What Is The Best Cloudways Hosting Plan To Choose As A Beginner?

Choosing Best Cloudways Hosting Plan

If you are a beginner in blogging then you will surely face any problem in selecting what is the right service to choose from the market. It is very important to choose the best service in order to succeed in blogging.

As a beginner, you don’t have sufficient knowledge in the blogging field and this leads to failure in blogging. every day hundreds of website are created and only a few of them becomes successful, so it is necessary to know which service would be best for the blog.

Choosing Best Cloudways Hosting Plan

Worry not because, in this article, I am going to tell you the best web hosting plan which is the ideal choice for beginners.

Why It Is Important To Choose The Best?

This question is very common to come in mind as to why it is important to choose the best service for the overall success of the blog.

Why pay more when you can get it for free. This is the thinking of every new blogger as to why to pay more money for the best services when there are free services available in the market.

Sure the free service seems the best deal but there is always a catch in the word “free”. The free service comes with lots of hidden drawbacks. If you are using the free web hosting then in the start you will feel like you have saved a lot of money in starting the blog but later you will realize that this free service is the worst choice you can make.

Because the free services come with the limitation which limits the growth of the blog and it hinders the blog’s success. For example, if you choose the free web hosting to host the blog then it will work fine for 1 week and then it will start showing the real face. The free hosting will crash down many times in a day and will hardly benefit from getting traffic.

The research shows that the slow loading of the blog plays the biggest role in the success of a blog as the more amount of traffic a website will hit that blog will only get a higher conversion rate.

So it is better to start with the best service which will boost the performance and the chance of success in the blogging field.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Cloudways web hosting which is the best web hosting provider in 2019.

However, you will be stuck at the time of choosing the Cloudways plan. Every web hosting provider has many different types of plans based on the usage of the blog. this can be hard to identify what is the best plan to choose as the beginner as the plan comes with different service with different prices so it is better to choose the best plan in order to save money.

Which Plan Is Best For Beginners?

It is very simple to identify the best plan for beginners. This can be understood as at the start of the blog is very less likely to get huge traffic and also the size of the blog would be very less as compared to the advanced blogs.

So it is better to choose the most basic plan of the Cloudways as the usage of your blog would be not higher and so it will only require less bandwidth and storage space. Normally Cloudways costs a lot of money for each plan but you can save money and get discount on any Cloudways Hosting using this exclusive Cloudways Promo Code published over this site here.

Best Cloudways Plan For Beginners

Cloudways has many different types of plan ranges from basic to advanced. the best plan will be the basic plan for beginners as it has more than enough usage limit for the new blog and will fulfill all the requirements of the blog without slowing down the blog.

Basic Plan Features

1. 1TB Bandwidth

In the basic plan of Cloudways, you are getting 1TB bandwidth which is very hard to find in the market as most of the company will provide unlimited but it will not be fully unlimited bandwidth but Cloudways offers 1TB bandwidth in the basic plan and this much limit is more than enough for the blog.

2. 25GB SSD Storage

It is quite amazing that Cloudways offers SSD drives to save the blog and these drives will improve the blog’s speed by 3x and the plan offers 25GB storage space in the server to work with and I assure you that it is sufficient for any new blog.

3. Free SSL

In Cloudways you will get amazing free services which are totally value for money for beginners and have a great chance of saving a lot of money on these services. one of them is the SSL certificate, it is being provided for free in the Cloudways basic plan. You will save money on the certificate as this is a bit expensive for beginners.

4. Cloudways CDN

In this hosting, you will not have to worry about the speed of the blog as it has many methods to increase the speed of its services like CloudwaysCND which is used to cut the traffic load in the main server and servers shortest path for data to reach to the users which leads to faster load time.

5. Free Site Migration

As the basic plan is best when your blog will be new as the blog will start getting more traffic and usage then it will become necessary to shift to the higher plan as to keep the blog working fine. So in Cloudways, you don’t have to pay any kind of migration fee to shift your blog from basic server to higher server, it is completely free of cost and it is very easy to do. To migrate you just have to tell the team to do it and then the blog will be migrated within 1 day.

Final Thoughts

If you are really serious about blogging then it is better to go with the Cloudways basic plan when you are a beginner and it is also best for professional bloggers.

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