Genuine Ways to Make Money Online From Home in 2014

A list of methods to earn extra income online

Given the economic forecasts for 2014  it will become necessary for households to find alternative sources of extra income to supplement their existing incomes. This is the reason why I have decided to share the genuine ways to make extra income from home online in the year 2014. Truth is, most of these ways are already known however, their importance will increase.

You can make money online by selling. You could be selling services, skills, physical or e-products.

I will classify the things you can sell so that you will gain an insight into how you can make money from home with each of these methods.

Make Money Online with Domain Names

Online entrepreneurs will become more savvy in 2014. They will park off domains they are not using to earn some extra cash. This will not be a major source of income for business builders though. It should hopefully take care of the cost of maintaining the domain and other little expenses. The means to earn off domains will be

  • Domain Flipping
  • Domain Parking

Domain Flippling

You may want to buy and sell off domains or websites hosted on these domains. This is called domain flipping.

Domain Parking

You may also want to park domains you are not currently using for advertising income. This is how it works, you submit your domain to a domain registrar that offers the domain parking service so that they can place ads on the domain. Sometimes, there is the need to register variations of your domain name to protect your brand. You may not want these domains to go live on the internet. You can park these domains and earn off the advertising that the registrars run on these domains.

Start Blogging to Make Money From Home Online in 2014

Blogging is expected to get very popular in 2014. Blogging in itself cannot make you money. You only make money blogging by the services or products that your blog helps you to sell. To make money from your blog in the new year, you can sell advertising spaces. You can also sell your own products. Your blog brands YOU and SHOULD present you as a credible person to do business with.

Sell You Special Skill as a Freelancer

Freelancing is expected to get popular in 2014. If you have special skills, you can make money by selling your expertise as a freelancer.

Popular Freelance jobs will include
– programing
– SEO (You can sell SEO services)
– Graphic design
– Writing
– Translation services
– Customer service etc
– Mobile App Development etc

The popular places where you can list your skills to get clients include;

  • elance
  • mturk
  • odesk
  • fiverr
  • FreeLance
  • iwriter
  • people per hour
  • Freelancer

Make Money from home with Affiliate marketing

Perhaps the most popular means to make money online in 2014 is expected to be affiliate marketing. Many people will see affiliate marketing as an escape route to their rat race. It is important however for affiliates to be truthful with their clients because, people coming online are becoming wiser.

Affiliate marketing means you sell other peoples products and get paid. If you read the ultimate guide to make money online, you will notice that, you need a product or service to sell.  You cannot make money until you have made a sale.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a product. You can be selling other people’s products for commissions while you are putting your product together.

Many online entrepreneurs make their major income from affiliate commissions.

There are two types of affiliate programs.
•    One type requires you to register for free and offers you the opportunity to promote other people’s products.
•    The other type of affiliate programs requires that you register at a cost to promote products on these platforms.

Affiliate Programs that you can join for FREE include
-Amazon Associates
-Apple Affiliate Program
-Commission Junction

CPA Affiliate Marketing

Genuine Affiliate Programs that require you pay or buy products to qualify as affiliate
-My Lead System Pro
-Elite Marketing Pro
-The Renegade System
-Carbon Copy Pro
-The six figure mentors
-Pure Leverage

One thing about affiliate programs listed above is that, they teach you to market the products they have on sale. You need the skills they teach especially if you are starting off online.

Make Money from home by contributing to Revenue Sharing Sites

When you contribute content to revenue sharing sites, they ran advertisement on your content. The income generated by running these adverts is shared between you and the site owners at a predetermined ratio. Established revenue sharing sites where you can make money include;
-Youtube Partners
-Yahoo Contributor Networks

Make money with from home online with Email marketing

Even though email marketing will still be the single most important asset of an online business builder in 2014, it is expected that, you blend your email marketing efforts with mobile marketing for optimal results.

– Your email list is your internet real estate. Build it and then sell useful things to your list at will.

Read The Sin of internet marketers

Video Marketing

Video marketing will overtake blogging. The most effective means to make money with video marketing will be to tie it together with your blog marketing as well as your social media marketing.

Video marketing helps you to make money by selling your products using video. This in my opinion will become the most popular of all the make money methods.

I advice however that you do not just jump to it. If you are already online, stick to what is presently working for you. There is a reason why people buy. There are triggers that make them buy. Find the reason and use the triggers in which ever method you take.
Do not follow after the next shiny object.
The video below shows you the steps to take to make money with youtube.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest, etc will increase in importance. You must integrate them into your selling process to ensure that you make money.


Question and Answer Sites

You know something. Join question and answer sites. Answer questions you can and get paid. To do well, play in areas where you have expertise.


Make Money with E-commerce online shop

You can set up an e-commerce site to sell products. E-commerce sites will increase in importance. Sites like,,, are examples of ecommerce sites. Many more ecommerce sites will spring up. Will the next one be yours?


Outsource Project and Keep the Profit

You can take orders at a price, outsource these projects to places like elance or odesk. Keep the margin as your profit.

Product sales

Create your own products and sell them online for some bucks.


Online teaching /Coaching Services

You can ran an online tutorial site where you teach students to do their homework. You can also teach any topic you are well versed in. Your prospective students will pay to enroll on your course.

Advertise on Your Sites

Allow advertising on your website. You must make sure your site receive good traffic before you sign up for advertising. Google adsense will increase in popularity. Other advertising will also become paramount in the coming year.

Rent your list

I don’t foresee email renting increasing in popularity even though you can still rent your list to another business builder in your niche. You do this by accepting to send an email to your list. The email in your list will contain the link of your client who is renting the list.

Paid Product reviews

You can write product and company reviews for money. Some firms want to create an online awareness. They will be willing to pay for this advertising. This means of earning online will increase marginally. Example of sites that offer paid reviews include

Sponsored stories

You can allow other bloggers to send out information on your site announcing their site, program or product in exchange for money. The story being sponsored should be in your niche. You need great traffic to offer optimal value to advertisers in this regard.

Sell items on other people’s sites – on Ebay, Amazon etc
You can sell your own items like e-books or physical items by listing them on sites such as Amazon or ebay.
You can sell hand crafted items on Etsy.

Paid Surveys

You can take paid surveys. Even though this means of earning income online will see some new entrants, they will not gain increased popularity unless something dramatic happens.
Paid Survey sites include


Create a Membership Site That Requires Subscription


Make Money with Wikipedia

You can edit company projects on wikipedia for a fee. This is a less known method of making money online. Editing projects for companies can be exacting.


Helpful Resources
Over 200 Ways to Make Money Online

If you want to choose any of the methods to earn income online above, I will advice that you choose a method that has the potential of providing you with time freedom as well as financial freedom. By this, I mean you should be able to make money without trading time for it.

Let me know if you need help. What are your thoughts? I will be happy to read your comments.



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  1. Mary says:

    thanks alot for this useful article , am really interested to Make Money Online ….. so what is the best way to make more money online ?

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    This article is actually a nice one it helps new internet users, who are wishing for blogging.

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    hello sir there are many useful things in your article i will pick up some methods of online making money. thanks for this article.

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  5. Mayura says:

    Hi Eyram,

    Very interesting topic and you have covered many aspects on earning / monetizing :) Actually I didn’t know few such as Wikipedia and domain flipping.

    While being a freelancer, now I’m kinda getting into advertising and affiliate marketing too. I’m glad to come across this post to know about more monetizing opportunities :)

    You have a fabulous week mate!


  6. Hello,

    You’ve covered almost all the methods to earn money online easily. Freelancing is indeed a wonderful way to make money online and get paid in a short time.

    Thanks for sharing.


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