How to Prospect for Network Marketing

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If you just keyed in how to prospect for network marketing, chances are that you want to give your network marketing business a boost by finding potential customers. This piece is one of several in the series that will serve as a prospecting guide in your efforts to learn what to do and what not to do when you are prospecting. The journey to attracting the right kind of prospect starts from your mind. Your mind frame will determine whether you will attract or generate quality prospects or wishy washy leads. Keep abreast with hot topics especially those in your industry, this will help you sustain valuable conversations for longer Define your role in the prospecting process. You are supposed to gather information that will help you know your prospect. The information gathered will aid you to qualify the prospects. You will know first-hand whether this is a prospect you […] Read more »

Am Stuck… I Your Help!

On Sunday, 27th July 2014, my sweetheart, Esenam and I would have clocked 1 year after tying the knot. I have a Chinese restaurant is on the itinerary but as to which one, we would tell based on the city we decide to catch fun in. My JEWEL loves good Chinese! We will both be in Ghana then and I am planning to take her out that day in a-me-and- you only kind of outing where we can get intimate and enjoy ourselves without any form of distractions. My jewel, Esenam enjoys sight-seeing and some adverture. A number of places I would love to take her to come to mind. My problem is that, I have only 24hours in the day to make her touch the skies like she did a year ago. Given this time constraint, I can’t go to all the places on my mind. I need your […] Read more »

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

What is the easiest way to make money online? Is it affiliate marketing, information marketing, product launching, filling of survey forms? The answer will surprisingly shock you. It is not actually what you may be expecting. Let me start off by saying that, you can start an online business easily, without heavy capital requirement or risks associated with starting an offline business even though online businesses have proven to be very profitable and lifestyle supporting. You should probably consider starting an online business too. If you are like many people, you would want to know which one is the easiest way to make money online. I have addressed this concern in today’s post. Read on. I have seen people promote their affiliate marketing businesses as the easiest way to make money online. Some people have even said that, if you did not make money with their affiliate marketing program, you […] Read more »

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Looks like you already entered your information into this website. If you don’t get my emails, I will encourage you to look inside your spam folder, click on the confirmation link I sent you and mark my message as “NOT SPAM” This is the only way you can continue getting my messages. I don’t know why the  message I send to you will get there anyway. If you see any of my emails, make sure you whitelist my email address or add my email to your contact list. This way, you will not miss my trainings any more. If you are receiving my emails, great. I hope you are reading the training and resource materials I send to you. You will not profit in anyway if you don’t apply what you learn. Please use every nugget you learn from me. I want to share in your success story. What other thing interests you? […] Read more »

Good Choice – You Confirmed Your Details

From : Eyram   Thanks for Confirming Your Email Address. I must say that, your decision to start your journey to earning part time income to supplement or even replace your current income with the “JESECONS Part-Time Income E-Course” is the right decision. I just sent you an email that contains a link to your first lesson. Your first lesson deals with what you need if you are serious about leveraging the internet to make money from home. It will also give you an overview of what the entire course entails. My goal is to share in your success story if you ever dream of making money from home either on a part time or a full-time basis. The lessons will be as interactive as possible. You can ask all your questions here. Make sure you take part in the exercise. I will review as many of your comments as […] Read more »

Lesson 1- Why Do You Want to Make Money Online

This is your first lesson in this  Make Money Online course series so it will be brief. This is What You Need For Your First Lesson to Make Money Online A NEW notebook. Name it My Book of Business. If you don’t have one, get it. (To ensure that you have bought this note book, I will ask you to take a picture of this book in future and post it in a private online group I will be adding serious students in this course to. You will also be required to take pictures of selected topics in this series and posting same in the group. Make sure you keep your “My Book of Business“ handy because you don’t know what keeping it handy will bring your way). In the book i.e your “My Book of Business”, you will take notes and write out action steps with timelines as well […] Read more »

Here Is You Copy of Jesecons Guide to Make Money Online

Thank you for requesting JESECONS’ Guide to Make Money online.   Many people have failed at internet marketing. The reason is simple. No one showed them the steps to take to succeed In JESECONS’ guide to make money online, you are taking from one stage to the other. The mystery has been unraveled and the steps have been  clearly shown. Get your free copy today.   Click on the Button below to get your copy of the book for free Remember to refer your friends to to download their own copy after you enjoy this book. Read more »

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online

If you just searched the fastest way to make money online, you are probably looking for money desperately and in need to know how you can leverage the internet to make money online now. I will tell you which is a faster way to make money online; whether it is affiliate marketing, info marketing, email marketing or any of the other ways to make money online. But let me warn you. If you are desperate to make money now and have turned to the internet for solutions, you stand the risk of wasting the little money you presently have without making a dime. So keep your wallet for now and read this post to the end. I will tell you which methods are quickest. But first, let me give you 2 reasons for the strong warning I just gave. There are a lot of scam artists on the internet whose […] Read more »

30 Plus 4 Ways to Ensure You Never Ran Out Of Content Ideas Like My Tap Did This Morning

When you desperately need to come up with content ideas or topics for your blog, your brain sometimes go blank. Nothing comes to your mind. It can get very frustrating when you find yourself in this state. This is the reason why many blogs get abandoned. The writers can not keep up with coming up with new content anymore. Their stream of content ideas dry up. Just to let you into my bathroom first. Before I decided to write on this topic, I was taking a shower all n****d. Suddenly, the tap stopped flowing. I still had a soapy foam in my face, the situation was not pleasant at all. While my wife was organizing some water for me (solving writer’s block), everything came together. The feeling is like the one I have had in the past when trying to come up with content ideas. The constantly flowing tap is […] Read more »

The Pleasure and Pain of Your Job Employment Offer

You just secured the job employment opportunity of your dream. Here comes the problem! According to the its workplace shift index, Deloitte states that, 80% of all workers are unhappy at their current place of employment. What an irony? This is particularly so when you see how people celebrate when they secure new employment opportunities. Sometime ago, I spent a lot of time at the Victoria Island in Lagos. I saw a lot of well dressed young men and ladies entering offices and coming out. I will speak about one particular young man because the scenario still plays out in my mind’s eye. He was taller than the average Nigerian. He looked very dignified. In his right hand, he carefully held his file. You know these “my clear bag” kind of files? That’s what he was holding. When he got closer to me, I noticed the sweat on his face. […] Read more »