Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days

Here, you will find sure ways to make your blog famous in 30 days. The reason is simple.

If you write great content and have no readers, it is very painful especially if you put a lot of effort into building your blog and producing the content.

Don’t read further if you do not put a lot of effort into researching your posts because you will do more harm to your own brand than good if you get all the visibility.

If you write quality content worth sharing, then this post will show you how to make your blog famous in the next 30 days.

This post may be your AHA moment! What I want you to do is to pick just one or two methods at most and master it (them) before you go on to adopt the other means. 2 steps to make your blog famous

Why You Need to Enhance Your Website’s Visibility and blog traffic

What use is a great website that does not get read? Of what use is winking to a girl you like in the dark?

If you want to get your message across, then you need people to see your website and your message.

If you have battled to get quality traffic or make your website visible, I will share in this post, a few ways you can improve your website’s visibility and drive massive numbers of unique visitors to your blog in 30 days even if you are not an SEO guru.

Before we go on to sharing how you can enhance the visibility of your website, I will like to tell you a story to help you relate properly to the ways of making your website visible.

We were about five hundred students in my basic school.

Out of the five hundred students, forty-eight were in my class. Some members of my class were more popular than others.

Everybody knew Afi Gidiglo because she was very fair and was identified by a chocolate-brown pinafore worn over her yellow polyester uniform.

Her uniform was unique. Senyo Ahiaba was known but for entirely different reasons.

He was the storyteller. Almost everybody on campus labelled Senyo as the one hour story-teller.

His stories were so captivating and long.

He would be called to tell stories in different classes when it was entertainment or story telling time in the school.

There were some people who were not so popular.

For example Michael Ajatey or Lawe Doris were in my class but they were hardly known outside the class.

I was not very popular in school.

To become known by my teachers and other students, I decided to do something drastic.

More about that later….

Right now, what I need you to do is to Compare Your Website’s Visibility to the People in My Class. According to the world wide web daily stats,

The Indexed Web has at least 2.96 billion pages (Wednesday, 06 November, 2013).

The Dutch Indexed Web has at least 214.08 million pages (Wednesday, 06 November, 2013).

The sheer volume of available sites and the clutter can easily make your site go unnoticed. If you want to play the google SEO game however, good luck.

You can meet your goals of driving traffic to your blog without knowing anything about SEO.

After following all the steps in this piece and mastering one method or two at most however, you can easily drive in excess of 3,270 readers to each blog post and gain a good SEO score at the end.

There is hope for you.

You remember Senyo? He was a good story-teller. What about Afi?

I am sure you can almost see where I am getting at. If your site remains like Doris and Michael, it will be lost in oblivion.

How to Make Your Blog Famous blog in 30 days


Make your blog famous by syndicating your content in social community network sites.

  • We all know that quality content is king. Quality is however what the users of your site think it to be, NOT what you think.

    If your readers like it and rate it, it gets more authority.

    You will also tend to build your subscriber base from the visitors who visit your site from here.

    This is how it works, Sign up for the social community site.The users of this site rate your content.

    Participate in the sites if you want to be succesful. Then you submit a link for voting or rating.

    There is always a link back to your site.

    This is good good for SEO link juice plus, you get people to see your blog or website.

    You will be killing two birds with the same stone.Some social community sites for content syndication are.

    places to syndicate content for traffic

    Further Resources

  • You need to write out a list of the top blogs in your niche that command massive traffic or readership.

    One thing you also need to look out for is the level of engagement of the author with those who comment of the posts.

    When you comment on these blog posts, you put your brand before all the readers of that particular post.

    This is where a lot of people kill their brands and businesses.

    It is common place to see backlink loving opportunists make comments such as

    “great post”,

    ” I really love this post” etc

    and expect to drive traffic with these shabby comments to their blogs.If you are the kind, you better kill the dream of building a famous blog or you have to change for the better.

    What you do not know is that by doing that, you are actually killing your own brand.

    There is a right way to comment on blogs and a wrong way to comment on blogs.

    Just so you do not do damage to your brand, the next time you want to comment on a blog, you have to make sure you have read the post and have something valuable to say.

    If the post is great, say why you think it is.

    If the writer leaves out a useful point, draw his attention and state how the omitted point could help the blog readers – BAM.

    If you are the first 5 to make such a valuable comment, you can get at least 10 to 20 people check out your profile immediately they read the post because they see that you have added value to them by your comments.

    They will eventually end up on your blog and subscribe if you have great content there. Blog commenting the right wayBlog commenting does two things for your blog.

    The first one is that when done well, it gives your blog visibility and establishes your authority quickly.

    The next is that, blog commenting can also provide you some link juice from high “do follow” PR sites.

    You may not be an SEO but in the long run, you would have so many useful backlinks that will increase your blog’s authority hence your blog’s Page rankings.

    SEO should be seen as a long term measure of obtaining readers.

    While following these steps, you may not need to think so much about SEO links.

    Top blogs with High PR and massive traffic where you can comment for visibility and do follow links include the following

  • You may also find dofollow blogs for your blog commenting.

    All you have to do is to type your keyword and then choose the kind of blog you want to get link juice from using

    I gleaned this information from probloggertricks.

    I thought it was great for you to know if you take link building with blog commenting seriously.

    You can comment on .edu blogs, .gov blogs, commentluv blogs etc.

    Further Resources

 Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days By Commenting in Active Forums

  • Active forums are a great way to drive traffic to your posts.

    Just like blog commenting, commenting in forums can do two things for you.

    They can give your post visibility and at the same time some link juice.

    What you will want to do in a forum is to make sure your contribution in the forum adds value to the subject under discussion.

    People are always seeking out for those who helped them solve their problems.

    I will list a few high trafficked sites where you can engage in the discussion or start one and then get droves of traffic to your site by making use of your signature.Head over to and see how I use my signature in the traffic and conversion room.

  • A short while after you start blogging, you will soon realize that there is nothing like traffic.

    Everything called traffic is actually real human beings who visit your site and read your posts.

    The truth is that, you can not start off and get a thousand people reading your posts immediately.

    The reason is simple. You are not known.

    Secondly, readers don’t trust you enough to share your posts.

    When a great blogger with awesome influence like Neil Patel announces you, immediately, you get credibility overnight.

    To leverage their credibility, you will need to reach out to other influential bloggers who have a large following.

    You can ask them to help you by sharing your content with their followers.Keep the rules!!!

    Before you ask an established blogger to share your post with their readers or followers, make sure your content is well researched and of high quality in the first place.

    Most established bloggers with reach will usually share a post you have written about them if they realize that your posts promotes their brand positively in a particular way.

    Research what you can do to help them.

    Psychologically, all human beings are likely to return favours done them.

    While you are asking the favour, also find out what you can do presently to help.

    State your willingness to help if there is the need in the future.

    Some useful tools to help you find bloggers with reach or influence who also create a lot of buzz with their content are

    two men shaking hands photo: two men shaking hands j0439597.png Further Resources

  • Never underestimate what your friends and family can do for you.

    Each of your friends or family members have their own network of friends.

    A simple call to ask them to share your post will do.

    Tell them you recently started a website (wrote a post) for your business and would be glad if they could assist you.

    Usually, friends will want your business to succeed.

    When you start off your lines this way, the first thing they would think about is that you need money to boost your business.When you tell them that all you want is for them to share your blog with their network of friends and ask their best friends to also share with those they consider as best friends, this can set up the growth of your readership base.

    You may come up with a sample draft for them to send to their friends. For example,

    • Charley how?

    Do you know my friend Eyram?
    He recently started a website to promote his business and needs 1000 eyes to see it.
    But I am only one of the few friends he has.
    He needs to win his competition and all the help I can give him is to share his post.
    I have read the post and it is great. I left my comment.
    You can find my post and comments on Eyram’s website.

    Please read the post too and leave your comments and share it.
    Eyram has been good to me and I will be really glad if you can
    do me this favour so he achieves his aim.
    Please send this post to your network of friends after you have left your comments.
    If Eyram wins, I will be so happy.

    Remember to ask your friends to leave their comments too ciao.

    Another sample could be (This is what you send to your friends)

    Friend’s Name,
    I am in a competition with several others who have so much money to spend on advertising.
    But I want to prove that, the chord of friendship is thicker than money.
    Kindly read the post I just put up, leave your comments and share
    the posts with 10 of your best friends and ask them to read, comment and share with 10
    of their best friends.
    It does not matter if they do not hold the views I share in this post.

    Tell them to share their views in the comments sections even if they disagree with the ideas I am trying to promote.
    I hope we can make a point to the world.
    Know that in any circumstance, I will always come through for you.
    All you have to do is ask.

    Let’s not break this chain. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP…

  • Further Resources

Whether you want to do SEO or use whatever method to boost the popularity of your blog or unique visitors to your blog, this post is increasingly clear that, you need to build relationships.

It is quality relationships that build links back for you.

It is the same relationships that get people to tweet your posts.

It is the network of relationships you have established that gets others to share whatever you have written.

Right now, you have to make a list of all the important people in your niche that you would want to have a relationship with, then come up with ingenious ways to contact them and start building these relationships.

You can share in the comments section some of the ways you hope to contact them so we brainstorm.

This could make your piece better…

You should always lead with value. Think more on what you can give than what you hope to get from your new contact.

If you give them great value, they will reciprocate by sending traffic to your site almost for free.

When you list the names of 100 influencers you want to contact, write out what you can do for each one of them.

In case you do not know what to give them, you can learn the tips that Derek Halpern shares in his popular posts , how to persuade for blog links .

The principles for getting links do not differ from getting any other favours from even people you do not know.

This post is just the beginning to get your blog famous.

Master one of the methods above. In the mean time, which of the strategies are you going to adopt and why?

Remember to add value to the readers with your comments to get your profile checked out.

The way to do things keep changing, but the principles are the same.

Identify the market with pain, provide your valuable solution.

To your blogging success…

Eyram Hlortsi



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  1. Martha says:

    That is very fascinating, You’re an excessively skilled blogger.

    I’ve joined your rss feed and stay up for seeking more of your
    great post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks

  2. Tom Crawford says:

    Hi Eyram,

    I appreciate the details that you have put into this blog post.

    You have listed a slew of methods to be noticed and to generate traffic, while also taking into account the importance of relationship building. I am currently employing a few of these methods, but need to implement others (so I know I have a way to go).

    I think it’s important to note how long the process takes. This is especially so, when running a full time business while blogging (for example I am freelance writer, and that is my priority).

    Did you use the exact process listed above to build up the traffic to your blog? And how many hours would such a process take you each day? I would be interested in hearing your answers.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your input. Like I said in the post, you need to master one method and then
      you can move on to build efficiency in the rest.

      To answer your question, I used the summary of every thing.

      ~Building strategic relationships~

      Anytime I want to use any of the methods, I ask myself, how
      do I connect with the mover on the platform.

      As I begin to communicate on a personal level with this influencer,
      people naturally check me out.

      The psychology is simple, if he is a friend to this big guy, then
      he certainly is big too.

      It takes time though. Rather than thinking about building a famous
      blog using all these methods, concentrate on building important

      I hope your question is answered.

      ~ Eyram ~

  3. Darrel says:

    It was really helpful thank you for sharing this. This sound so simple and very effective.

  4. Glad I was able to help Lance… Its amazing my response to your comment is this late. Sometimes there are mix ups you know… How is your business doing?

  5. I am glad I was able to help. Do you know any other person who could benefit from the knowledge I shared?

  6. Thanks so much. I will use some of the suggestions, as recommended. The points are really useful. Keep being you.

  7. Opsson says:

    Thanks for the great tips you have given.

  8. Lance Carlson says:

    So many useful references are just dropped in our laps thanks to you. Thank you so much I can't use them all but rest assured I will be using some of them.
    Thanks Eyram,


  9. Meet says:

    Nice article. This will help many new bloggers to achieve their goals.

  10. Maketta says:

    Hello Eyram,

    That was an excellent blog post! I really like how everything was explained so detailed. I do think that consistency is the key as well. I believe that’s why many people don’t make it it is because they lack consistency. This is definitely an ongoing process. You literally have to do something every single day. I, myself am still working towards getting traffic but I do see some results so it is coming. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • Eyram says:

      Hey Maketta,
      Thanks for stopping by. That is correct! You need to be consistent. I wish you all the best in driving traffic to your blog. Give me a shout anytime.

  11. Ti Roberts says:

    Hi Eyram,

    What an extremely useful and comprehensive article you’ve got here.

    The title is eye catching and very ambitious. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it takes a LOT of hard work.

    When I relaunched my blog, I managed to generate over 8k visitors in it’s first 30 days and nearly 20k visitors in my first 90 days. Those numbers are good but I tell ya’ I worked my butt off for it. :)

    This guide you put together is a great one and it seems like you really did your research and put the time in to give your readers as much value as possible to help them reach “super blogger” status.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this and share it with us. I’m glad to have stumbled across your profile over on BizSugar. This is an awesome post and it def deserves to get more eyeballs on it, so I’ll be sure to share it with my social circle and submit it to BizSugar for you.

    Hope to see more of you around there soon. :)


    P.S. The little girl in your banner picture is beautiful! Is she your daughter?

    • Eyram says:

      Hey Ti,
      I check your blog. It was amazing. Congratulations of your feat after relaunching your blog.

      Now to the substance, it takes really hard work to build a famous blog. And really, it is possible. Adrienne because of the various promotional platforms we have today.

      Will meet you at Bizsugar to discuss it.

  12. Adrienne says:

    Hi Eyram,

    Huh, famous in only 30 days! I’d love to see someone do this, I’ve never been able to accomplish this. It took me more like four months just to get on people’s radar. Of course when I set out to do this it was early 2011 and they don’t have a lot of the sites then that they do now.

    You do have to promote the heck out of your post though but as you know you have to build relationships with people too so that you’ll stand out. Just putting your blog post on a site and expecting results is not going to happen today I’m afraid.

    You’ve shared a lot of great tips though and I don’t even do all of these. I’m also no Neil Patel or Darren Rowse either but I do okay. If they were to mention something about you then yeah, that will definitely draw some attention for sure.

    Great share and I hope that people will realize that it takes some work to really get your blog noticed but to me it’s so worth it.

    Have a great week.


    • Eyram says:

      Hello Adrienne,
      Great to have you here. I really enjoyed the first post on your site which stated that your greatest asset is your audience.

      The aim of this post is to show the available options of getting your blog noticed. Definitely, it takes a lot of work. With other advertising channels like facebook sponsored stories, the work of blog promotion has become easier.

      But I agree with you. It takes works. A lot of hard work.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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  2. says:

    How to make your blog famous in 30 days – Internet marketing guide

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