How to Enhance Website Visibility (6 ways)

If you have been battling with your website visibility, I will share in this post, a few ways you can improve the visibility of website website and get it seen by several people around the web.

Before we go on to sharing  how you can enhance the visibility of your website, I will like to tell you a story. We were about five hundred students in my basic school.

Out of the five hundred students, forty eight were in my class.

Some members of my class were more popular than others. Everybody knew Afi Gidiglo because she was fair and was identified by a chocolate-brown pinafore worn over her yellow polyester uniform.

Senyo Ahiaba Ahiaba was known but for entirely different reasons.

He was the storyteller. Almost everybody on campus labelled Senyo as the one hour story teller.

His stories were so captivating and long. He would be called to tell stories in different classes when it was entertainment or story telling time in the school.

There were some people who were not so popular.

For example Michael Ajatey or Lowe Doris were in my class but they were hardly known outside the class. I was not very popular in school.

website visibility

To become known by my teachers and other students, I decided to do something drastic. More about that later.

Compare Your Website Visibility to the People in My Class

According to the,

The Indexed Web contains at least 4.69 billion pages (Friday, 07 June, 2013).
The Dutch Indexed Web contains at least 263.82 million pages (Friday, 07 June, 2013).

The sheer volume of available sites and the clutter can easily make your site go unnoticed.

There is hope however. You remember Senyo? He was a good story teller.

What about Afi? I am sure you can almost see where I am getting at.

If your site remains like Doris and Michael, it will be lost in oblivion.


Create a Brand and a Unique Proposition

Here is the point. Afi, had a unique brand. There is something that differentiated her from all of us in the school.

Her colour and her dressing. How does this relate to your site?

Your site requires a brand as well as a unique proposition.

When you have determined the brand of your site and your unique proposition, ensure that your keywords and articles are relevant.

The content you produce must not be haphazard. It must follow a consistent plan and must be in consonance with your unique selling proposition.

The relevance of your content to your brand and unique proposition will eventually pay off.

Do not try to trick search engines to gain SEO points.

Guest Post

Senyo was popular because of his stories. His stories did not remain only in our class. He told stories in other classes consequently, he was known for his long captivating one hour stories.

If your website or blog is to do well, you will need to guest post.

Guest posting can provide your site with some link juice.

The number of sites linking back to your website determines the authority of your site. You can also submit articles to high quality directories.

You can guest post on sites such as squidoo, hubpages, and so on.

Use Pictures

When you use pictures in your post, ensure that the pictures are properly described and relevant to your content. Relevancy is key. Also use the appropriate tags.

If you do not take the pictures yourself, make sure you are not infringing on someones copyright.

You can find free pictures at or

You may also buy amazing and relevant pictures at

Syndicate with Social Media

Social media has become very relevant not only in ranking your site, but in getting people to see it.

After you churn out your relevant and useful content based on your unique value proposition, people who are helped by it would share your  content with their friends using the various social media channels.

If your site makes it easier for people to share your content with their friends on facebook, twitter and the other social media sites, more eyeball will see your site.

This has a two way effect.

You will be seen first on social media and then search engines will begin to rank your content based on the engagements it receives on social media.

Check Your Metrics and Analytics

It is important to always measure which of your posts are faring favourably with your readers.

You also need to check how often people stay on your website. Google analytics is a wonderful free tool gauge your metrics.

Ensure that Your Site Loads Fasts

Many people will leave your site if it takes too long to load.

The key is to ensure that you have not overloaded your site with too many plugins and extensions that make it slow.

Was this post useful to you? Let me know how useful it was to you.
Also do not hesitate to add your critique. I will make things better for you next time. Feel free to share this post.

How To Drive Traffic and Make Your Blog Famous In 30 Days (Updated)

Here, you will find sure ways on how to drive traffic and make your blog famous in 30 days.

The reason is simple.

If you write great content and have no readers, it is very painful especially if you put a lot of effort into building your blog and producing the content.

Don’t read further if you do not put a lot of effort into researching your posts because you will do more harm to your own brand than good if you get all the visibility.

If you write quality content worth sharing, then this post will show you how to make your blog famous in the next 30 days.

This post may be your AHA moment!

What I want you to do is to pick just one or two methods at most and master it (them) before you go on to adopt the other means.

There are 2 steps to make your blog famous

  1. Create well-researched quality content written for your audience
  2. Make your blog visible.

That’s all.

Why You Need to Enhance Your Website’s Visibility and blog traffic

What use is a great website that does not get read? Of what use is winking to a girl you like in the dark?

If you want to get your message across, then you need people to see your website and your message.

If you have battled to get quality traffic or make your website visible, I will share in this post, a few ways you can improve your website’s visibility and drive massive numbers of unique visitors to your blog in 30 days even if you are not an SEO guru.

Before we go on to sharing how you can enhance the visibility of your website, I will like to tell you a story to help you relate properly to the ways of making your website visible.

We were about five hundred students in my basic school.

Out of the five hundred students, forty-eight were in my class. Some members of my class were more popular than others.

Everybody knew Afi Gidiglo because she was very fair and was identified by a chocolate-brown pinafore worn over her yellow polyester uniform.

Her uniform was unique.

Senyo Ahiaba was known but for entirely different reasons. He was the storyteller.

Almost everybody on campus labelled Senyo as the one hour story-teller.

His stories were so captivating and long.

He would be called to tell stories in different classes when it was entertainment or story telling time in the school.

There were some people who were not so popular.

For example Michael Ajatey or Lawe Doris were in my class but they were hardly known outside the class.

I was not very popular in school.

To become known by my teachers and other students, I decided to do something drastic.

More about that later….

Right now, what I need you to do is to Compare Your Website’s Visibility to the People in My Class.

According to the world wide web daily stats,

The Indexed Web has at least 5.35 billion pages (Friday, 05 March, 2021).

The Dutch Indexed Web has at least 2667.41 million pages (Friday, 05 March, 2021).

The sheer volume of available sites and the clutter can easily make your site go unnoticed.

If you want to play the google SEO game however, good luck.

You can meet your goals of driving traffic to your blog without knowing anything about SEO.

The secret is to get your site visible everywhere.

After following all the steps in this piece and mastering one method or two at most however, you can easily drive in excess of 3,270 readers to each blog post and gain a good SEO score at the end.

There is hope for you.

You remember Senyo? He was a good story-teller. What about Afi?

I am sure you can almost see where I am getting at.

If your site remains like Doris and Michael, it will be lost in oblivion.

Things You Can Do To Drive Traffic and Make Your Blog Famous blog in 30 days

Make your blog famous by syndicating your content in social community network sites.

We all know that quality content is king. Quality is however what the users of your site think it to be, NOT what you think.

If your readers like it and rate it, it gets more authority.

You will also tend to build your subscriber base from the visitors who visit your site from here.

This is how it works, Sign up for the social community site.The users of this site rate your content.

Participate in the sites if you want to be successful.

Then you submit a link for voting or rating. There is always a link back to your site.

This is good good for SEO link juice plus, you get people to see your blog or website.

You will be killing two birds with the same stone.

Some social community sites for content syndication include:


Further Resources

Make your blog famous in 30 days by commenting of highly trafficked blogs.

You need to write out a list of the top blogs in your niche that command massive traffic or readership.

One thing you also need to look out for is the level of engagement of the author with those who comment of the posts.

When you comment on these blog posts, you put your brand before all the readers of that particular post.

This is where a lot of people kill their brands and businesses.

It is common place to see backlink loving opportunists make comments such as “great post”, ” I really love this post” etc and expect to drive traffic with these shabby comments to their blogs.

If you are the kind, you better kill the dream of building a famous blog or you have to change for the better.

What you do not know is that by doing that, you are actually killing your own brand.

There is a right way to comment on blogs and a wrong way to comment on blogs.

Just so you do not do damage to your brand, the next time you want to comment on a blog, you have to make sure you have read the post and have something valuable to say.

If the post is great, say why you think it is. If the writer leaves out a useful point, draw his attention and state how the omitted point could help the blog readers – BAM.

If you are the first 5 to make such a valuable comment, you can get at least 10 to 20 people check out your profile immediately they read the post because they see that you have added value to them by your comments.

They will eventually end up on your blog and subscribe if you have great content there.

Blog commenting the right way

Blog commenting does two things for your blog.

The first one is that when done well, it gives your blog visibility and establishes your authority quickly.

The next is that, blog commenting can also provide you some link juice from high “do follow” PR sites.

You may not be an SEO but in the long run, you would have so many useful backlinks that will increase your blog’s authority hence your blog’s Page rankings.

SEO should be seen as a long term measure of obtaining readers.

While following these steps, you may not need to think so much about SEO links.

Top blogs with High PR and massive traffic where you can comment for visibility and do follow links include the following blog.mofuse therenegadewriter socialtimes technorati basicblogtips

You may also find dofollow blogs for your blog commenting.

All you have to do is to type your keyword and then choose the kind of blog you want to get link juice from using

I gleaned this information from probloggertricks.

I thought it was great for you to know if you take link building with blog commenting seriously.

You can comment on .edu blogs, .gov blogs, commentluv blogs etc.

Further Resources

How to Find Do Follow Commentluv blogs for commenting written by Hafeez Khan How to write great blog comments written by Mack Collier How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic written by Kristi Hines of Kikolani via

How to Drive Traffic and Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days By Commenting in Active Forums

Active forums are a great way to drive traffic to your posts.

Just like blog commenting, commenting in forums can do two things for you.

They can give your post visibility and at the same time some link juice.

What you will want to do in a forum is to make sure your contribution in the forum adds value to the subject under discussion.

People are always seeking out for those who helped them solve their problems.

I will list a few high trafficked sites where you can engage in the discussion or start one and then get droves of traffic to your site by making use of your signature.

Head over to and see how I use my signature in the traffic and conversion room.

Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days by Leveraging the Popularity of Influential Bloggers

A short while after you start blogging, you will soon realize that there is nothing like traffic.

Everything called traffic is actually real human beings who visit your site and read your posts.

The truth is that, you can not start off and get a thousand people reading your posts immediately.

The reason is simple.

You are not known.

Secondly, readers don’t trust you enough to share your posts.

When a great blogger with awesome influence like Neil Patel announces you, immediately, you get credibility overnight.

To leverage their credibility, you will need to reach out to other influential bloggers who have a large following.

You can ask them to help you by sharing your content with their followers.

Keep the rules!!!

Before you ask an established blogger to share your post with their readers or followers, make sure your content is well researched and of high quality in the first place.

Most established bloggers with reach will usually share a post you have written about them if they realize that your posts promotes their brand positively in a particular way.

Research what you can do to help them.

Psychologically, all human beings are likely to return favours done them.

While you are asking the favour, also find out what you can do presently to help.

State your willingness to help if there is the need in the future.

Some useful tools to help you find bloggers with reach or influence who also create a lot of buzz with their content are


Further Resources

Blogger outreach Campaigns by Zac Eberhart via

The ultimate resource guide to blogger outreach and guest blogging by Kristi Hines via

Measuring your blogger outreach campaign by Kristin Matthews via Search Engine Watch

Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days Using Email Outreach to Friends and Family

Never underestimate what your friends and family can do for you.

Each of your friends or family members have their own network of friends.

A simple call to ask them to share your post will do.

Tell them you recently started a website (wrote a post) for your business and would be glad if they could assist you.

Usually, friends will want your business to succeed.

When you start off your lines this way, the first thing they would think about is that you need money to boost your business.

When you tell them that all you want is for them to share your blog with their network of friends and ask their best friends to also share with those they consider as best friends, this can set up the growth of your readership base.

You may come up with a sample draft for them to send to their friends.

For example,

Charley how? Do you know my friend Eyram?

He recently started a website to promote his business and needs 1000 eyes to see it.

But I am only one of the few friends he has. He needs to win his competition and all the help I can give him is to share his post.

I have read the post and it is great. I left my comment. You can find my post and comments on Eyram’s website.

Please read the post too and leave your comments and share it. Eyram has been good to me and I will be really glad if you can do me this favour so he achieves his aim.

Please send this post to your network of friends after you have left your comments.

If Eyram wins, I will be so happy. Remember to ask your friends to leave their comments too ciao.

Another sample could be (This is what you send to your friends)

Friend’s Name,

I am in a competition with several others who have so much money to spend on advertising.

But I want to prove that, the chord of friendship is thicker than money.

Kindly read the post I just put up, leave your comments and share the posts with 10 of your best friends and ask them to read, comment and share with 10 of their best friends.

It does not matter if they do not hold the views I share in this post.

Tell them to share their views in the comments sections even if they disagree with the ideas I am trying to promote.

I hope we can make a point to the world.

Know that in any circumstance, I will always come through for you. All you have to do is ask.

Let’s not break this chain. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP…

Further Resources

The Link Builder’s guide to email outreach by Neil Patel via

Whether you want to do SEO or use whatever method to boost the popularity of your blog or unique visitors to your blog, this post is increasingly clear that, you need to build relationships.

It is quality relationships that build links back for you.

It is the same relationships that get people to tweet your posts.

It is the network of relationships you have established that gets others to share whatever you have written.

Right now, you have to make a list of all the important people in your niche that you would want to have a relationship with, then come up with ingenious ways to contact them and start building these relationships.

You can share in the comments section some of the ways you hope to contact them so we brainstorm.

This could make your piece better…

You should always lead with value. Think more on what you can give than what you hope to get from your new contact.

If you give them great value, they will reciprocate by sending traffic to your site almost for free.

When you list the names of 100 influencers you want to contact, write out what you can do for each one of them.

In case you do not know what to give them, you can learn the tips that Derek Halpern shares in his popular posts , how to persuade for blog links .

The principles for getting links do not differ from getting any other favours from even people you do not know.

This post is just the beginning to get your blog famous.

Master one of the methods above. In the mean time, which of the strategies are you going to adopt and why?

Remember to add value to the readers with your comments to get your profile checked out.

The way to do things keep changing, but the principles are the same.

Identify the market with pain, provide your valuable solution.

Learn How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without Obsessing With Google SEO

There is ONLY ONE WAY to drive traffic to your blog or website and it is not SEO.

SEO is just one way to help you drive traffic to your blog.

In fact, I suggest that you kill the google SEO obsession and stop wasting your time with SEO in this post.

how to drive blog traffic without google SEO

Just do the right things and SEO will take care of itself.

Read on.

(make your website visibility image)

If you have been struggling to drive traffic to your blog or website using SEO for a long time, stop now.

Here is how to drive traffic to your blog or website.


SEO attempts to get your blog visible.

But there are a lot of other ways to get visitors to your website apart from SEO.

When people see your site, they must be compelled to read it.

This means that, you must give great thought to your headline.

Your headline must capture your prospective readers attention.

Your excerpt must hook them up and make them want to read more. Every sentence should ignite interest in what is coming up next.

Before you learn the how to make your blog visible without SEO, we assume that you;

  • Know your ideal client or reader.
  • Know the pain of your ideal client or reader Concentrate your blog on solving their problems or easing their pain.
  • Produce high quality content that will keep your readers coming back once they discover your first post.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Without Thinking About Google’s SEO Rules.

Present your content in different formats

Create videos from posts and submit to good video sharing sites.

Link back to your blog or website.

List of video submission sites that can help your blog’s visibility and traffic

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Metacafe

2. Create presentation slides from posts and submit them to presentation sites.

Link back to your blog.

Below are a list of sites where you can submit your presentation


3. Convert posts to ebooks and submit them to ebook submission sites.

Remember to link back to your sites.

The list of sites below should help you get started with submitting your ebooks.

You can go to to convert your post easily.


Further Resources for Reading

Convert post to PDF for blog traffic

4. Create infographics from your post and submit them to infographic directories.

The list of sites to submit infographics include

  • Reddit/r/infographics/

Further reading

How to create a popular infographic

5. Use pictures where necessary.

Make sure your pictures can be pinned to pinterest.

6. Make sure your writing is easy to understand.

People generally share what they understand and can easily relate with. When you provide it to them, they will reward you by sharing your content with their networks.

7. Make it easy for people to share your content.

If people share your content, your blog will get visible.

Give them options.

There are services available to help you share your content this.

The list below will give you options.

  • Addthis button
  • Get Social button
  • Sharethis button
  • Include an RSS icon

8. Make it easy for people to comment on your content.

When people come to your site, make it easy for them to leave comments on your site. The comments add social proof to your site and makes it easier for others to stop by and check what is actually happening.

9. Where a blog owner comments and shares your post regularly, reward them with some link juice

When you repay other bloggers or commenters with link juice, they intend do the same. Web crawlers tend to notice the links pointing to your site

10. Place your posts where they can be seen easily – Website / Blog submission directories

This is a helpful post on directories where you can submit your blog

11. List your blog / website in search engines.

The popular search engines are, bing, google, baidu, yandex

12. Add a link back to your blog in your email signature

Anytime you send an email, do not forget to add your blog url or a link back to your blog in your signature

13. Build an email list.

You can drive traffic at will simply by emailing readers to any new post on your blog. This will ensure that readers return to your blog post, and of course, the money is in the list.

14. Build your twitter following.

Anytime you tweet a new post, more people are likely to see it if your twitter following is large. Large is always better

15. Build a huge friends list and fans on facebook

16. Take advantage of trending news and hastags in your post titles.

If there is a trending news, you can hijack new readers by leveraging the news to create content for your blog.

17. Write evergreen posts like “how tos”, “reasons why”, etc

This post is one of them

18. Join blogging communities that discuss your particular topic and build relationships there.

I am always mentioning this because it is a great place to build your readership.

If you are a blogger, sign up with the sites below and build relationships from there.


19. Create an interesting about me page at and link back to your blog

20. Engage with your readers.

This will make them loyal. Loyal blog readers are the army that share your content and get them visible to their networks

21. Always research people sharing similar content and connect with them.

Once they know you and the content you create, they will share them if your content is good.

22. Remember to always ask people to share your post or recommend them.

Sometimes, people do not share your post just because you didn’t ask. Ask them to share the post.

23. If you want traffic fast and cheap, consider buying traffic from the following

  • Facebook sponsored post
  • StumbleUpon discovery
  • Google Adwords? They are becoming expensive for many niches.

Once your blog or website gets visible and receives engagement and links, search engines will treat it as an important piece.

You get rewarded by search engines because they will show your blog higher in search results.

Now that you’ve learnt how to drive traffic to your blog without obsessing with SEO tactics, which ways do you think are also valuabe to get your website noticed without necessarily doing SEO? Leave your comments.

Show some love. Share this post everywhere. Tweet it

Nine Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Home Business

Internet or Network Marketing Home Business – Why You Should Not Join

reasons why you should start a home business

 The other day, I placed a little classified ad that brought in several leads. Like I usually do, I contacted my lead and decided to find out why they want to make money from home either with internet marketing (i.e make money from online) or with network marketing (multilevel marketing, mlm). One particular prospect informed me that he was newly retired and needed money to take care of the house. His pensions were meagre and could not take care of all the bills. As this man spoke, I wanted to write a post on reasons why you should start a home business. Something clicked within me. I realised that, you should rather not start a home business and earn extra income for a number of reasons. So far, I have nine reasons. You may have to help me come up with more reasons.

Why You Should Not Start a Home Business

1. You Are Broke Until Payday

If your salary is not enough, this is one chief reason why you should not consider starting a home business (be it network marketing or any of the make money online programs) in order to earn extra income. While I still worked at the bank, we were paid well. There was a trend however, the money never seemed enough for many people. Maybe, a lot of people are trying to live beyond their means in order to keep up with the perceived status they have couched for themselves. Maybe, the money was truly simple not enough. Maybe, it is the two reasons. If you are not able to meet all your pressing needs with your salary, why do you need home business to provide you with extra income. You should not consider network marketing or any of the make money online opportunities. Or should you? After all, you don’t have the money to start the business that can change your life even though these businesses may even be cheaper than the price of 2 loaves of bread.

2. You Don’t Have all the Time with Your Family and the Things that Matter to You

When I spoke with Daniel why he started network marketing, (and really, this is a young gentle man who earns about US$12,000.00 without doing any active work) he said that he was motivated by the fact that starting a home business afforded him the opportunity to spend quality time with his family and pursue his other pleasures. Daniel is pastor.  The next time I meet you, remind me. I would arrange for you to say hello to Daniel. After building his particular network marketing business for about 6 months, Daniel had set himself up to earn only $12,000.00 a month working about 4hours a week. He travels all over the place. Sorry! This post is not about Daniel. It is about you. Right? How is your life like? You are too busy to devote 2hours of your time a day to build your own business? You are too busy to spend time with your family and persue your pleasures. You are too busy to tie your lace before you go to work. You are really busy my friend. You cannot spare 2 hours a day to start and build a home business that will allow you the time and financial freedom you need. True! Not many people deserve to have time for the things they love. Maybe you are one of such people. That is why you should not consider an extra source of income.


3. You Value The Life of Your Children

Gone were the days when at least one parent needed to stay at home to take care of the children. In this hard economic times, both parents have to work and cater for the family. The other day, I visited a day care centre. And that is exactly what it is. A DAY CARE CENTRE!!! Parents had dropped their 3month old babies in the care of teachers who cared for the babies more than the parents themselves. After all, if you can’t stay to breast feed your own baby, don’t you think that another person may not change the diapers of the child until they know you are on your way to their school? You value the children so much that, you do not want to take responsibility for nurturing them. This is why you should not start a home business because a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) can eventually correct this comfortable situation you find yourself in.

4. You Want to Add to Your Retirement Savings

When I saw a lot of pensioners with placards the other day in Nigeria, I was moved. They were demonstrating that their pension incomes were meagre. These people served their countries well or did they? There is an African proverb that says that when you see your brothers beard on fire, you must fetch water and keep it by you. Because you want to add to your retirement saving, do not consider starting a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) because a home business (network marketing or internet marketing) will not add to your savings. It will provide an income stream that cannot be depleted if you start and build these businesses well. If your aim is to just to add to your retirement savings, your ambition is small. Find something else.


5. You Cannot Own Your Life

Not everybody can build a business. After all if everybody was an entrepreneur, who would make all the money and who would be the one that is paid? It is not wrong to work for another person but if you consider how banks and other financial institutions ruthlessly sacked their workers, you will easily understand that, the people you work for and even the government care more about profit than they care for you. If they sack you, how would you survive? Anyway, you would find another job but that would be after several months or years of searching again or? You may be lucky to get a job the next morning.

6- 9 I leave these reasons to you.

I told you I was giving you 9 reasons, but I will leave the discussion for you to continue. Ponder these thoughts and let me know whether you will still go ahead and start home business (network marketing or internet marketing)

Let me know your thoughts.

Facebook is about to die

facebook logo photo: logo facebook logo-facebook.gifThere is fear in the air… Or is there? What is the alternative to facebook? Is facebook the future? Is google plus actually about to overtake facebook? What will happen to your facebook account if facebook dies.

When you consider how google is making in roads, it almost looks like the internet firm, google, is going to win the war and become the ultimate monopoly that determines what happens in the internetosphere

It looks like the firm enters a market, dominates it and then begins to make the rules. It is no news that they are now social. Google plus has overtaken twitter as the 2nd most popular social network according to business insider

Consider google’s search engine. When google adopted selling search terms in 1998, they greatly impacted the search business. By 2000, google’s search engine had gained prominence. Using their pagerank innovation, they soon dominated the search engine business.

Today, rather than say conduct a search online, you will simply hear people say, “google it”. Regardless of what you may think about other search engines, google has a somewhat monopoly in the field. When google wants to update their algorithm, everyone is on the look out. Many people outside the US, UK, Canada and other countries do not even know whether search engines like bing exist. As at July 2013, google’s market share stood at 83.13% according to Imagine that 83% of all searches are conducted on one platform. This is dominance.

google photo: Google Google.jpg Google is bringing the future to our world. They have ventured into research and technology. Are they dominating? What was science fiction five years ago now today’s reality.

– Home automation
– driveless cars
– robotics

See, google ventured into search, they are now the leaders. They ventured into email, gmail is now tops. You almost dont say email anymore. You say gmail! Google + has overtaken twitter. Is facebook about to die?

What is Facebook’s futristic plan?
Just recently, facebook unveiled the facebook Home. With this app, Facebook Home can help you to
– glance at your phone for photos and posts from your facebook newsfeed
– chat, send and receive texts and facebook messages in one place. You can be chatting while using other apps
– Notifications – see the news as it happens
– Access your favourite apps and use them to post to facebook from the same place.

Even though the facebook home did not gain much popularity with the American users of facebook, recent events suggests why facebook came up their Facebook Home home idea for the android platform.

Facebook has partnered other giants like Sumsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Opera, MediaTek, Qualcomm and to launch the initiative, which aims to bring internet to two thirds of the worlds population who do not have access to internet. Is this facebook’s iniative to dominate the internetosphere

It is evident that facebook is targeting the rest of the world with a population of about 5 billion people where there is little or low internet penetration, notably, Africa, Latin America and Asia. This is clear especially when you remember that facebook partnered Spreadtrum to make chipsets for low cost smartphones and features phones, the phones mainly used by the majority of people in emerging markets like Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Clearly, there is a scrumble for domination in the internet market space both by google and facebook. While google is trying to bring the future to the now and dominating the internetosphere, facebook is trying to gain dominance by getting internet users addicted to facebook apps. What is Microsoft and Apple keeping close to their chest?

confused man photo: Old Man Confused.jpgTo the internet marketer or a person looking to make money online leveraging the internet, there is an important question. Who wins this war? What ever the case, at the moment, it is important to leverage these developments to enhance your business. Targeting has become easier. Take advantage of both google and facebook until facebook dies. Or is it rather the death of google being predicted now?

Will google invest in technology that will free man from doing things that encumber them now only to allow these people to channel this free time to facebook? Or will google eventually use their social arm, he google plus to fight facebook back? What is up googles sleeves as it is mulling the internet balloons?

Who do you think will win the war and why? Share your thoughts.

Internet Network Marketing – Reasons Why People Dont Make Any Money At All

Make Money with Internet Network Marketing

  • Many people do not make money with internet network marketing because they do not get started in the first place.

How can you make money from a business you never engaged in? Some say they do not have the initial capital to invest into their own business. Is this not the reason why they should actually find the money and take? Do you think you are the only one who has desired to make money from home or with internet marketing? Each day, there are several million people just like you looking for opportunities to earn part time income working from home. They see testimonials online of how some people are leveraging the internet (as in internet marketing) or leveraging the efforts of others (as in network marketing, or other business systems) to make huge sums of money. They see how they can actually make money. It all makes sense to them. They have carved out the plan in their heads how they would market this business and make it big time. They see great potential in affiliate and or network marketing. They know this would make all the difference for them.

Suddenly, they come up with the excuse, I do not have the money to start.

This is one of the dumbest excuses I have ever heard. I am surprised that people would spend over $100.00 on food and clothes. They however say they cannot afford have $25 to start a business of their own that they claim has the opportunity to turn their fortunes around. RIDICULOUS! Why were you seeking out to build your own business in the first place? Now, if you are using the lack of money as an excuse, does it make sense to you?

internet network marketing opportunity


  • They are afraid they would get scammed

This is a genuine fear. The rise of the internet has opened the gates for a lot of scammers to dupe unsuspecting opportunity seekers of huge sums of money. Many people are scared to take the risk of joining programs that can help them kick start their home businesses. There is a solution to this problem. Learn how to spot illegitimate businesses when you are looking to build online. Gracefully, I have written a post on this topic. You can access it by clicking the link how to know if your home business is illegitimate.

  •  People say they do not know how to go about it.

A lot of people are pumped up. They want to get started. They want to make money but there is one problem. They do not know how to get started. What you need is coaching and support. Someone to make time for you in you beginning days. Will that not make all the difference for you? Find a mentor and ask them questions. Do what they ask you to do. Be sensible however

Many people never make money online because they are concerned with unimportant stuff. The look of their website, some plug in they do not have etc. There are only three steps to make money online.
a. Find a market in intense pain and provide the solution for that market. How? Go to the next step
b. Drive traffic to your capture page to build a list
c. Build a relationship with your list
d. Send them your solutions in the first step.

Attraction Marketing System

The next time you make any of these excuses, know that you are setting yourself up for failure. Afterall, it is your own business and you need to take full responsibility for it.

Which of the excuses above is the dumbest to you? Share your thoughts.

Can You Make So Much Money Working 2 hours a day

Usually, when you see lead capture pages, you are told to enter your details in order to learn how you can make so much money without doing anything or working just for two hours a day ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. This concept is really appealing to busy professionals whose salary usually requires support if their income is to outlive their paydays. The real question is can you really make money working for short hours.

The answer is a resounding YES. You can make money from home working for 2 short hours a day. Before you get me wrong, it is not as easy as it sounds and this is why many people give up and say these programs do not work. Now to the main question. How can you work for two hours a day and still earn extra income that can eventually replace your present salary?

The answer is simple

  • Automation/technology
  • Done for you marketing
  • Advertising and
  • Coaching.

Do not pick the phone to call your boss and tender your resignation yet.

We will consider each of these methods using a typical work from home opportunity say MLM / network marketing opportunity.

Work From Home For Two Hours a Day
Don’t Call Your Boss to Quit Just Yet


Assume you signed up to a good company whose products are awesome, it would take at least 30minutes to make a presentation to one person. If you are working for two hours a day, it would imply that you are presenting your opportunity to four people each day. In a week, you would have spoken to 28 people about your opportunity. Research shows that it take an average of four follow ups before a person buys into your opportunity. Moreso, if you are a great marketer, you would be converting sales at about 25% of your prospects. This rate is outrageous. Many do not achieve it. Even the best marketers are happy with a 4 to 10% sales conversion rate. But assume that you signed up one out of every four after seven contacts, in a month, you would be signing up only two people if you worked two hours a day. Can you see why a lot of people do not make it? Assume that your presentation is converted into videos or blog posts which can be seen by several people at a go. Do you see how you can easily be working less hours? You presentation will get interested people to contact you then you follow them up.

In following up your leads/prospect, you can also use the aid of technology. You can use autoresponders, webinars, etc. This has worked greatly for a lot of the home business success stories out there. Presently, you can actually get paid to follow up your prospects. After building your list (collecting the lead information), you recommend products say an ebook that can presell them. Then you organise a webinar to answer questions people may have. People like to pay for this stuff. As they get deep into your funnel, you sell them on your opportunity. In using technology, you need to do two important things, be yourself so that the people will get to know you and trust you, then build a money making list. I hear, building a money making list has been made so easy a monkey can learn to do it. Lol

Done For You Marketing /Advertising

Many people who want to work for 2 hours a day really need this. You need someone to the sales copy or presentation for you. This is so because it takes a lot of time to write very good copy that converts well. For you, the most important thing now is to make some good cash. Many opportunities especially affiliate programs  have a marketing funnel they pass their prospects through. All you have to do is to send traffic to these offers (Build your list). You can send traffic to affiliate offers by advertising. A simple well thought out classified ad may not be as expensive as you think. When the ad is properly placed in front of the right target, it can be very profitable. Facebook ad are also cheap. You can target your ideal audience and drive the traffic into your squeeze pages. Treat your home BUSINESS and a BUSINESS.

You need guidance from someone who has attained some level of results. Just learn what they did right. Improve upon it and BAM! You will be seeing good result. Focus is very important online. If you are not focused, you can miss out. There is so much information out there that you can be overloaded with information. A lot of the information out there is also crap. Just get one person who is doing well, follow them and copy them.

Was this post helpful? Leave your comments. What do you think I left out? I will be happy to hear from you

Succeeding Online Requires Only one Thing

People Don’t Succeed Online Because They Do too Many Things

When I started online, I did many things. I was wondering why I was not gettting any results. No optins to my capture pages, nothing. Zero! I was concerned about the look of my blog, I was concerned about what plug in I did not have, etc. Reading posts about doing a business online showed me a thousand and one trick. Every body was showing you how to become a millionaire online without lifting a finger. True, this is appealing to the masses. You get to buy their product or opportunity only to realize that you still have not made a dime. Some of those products were good, a lot of them were garbage.

How I made My Discovery

I got the magnetic sponsoring course which showed how to get targeted leads to your opportunity. It was a basic MLM lead generation and recruiting course. The course said that you could actually generate an endless list of leads flocking to your opportunity with credit card in hand. This was appealing. In purchasing the course, I discovered what truly was making the leaders successful and all other people failing. Since then, I have had scores of people optin to my squeeze pages. When I discovered this principle, I made my first sale online. My first sale was returned, but I had found the thing that makes you succeed online – SELLING.

How I made my first sale online

This is how I made my first sale. I made a friend on facebook who had a challenge marketing her home business. I shared the principles of attraction marketing with her and how she did not have to be spammy. She needed to give value to her prospects like I was giving her. After the discussion, I shared with her where I got my information. (This is how I get most of my leads). Within 24 hours, I had made a sale.

Knowing the truth will help you greatly.

  • There is no single opportunity that will make you money when you sit down and do nothing. Any such opportunity is a ponzi. Be suspicious of it.
  • Becoming successful online or in any business is all about selling.
  • Being successful online is not about having a large list. A large list is a great step to making more money though.

Blogging in itself will not make you money unless you sell.

Joining the best affiliate program would not make you money unless you sell the opportunity

No money is made unless a sale is made.

To be successful therefore, you must learn the art of selling.

You can however not be successful at selling if you do not care a hoot about your prospective client.

This is what you must do, connect with your prospect, know exactly what their needs are, and then help them. If you are selling an opportunity, let your prospect know exactly what your opportunity is, and help them along the way. Mind you, its a business you are building. Do not waste time on complainers and whiners. Teach your members exactly what you do to make each sale. Care about them. They joined you in the first place because they believed you could help them. If you really care about your clients, you will give them real help. When you do this, you are on your way to succeeding online. You do not need to be a guru or know it all. Just show this one person what you did that worked for you. When it works for them, they would show another and even mention you. You are on your way to becoming a star.

Where To Find Your Ideal Prospects

Position yourself where your prospects are looking for solutions eg forums, groups on facebook, yahoo groups, hangout on google,  you can also do Search Engine Markeing (SEM)  etc. Don’t just post your affiliate links there. That is spam. It is rude. Rather, join in the discussion and make intelligent contributions that solves people’s problem. They would naturally find you out. These are the best kind of leads. They are ready to buy. They make you successful.

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What is Your Number One Question About Blog or Blogging

What is Your Number One Question on Blogging

Before I started blogging, I had lofty ideas. I will make money in the shortest possible time. In fact, I was so anxious that unlike me, I did not take the time to learn enough. I got me a blog. This was disaster. After weeks of hard work, I was not seeing any results. I decided to do what I would normally do before I started any venture, THINK. Before I even thought about thinking, I had purchased many products. I am yet to see any product that was useless though (All the products I purchased have aided my thinking). There were many questions on my mind. Chief among this is how do I get started.

When I got started, I just exposed myself to one thousand and one questions about blogging. The truth is that for some of the things, if you are not taught, you will simply not know how to go about it.

I went through a lot of pains until I figured it out relating with some of the best brains online. I know that the questions I had when I started may be different from the questions you have now. Since you may be able to figure out some of the things by yourself, I have decided to make it easier for my readers. I am going to allow you access to ask the single most important problem regarding blogging that you want addressed. I am going to send the answers to your inbox.

Enter your name and email in the fields below to receive access to ask that all important question bothering your mind. Its free to do so. We respect your privacy.

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A Sad Story

If you ever knew of the great insurance sales man, R . U. Darby, you should also be familiar with his gold exploration escapade. Back in the 1800’s in the midst of the gold rush, R. U Darby and his uncle travelled from Maryland to Colorado to dig gold and get rich. They decided to stake a mining claim in Colorado. They were not lazy folks. They worked really hard. The sun smote their bare backs and their bodies produced heavy sweat. Once a while, each one would stop and wipe the sweat off his face. It was almost like their bodies were sprayed with water. See two men working with picks and shovels. They were determined to find gold and become wealthy.

GREAT NEWS!!! They found something.

After much toil, they found what they were looking for. They filled their cars with ore and sent it to the smelters to determine the gold content. The results showed that there was a lot of gold in the ore. This was what they had risked their lives for. They thought to themselves. We have to make this big time. Let us go and get heavy equipment so that we can mine the gold and grow rich. They covered up and went to tell their family about their find. They needed to raise the money to purchase these equipment. As you can imagine, the family members were thrilled at thought of owning what was going to become one of the richest gold mines in the States. You can also see that the money was easier to raise. Soon, they purchased the equipment they needed for their mining. They went back to Colorado to continue mining. The work went faster because the money made from their initial finds was great their desire to be rich got them to work harder and faster. They knew that if they made a few more loads, they would become very wealthy soon.
As they were digging and expecting to uncover more gold, something terrible happened. The gold VANISHED. No one could tell where it had gone. It disappeared. They had hope however. They continued digging trying to rediscover the missing vein which gave them their initial hope of wealth.

If you can see the opportunity, Don't give up too soon. Grab the Home business Opportunity
You Could Succeed at the End of the day


This time, their work did not pay off. At least, this went through their head.

With drooped heads showing their disappointment and discouragement, they packed their bags, sold their equipment for whatever money they could find and then moved back home. All their sweat and hard work had amounted to nothing. A junk man purchased the equipment and the field from them for peanuts.

This junk man was smart. He hired the services of a mining engineer to find out if the vein had disappeared for sure. The engineer predicted that, the gold is THREE FEET below where R. U Darby and his Uncle stopped digging.

For R. U Darby and His uncle, they lost an opportunity which they were sitting on.

Presently, there is a new wave… Is it a new wave? Well, many ordinary people are being made millionaires work from home or at home. Home based businesses give many ordinary people the opportunity to build the life of their dreams. Sadly however, the stats show that, over 95% of people fail or give up in their home business. The main reason why some people decided to join home business opportunities is the reason why they don’t start (More on this later). Some also give up too early just like Darby did. Are you one of these or do you know someone who thinks that building a business at home does not work? Have you given up because of the hurdles and challenges you faced? You could be JUST 3 FEET DEEP. Do what the smart Junk man did.

Have you ever lost an opportunity? Please share with us. Your own experience may help another person.