30 Plus 4 Ways to Ensure You Never Ran Out Of Content Ideas Like My Tap Did This Morning

When you desperately need to come up with content ideas or topics for your blog, your brain sometimes go blank. Nothing comes to your mind. It can get very frustrating when you find yourself in this state. This is the reason why many blogs get abandoned. The writers can not keep up with coming up with new content anymore. Their stream of content ideas dry up. Just to let you into my bathroom first. Before I decided to write on this topic, I was taking a shower all n****d. Suddenly, the tap stopped flowing. I still had a soapy foam in my face, the situation was not pleasant at all. While my wife was organizing some water for me (solving writer’s block), everything came together. The feeling is like the one I have had in the past when trying to come up with content ideas. The constantly flowing tap is […] Read more »

The Pleasure and Pain of Your Job Employment Offer

You just secured the job employment opportunity of your dream. Here comes the problem! According to the its workplace shift index, Deloitte states that, 80% of all workers are unhappy at their current place of employment. What an irony? This is particularly so when you see how people celebrate when they secure new employment opportunities. Sometime ago, I spent a lot of time at the Victoria Island in Lagos. I saw a lot of well dressed young men and ladies entering offices and coming out. I will speak about one particular young man because the scenario still plays out in my mind’s eye. He was taller than the average Nigerian. He looked very dignified. In his right hand, he carefully held his file. You know these “my clear bag” kind of files? That’s what he was holding. When he got closer to me, I noticed the sweat on his face. […] Read more »

The Zahet Blog Commenting Guide

The ZAHET blog commenting guide was developed by studying how top bloggers employed blog commenting to achieve various goals by leaving blog comments. These bloggers have been traced on a series of blogs where they leave comments. While I will not use this post to show snap shots of a lot of comments, the aim here is to share the best practices each of the bloggers employ. From this post, you will also see how how they use commenting effectively. Just check out what Donna Merrill, a popular blogger says about Adrienne Smith Surprisingly, these bloggers by their great commenting skills probably did not know that they were defining what has now been put together as the ZAHET blog commenting guide. This could serve as your basic blog commenting guide. If you want to use blog commenting to attain your blogging goals, you have to follow the principles in the […] Read more »

Facebook Acquires Whatsapp – How it Affects You

My guys, this is no joke… There are serious implications for the Nigerian as well as global users of whatsapp as facebook acquires whatsapp. We will undress the transaction and look at the implications of this acquisition both for the Nigerian users of the whatsapp service as well as bloggers who want to take their blogging business to the next level. What facebook shared in their newsroom about acquiring whatsapp for $19B is no longer news. However, because the implications are far reaching, let us consider them here. The question is, what are the prospects of this proposed acquisition and how would it impact users of the whatsapp services. Just for those who did not follow the details of the proposed acquisition, whatsapp has some interesting statistics. In individual countries some services may be popular than whatsapp. On a global scale however, whatsapp is clearly the leader. See how whatsapp […] Read more »

A Few Changes You Will See Over Here

Soon, I will be adding the google plus commenting system here on my blog. This is a forward looking change to enhance the experience of my users My wordpress commenting form may be leaving shortly. Just as change is not easy to adopt, I know that a few people would not be happy. Please bear with me for any inconvenience caused. Remember to add me to your google plus circles. I am loving the game over there Enjoy. No related posts. Read more »

Facebook Fraud – Would You Still Put Your Money to Facebook Ads Seeing This

Is facebook delivering fake clicks? Then how did this scientist come about this facebook Fraud thing? If facebook is delivering fake clicks and likes just like con men on fiverr using bots, then something is seriously up. They may loose the advertising war to google. Should you still consider using facebook advertisement? I was on content marketing and social media site community forum on google plus discussing the issue Facebook is an effective tool for increasing your reach? The discussion sent me to watch a video titled Facebook Fraud. The video was made by Veritasium, a popular youtube science channel. Their research revealed some disturbing facts that should concern anyone trying to build their business with facebook ads. You can watch the 9minutes video below. Now I want to know your thoughts on this subject. Should one still use facebook advertisement to promote his/her business? Why Related posts: Facebook is […] Read more »

Help – What Do You Advise on This

  I need your help to make a decision. I want to promote one of my posts massively. I am stuck as to which post to promote. Personally, there are a number of posts on my mind Make Money Online – The Ultimate Guide How to Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days Increase Blog Traffic A Safer Way to Retire Own Your Life – Part 3 How to Make Money online if you are new Which of the posts above did you find more useful? Which post do you advise I promote massively and why? Please share this post with others to see what help they can give me. I will go along with the most popular suggestion and come up with a post mentioning all all the people who helped me decide in this crucial moments. I really will welcome your advice. No related posts. Read more »

How to Make Money Online if You are New – My Experience

How to Make Money Online WITHOUT FAKING IT Even if You Never Made Any Money Online I was reading 4 Ways to Fake and Succeed Online online by Enstine Muki. In Enstine’s post, he exposes how people use fake testimonials, fake income proofs as well as fake claims to in their bid to make money. If you want to make genuine money online, you have to beware of the programs you join or subscribe to. Warning! Do not move just by these claims. The programs may be fake just as the claims are. Read More How to tell a fraudulent Online Business This post is a tribute to Angela Morris. She was the reason why I made my first ever sale online. She started it all. She is the reason why I can give you hope, and show you that you can make money online by following exactly the steps […] Read more »

How to Build A Relationship with Your List

You must learn how to build a relationship with your list if you want to be in business for a long time. Your list can be your atm if you know how to relate with them. Important note – If you do not make a sale, you will not make money online. You need to build trust to make a sale. Some good marketers also tell you that you need to make a sale to build trust. If you need to make a sale to build trust, then a lot of newbies are doomed to not making any money online. There is a way to go round this headache. You can leverage the credibility of a marketer who is already established or you can choose to earn your credibility by doing a great deal of research and promoting your idea. Before I go on, let me quote a popular marketing […] Read more »

Online Business Scams – How to Spot Them

If you ever dream of taking an opportunity to make money online, you have to know how to tell a genuine online business from an online business scam. My aim is to give provide you with guidelines to help you identify genuine home business opportunities from online business opportunity scams. Even though I emphasize on online business opportunities, the criteria can also be used to determine whether offline money making ways are genuine or not. Guidelines to Check Whether an Online Opportunity is Genuine What Value is the Business Opportunity Bringing to the Market Place If the business opportunity has no products that brings value to its users, keep off. This is by far the most important scam check. When the business has a product, ask questions along these lines; Can someone buy the product without buying the business opportunity? If no, keep off. The business opportunity may just be […] Read more »