married happily ever after.

Boaty finally realised that he had not made the right right decision by continuing to rely on his strength to make money.

After listening to the story, Kamen woke up to the fact that he was also doing the same thing Boaty did, trading his strength and time for money. When Kamen got home, he pondered on Welty’s words. He made the decision to follow Welty’s advice i.e and make a move like Greto did.

How about you? Which method do you prefer? If you are still unsure, try answering the following questions.

  • Do you possess an income that flows 24hours without you having to work for it?
  • Are you relying on strength alone or do you have the right system to produce money?
  • Does your income continue to flow after you are gone?
  • Can you quit work anytime you choose without sacrificing your income?
  • Should you for any reason be out of work now, can you survive for the next year without a job?
  • Do you have to be present to make money?

If you can not answer just one of the questions above,  contact me. If you answered yes to all these questions, kindly share with this community how you did that. Like this post, leave your comments and feel free to share it.

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