Would You Have Done the Same?

picture of a dejected man who was scammedNo matter what gets happens or what amount of information is available, people always get scammed online or offline. Scamming works based on human psychology. The principles do not differ. In this post, I am going to share a story about a man who got scammed. Then I will ask you to analyze the various reasons to help other unsuspecting potential victims.

I don’t understand why he entered the deal in the first place but wouldn’t you have done the same?

Kojo received a call from an old friend. He could not make this friend out. However, the guy told Kojo that, they met in Kojo’s church a long time back.

This resurfaced old friend proceeded to tell Kojo that, the reason why he was calling him was because there was a white man who was looking for a business partner.

This white man’s company manufactured computer parts. They used silicon in their production process.

Unfortunately, the Alhaji who was supplying the white man’s company died recently and so the white man called him to find out whether he could find him another supplier.

According to Kojo’s friend, whiles he was chatting with the white man, Kojo’s name came to mind. This is when he ransacked his diary for Kojo’s number. He needed to inform Kojo before he gives his number to the white man.

He told Kojo he knows where the Alhaji buys the Silicon to supply. If only Kojo gives him the go ahead to give his number to the white man, he would also show Kojo where they buy the silicon in Abeokuta.

The profit margin was very appealing so, Kojo consented that his number be given to the white man.

He showed Kojo where the Alhaji was buying the Silicon in Abeokuta to supply the white man’s company.

Later that evening, a white man called Kojo with a Belgian number. He introduced himself and asked Kojo whether he could help provide him with silicon for his plant in the US. Kojo answered in the affirmative.

The white man said he was coming to Lagos that night for a business meeting the next day and would be staying for 2days. To ensure that they build a good business relationship, he had to see samples of the first consignment before he travels back to Belgium.

He gave an address of the Hotel he would be lodging at and the room he had reserved.

Kojo, equipped with the address his friend gave him, travelled to Abeokuta.

He located the address his friend gave him and heaps of materials nicely packaged in the warehouse. He was told the items were silicon. He came back to Lagos, organised money and then went to pay for the items the next day.

Upon arriving Lagos, He called the friend who introduced him to the white man to witness the transaction. The guy’s phone was off.

Then he called the white man who now was communicating with him with a Nigerian number to inform him that he was on his way to the hotel because he had acquired the good. The white man answered the call and told him to come over to the hotel.

When he reached the hotel with the load of silicon, he called the white man’s phone. It was off. He tried the Belgian number. That line was also off.

Kojo arrived at the hotel in the company of another friend, he was told that the room number that he was given had not been occupied for over 3weeks now.

Moreover, there was no reservation made for that room by any person.

Kojo’s temperature began to rise. What was happening? He took the Silicon back to his office with the consolation that, he would find a buyer because silicon was an important material in manufacturing essential computer parts.

Kojo decided to open one pack of silicon to see how silicon looked like. Lo and behold, inside the beautiful package was sand.

He took the next available bus to Abeokuta. Upon reaching there, he noticed that the warehouse where he bought the sand was closed. There was no trace of a single human being there apart from a gateman.

He asked the gateman where the workers who were in the warehouse the previous day had gone to. The gateman told him the landlord drove them out. Apparently, they were squatting in the place.

No attempt by Kojo to contact any of the people he engaged with in the transaction was successful after he purchased the sand. This was in the year 2008. Till today, all the parties involved in this deal have not surfaced.

I want to open this discussion for the benefit of other people who want to engage in business ventures.

What did Kojo do wrong? How could he have insulated himself from getting scammed? Share your thoughts

How to Prospect for Network Marketing

If you just keyed in how to prospect for network marketing, chances are that you want to give your network marketing business a boost by finding potential customers.

This piece is one of several in the series that will serve as a prospecting guide in your efforts to learn what to do and what not to do when you are prospecting.

  1. The journey to attracting the right kind of prospect starts from your mind. Your mind frame will determine whether you will attract or generate quality prospects or wishy washy leads.
  2. Keep abreast with hot topics especially those in your industry, this will help you sustain valuable conversations for longer
  3. Define your role in the prospecting process. You are supposed to gather information that will help you know your prospect. The information gathered will aid you to qualify the prospects. You will know first-hand whether this is a prospect you will want to court for your network marketing opportunity.
  • How To Prospect – Position yourself

If you are just starting out, make sure you are seen where the prospects will be looking.

Prospects have become very sophisticated. They will search you out.

Online, they will use search  via the search engines, social media, etc.

Off-line, they are likely to be looking around events hosted by players in your industry.

The events include trade shows, training programs, fairs, etc.

They will look for success stories.

Locate yourself around the key players in the business.

Talk with them, interview them, ask questions, and compliment them.

Their popularity will have a rub off effect on you giving you some credibility which is much needed to boost your prospecting efforts.

  • Maintain a Confident Posture  While Prospecting

Identify your unique selling point take pride in it.

To a large degree, your prospects can have their lives and businesses transformed because of information you possess and give out.

They might have heard or accessed this same information in many places but the way you deliver and present the same information can give their lives a major boost.

Equipped with this knowledge, it is important to maintain a confident demeanour when interacting with people.

You will naturally attract prospects. Your duty will then be to qualify them.

  • Advertise to Attract Prospects

Advertising will save you the trouble of cold calling and experiencing rejection.

Most network marketers dread being rejected.

When you advertise, the people who are searching for solutions you can provide locate you.

When they approach you, you need to sort out the quality prospects from the chaffs.

  • Use Questions to Qualify Prospects

Ask questions that will lead you to determine whether the person you are relating with is qualified for your time.

Conversation must centre on the person and help you in your sorting process.

The prospects you qualify must be taken deeper into your sales funnel.

After this, ask them questions that will bring to fore their needs.

Suggest working solutions to their problems.

Provide a solution if you have it, usually free of charge.

If you do not possess the solution, show them where to find it.

If you do not know where to find it, help them find it. You must apply good judgement and moderation in this case.

If you can’t help them, empathize with them and move on.

Remember to ask them if they found the solution and how should you meet again.

If these people do not buy from you, they will seek you out eventually.

You will become their go-to person if they are seeking solutions.

  • Leverage Funded Proposals When You are Prospecting

You can prospect by using the funded proposal.

Simply put, a funded proposal (Self-liquidating offer or SLO) is a way to get paid to prospect.

You do this by offering a low cost high value solution that meets the needs of your target market.

This brings them into your sales funnel and then you nurture and eventually sell your opportunity to them.

In many cases, these people ask to join your opportunity even without you selling to them.

The funded proposal help you to generate prospects who are farther down into the sales funnel.

Show some love. What are the important skills that one must must to be effective at prospecting?

Leave your thoughts in the comments. You can also share this post every where.

To your MLM prospecting success.


Am Stuck… I Your Help!

When we tied the knot

When we tied the knot

On Sunday, 27th July 2014, my sweetheart, Esenam and I would have clocked 1 year after tying the knot.

I have a Chinese restaurant is on the itinerary but as to which one, we would tell based on the city we decide to catch fun in. My JEWEL loves good Chinese!

We will both be in Ghana then and I am planning to take her out that day in a-me-and- you only kind of outing where we can get intimate and enjoy ourselves without any form of distractions.

My jewel, Esenam enjoys sight-seeing and some adverture.

A number of places I would love to take her to come to mind. My problem is that, I have only 24hours in the day to make her touch the skies like she did a year ago.

Places to Visit

I made her touch the skies last year

Given this time constraint, I can’t go to all the places on my mind. I need your help to settle on one place. What do you suggest?

Only four places come to mind but I know there should be more.

  • Nzulezu
  • Aburi Botanical Gardens
  • Kakum National Park
  • Also toying with the idea of horse riding at the beach.

This is all my stretched imagination can offer me so I need your help. Do you know anywhere else I can take her to?

Where do you suggest we go? Probably, friends you have may also have an idea that will work for us.

Please do not limit your suggestions to my list.

I am standing by for your input.

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

EasiestSubjectinSchool and Easiest Way to Make Money Online

What is the easiest way to make money online? Is it affiliate marketing, information marketing, product launching, filling of survey forms?

The answer will surprisingly shock you. It is not actually what you may be expecting.

Let me start off by saying that, you can start an online business easily, without heavy capital requirement or risks associated with starting an offline business even though online businesses have proven to be very profitable and lifestyle supporting.

You should probably consider starting an online business too. If you are like many people, you would want to know which one is the easiest way to make money online.

I have addressed this concern in today’s post. Read on.

I have seen people promote their affiliate marketing businesses as the easiest way to make money online.

Some people have even said that, if you did not make money with their affiliate marketing program, you are not likely to make money online at all.

Their sales pages tell you that that system is does everything for you.

It is easy to make money online with affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing is not the easiest way to make money online. So what is?

Before I answer your question, let me take you down memory lane. It is not your memory lane but you may identify with my past.

Back in basic school, we were about 40 in my class.  I enjoyed particularly the stories my Social Studies teacher would tell us.

Our Social Studies teacher carefully crafted the words in his stories so well that, I cannot help but maintain a smile as I am writing about this.

It has been over 15 years but I can still remember most of what I was taught in my Social Studies class in basic school.

To me, Social Studies was the easiest of all subjects.

I could easily study the subject on my own and could not help laughing as I was reading my notes and remembering some of the stories and jokes told in the class.

I performed creditably well in Social Studies given that I was an average student.

Not so with some of my colleagues. They felt that, the Social Studies teacher rather than given us points and facts straight away was eating up the time with a lot of story telling.

A friend of mine who also did well in Social Studies was Nicholas. Surprisingly, Nicholas did not think that Social Studies was the easiest of the nine (9) subjects we were offering in basic school.

In his opinion, Mathematics was the easiest of all subjects.

I would disagree with Nicholas that Maths was the easiest subject when social studies was the subject that gave me good results, UNTIL Ken – a friend from another school gave me the “formula” to do well in Maths.

When I first came online hoping to make money, I noticed the various options that were available.

You could sell on ebay, become a clickbank affiliate or an amazon associate.

You could create your own information products for sale or you could start an online betting system.

My objective was clear when I came online. I wanted to find the easiest way to legitimately make money online and then make as much money with that means as possible.

That was when the term, “turn-key system that churns out money on autopilot”  and the phrase, “done-for-you” jumped at me.

Was I too lucky to find what many people did not know? Why were a lot of people not sign up for these turn key systems and become millionaires overnight?

I read sales pages of different online business models especially affiliate programs.

The affiliate programs especially will tell you that, what you need is to sign up to the program and WATCH how much money you will be making almost immediately.

These salesmen will show you screenshots of how much money they have made online in a matter of days.

They present their offers as so simple to attain success with that, without much hesitation, you would pull out your credit card and join their program.

Here is the deal! Your personality type will generally determine what comes out naturally easy for you to attain success with.

You can take the test on this website to see what you may be naturally good at.

This notwithstanding, internet marketing is an art. You can learn the skills that are necessary for success and master it.

When you master a particular skill, it becomes so easy that when you perform it, other people will condemn themselves they did not know that easy way to make money online.

It is not surprising to see a webinar that teach you what is working or shows a special report on how a particular online skill helped someone to make millions of dollars from home.

Both Nicholas and I thought that different subjects were the easiest because we had different personalities and approached things differently.

It is the same with internet marketing. There is no easiest way to make money online. There is only what works!

What ever online business model you choose to adopt should be something that works.

You can do any online business  with ease if you learn how to. Like I said before, choose what works.

One thing you have to constantly do however is to improve upon your marketing and relationship building skills so that making money online will come easily to you.

You can also start an online business with ease but you should never compromise improving upon yourself.

Let’s remember the past and catch some fan. Which was your easiest or most difficult subject in basic school and why?

Leave your comments and share the post with your friends to see what they also think?





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To your lesson for today…

Why do you want to build an online business?

(CLUE – The answer requires that you write out your Mission Statement)

Note, if you have come online to make money, then you have taken a stand to build a business online so you need to be clear why you are here.

Clarity in your purpose will help you stick around for a long time. It will also help guide you so that you are not chasing the next shiny thing that comes your way.

People who are always chasing the next shiny thing do not do well.

Shiny things will always come but what you need is a mapped out strategy to excel.

This post by Entrepreneur.com should help you to lay this foundation.

After you have read the post in the Entrepreneur, come back and in the comments section below, write out your own mission statement.

I will help as many people as I can to tweak their mission statements till there is a clear defining purpose.

If your reason or your comment is not genuine, I may not be able to provide you with real help

So go ahead. Answer the question.

Why have you decided to build an online business or to make money online?

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The Fastest Way To Make Money Online

If you just searched the fastest way to make money online, you are probably looking for money desperately and in need to know how you can leverage the internet to make money online now.

I will tell you which is a faster way to make money online; whether it is affiliate marketing, info marketing, email marketing or any of the other ways to make money online.

But let me warn you. If you are desperate to make money now and have turned to the internet for solutions, you stand the risk of wasting the little money you presently have without making a dime.

So keep your wallet for now and read this post to the end.

I will tell you which methods are quickest.

But first, let me give you 2 reasons for the strong warning I just gave.

  • There are a lot of scam artists on the internet whose aim is to dupe you. And they are good with their craft.

Your Must Also Read : How to Tell a Genuine Online Business click the link to read it.

  •  There are genuine make money online programs who have high converting sales pages but do not deliver according to all their hype. Note: They are genuine, but they are over-hyped. You may end up learning below standard money making techniques that will leave you non-competitive. As a result, you may end up not making any money at all. This is especially true if you JUST join the program because of its sales message. You need to know what you want online before you go shopping for an online opportunity.

So which is the quickest way to make money online?
Is it affiliate marketing, email marketing, google adsense, blogging, online stores, etc.

Some people have strongly advocated for affiliate marketing because that is the first place they found success.

Personally, when I purchased the magnetic sponsoring course, (affiliate link) it took me less than 1 week to make a sale after I decided to promote it.

That is fast enough. Isn’t? I never filled survey questionnaires well. I have not had success with surveys. It takes too much time

Online stores have not worked for me either.

I know some people who have made money with surveys and online stores within their first week.

I also know people who have not made any cash from survey sites and online stores even though they had success elsewhere.

So what makes the difference?

In my opinion, 5 things count.

  • Your overall business building strategy
  • The point at which you meet your prospect (Their extent of desperation for a solution)
  • Your ability to sell (yourself, skills or product)
  • Your teacher or coach
  • Your personality type – Not everybody can do every thing

1. Your Overall business strategy.

If you have followed me for sometime, you know I definitely do not vouch for trading time for money.

So most of what I am going to discuss right now, will not concern business models whose compensation are linear.

So what is your business strategy? Some people’s strategy is to make a quick cut and sell whatever solutions they have.

The danger with this strategy is that, soon, you will be out of business.

If you want to be in business for long, some things must be important to you including your credibility.

You will not want to sell a fast-moving product without being sure that the patrons behind the product can deliver to both your satisfaction and that of the people you recommend. You will also not want to start an online business whose foundation is faulty.

If you find a great product supported by business builders with track record of quality, you can make a quick kill.

However, I do not recommend that you come online trying to make money fast as against setting the foundation of a rock solid business.

Build a solid foundation for your business. This may take a time but it is well worth the effort.

If you have the passion and you can endure, just hold on.

I promised I will tell you the fastest way to make money online but, you must understand these principles before you set out so read point 2 of what makes the some people make money faster than others.

2. The point at which you meet your prospect with the solution you have on offer

Assume that you are a vegetarian who enters a restaurant. You are quite hungry and then a sales attendant approaches you.

The sales attendant does not know you are a vegetarian and then tries to sell him “kpomo” or even steak.

How successful will this salesman be in his endeavour?

Imagine also a thirsty German in the desert.

Will you have to give them 101 reasons why water from an oasis is good for their health?

I am sure he will grab the cup of water and gulp it down without even asking for the source and whether it has been purified or not.

Strong desperate desire always kills reason even with the most logical of all men.

They will gulp the water based on their emotional state, and then justify why they had to drink the water with logic.

When you meet a man desperate for solution, you are likely to make sales fast and with ease.

3.   Your Ability To Sell

The best salesman online or offline is not the one who can sell a deep freezer to an eskimo but the one who knows how to find the customer who is ready to buy now.

With this skill, you will use less effort at selling and succeed faster.

You must learn how to target your ideal prospects or leads. This is a crucial point of your success in internet marketing.

When you learn to target your ideal prospect who is desperate for your solution, you will make money online with great ease.

So go ahead. Spend time and money and learn the art of targeting prospects. Build your skill around this even if it costs you money.

After you target your ideal prospect, the strength of your copy will help you make the kill.

A strong sales copy will make people pay for your solution faster.

I believe that everybody who wants to market online must have a certain level of copywriting skills. It helps.

4.    Your Teacher / Coach

Your teacher coach can be the reason you make money online quickly or not. There are two sides to this coin.

If your teacher is teaching you exactly what to do without holding anything back, this will shorten your learning curve and move you to faster to the first ever income you earn online.

This of course depends on whether you take the instructions and apply them. Many people who want to make money online have learnt so many things that can help them make some decent income. Their only problem is that they don’t act. They are afraid to lose money. You will never be able to swim if you stay at the bank without entering the river. Go ahead. Kill your fear and start practicing what you learn. Take baby steps, measure your efforts and then improve.

When you are with a good coach who can catch you when you fall, you can risk taking giant steps.

Don’t be afraid to lose. Risk is an essential ingredient in business success.

Make sure your risks are calculated though.

5.    Your Personality type

This is perhaps the most important determinant of the kind of business you can do for online income whether part-time or as a full-time endeavour.

Not everyone can do every business. Know your personality type and see what online business can work well for you.

In conclusion, there is no fastest way to make money with internet marketing.

Many people have spent years without making a single dime with the same methods that saw some people make money within their first day.

This is what I want you to do.

Settle on one business model that you want to pursue, find a mentor who is already attain some level of success. (You should be willing to pay them to spend some time with you). Follow their guidance and develop your own marketing skills. To know where your strengths and weaknesses are, you can take this test to decide your personality type. The test is free. Click here to take your test.

The Fastest Method to Make Money Online – What I recommend

Even though there is no single fastest method to make money online, I recommend that you start off with affiliate marketing.

Here is why.

  • At least I can give you some guidance on this one.
  • You start of with little risk and time investment.
  • You will receive training from most affiliate programs on how to get success with these programs.
  • You will develop great internet marketing skills as you are being trained in affiliate marketing.
  • Creating your own product is time-consuming. When you have made  money promoting another person’s product, you would have established credibility and built a good foundation to launch your own product.

Just to show that there is no single fastest way to make money online, I want you to share what you thought was the fastest way and your experience with this way of making money online. You will be surprised how everybody else’s answer is different from yours. Go ahead. At least now you know. But what did you think was the fastest way to make money online? Let’s open the discussion. Leave your comments

30 Plus 4 Ways to Ensure You Never Ran Out Of Content Ideas Like My Tap Did This Morning

When you desperately need to come up with content ideas or topics for your blog, your brain sometimes go blank.

Nothing comes to your mind. It can get very frustrating when you find yourself in this state.

This is the reason why many blogs get abandoned.

The writers can not keep up with coming up with new content anymore.

Their stream of content ideas dry up.

Just to let you into my bathroom first.

Before I decided to write on this topic, I was taking a shower all n****d.

Suddenly, the tap stopped flowing. I still had a soapy foam in my face, the situation was not pleasant at all.

While my wife was organizing some water for me (solving writer’s block), everything came together.

The feeling is like the one I have had in the past when trying to come up with content ideas.

The constantly flowing tap is synonymous with an ever present stream of ideas you can write about.

I knew immediately I had to come up with a post to help my readers especially you.

Don’t Get Stuck for Content Ideas Anymore Like My Shower Tap Did This Morning.

By following the advice in this post, you can actually generate content ideas in your niche for the next 1 year if you have to come up with posts everyday.


Where to Get Content Ideas for Your Blog / Website

  1. Keyword Research Tools

If you are conducting keyword research, you will generally come across a lot of other related keywords.

If you don’t know how to conduct a keyword research, you must definitely read the resources below because the success of your blog largely depends on keyword research.

Keyword research by  rand fisking

Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel  

Keyword Research by Larry Kim via wordcount.

Brian Clarke’s keyword research guide  


All the different keyword ideas that come up are a great source of content.

Choose the keyword that has high traffic, low competition and is well priced.

Take the google keyword planner for example.

If you enter linda ikeji as your keyword, the tool immediately shows you other related keywords that can inspire a new content.

You see keywords in the ad group ideas  including, latest celebrity, entertainment news, nigerian gossip, etc.

Just look at the picture below to see the various ideas you can gather just by this single keyword phrase.


In addition to google’s keyword planner, you can also find other keyword tools such as market samurai, SEM Rush tool, etc.

2.    Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword suggestion tools work best with long tail keywords.

All you have to do is to enter your keyword search term.

In the example below, I entered internet marketing as my keyword.

This generated over 280 results using the ubersuggest tool (ubersuggest.org).

I have marked out some long tail keywords that can serve as a great base for new content.


Google’s keyword suggestion feature in search is also a great source for generating ideas for fresh new content.

3.   Question and Answer Sites

When you read questions people post on question and answer sites related to your niche, you can get a ton of great ideas on what is on peoples minds.

Many people posts questions about problems they have.

This gives you an idea what your market wants addressed and the way they are making their requests.

How to use question and answer sites for your content ideas

  1. Research an answer to questions asked on question and answer sites.
  2. Your response to other people’s answers can be a post on your own blog.
    You can state why you agree or disagree.

Below are a some question and answer sites you can join to see what people are discussing.


4.    RSS Aggregators

RSS means really simple syndication. It is a format for delivering web content that changes regularly.

An RSS aggregator is a technology that helps you collect feeds from all your favourite blogs from various sources into one single view.

Look at the screenshot of the alltop (alltop.com) page below


At a glance, you can see what’s hot on internet marketing. This can give you an insight into what to write about.

Below is a list of RSS aggregators you can use to bring all your favourite blogs and websites into one single place for inspiration.

  • Alltop
  • Feedly
  • popsurl
  • netvibes
  • newsblur
  • pulse.me

5. Content Curation Sites

Anytime you come across great and useful content in your niche, you may want to organise them with notes or comments.

Over time, you will notice that you have kept a journal of all the great content that meant something to you.

There are sites to help you organise and present the content you come across online.

These sites even help you to present your collection in a magazine or newspaper style format.

You can always come back to this content and review the notes you made.

Sites that help you organise the pieces of content you gathered all over the place into this newspaper style are generally called content curation sites.

Reading some of the great content you curated can serve as a source of inspiration of content for your own blog posts.

The list below is an example of content curation sites. You may want to use one of them.

  • Scoop.it
  • Curata.com
  • Storify.com
  • trap.it
  • Zite.com
  • paper.ly
  • rebelmouse.com

6. Blog Network Community Syndication Sites

Visiting blog network community sites alone can give you a ton of ideas to write about.

Content on these sites (the active ones) are constantly updated and engaged with.

You can generate ideas both from the content headlines and the comments people make.

Engagement with content plus voting on each of the posts will also give you an idea whether a topic is popular.

When you come up with content on popular topics from these communities, you can drive great traffic to your blog.

Some of the active blog syndication sites that I find useful include the following;

 7. Title Generators

Two idea generators I find useful are

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

TweakYourBiz Idea Generator

I discovered these tools thanks to Neil Patel of quicksprout and Shawn Hessinger of smallbiztrends respectively.

This is how you use the tools.

Enter your keyword into a title generator and press enter.

That’s all.

You will be provided with several title suggestions that can trigger great ideas for content.

I did the same with portent.

Check out the result I got below.

picture of an idea generator

Did you notice the arrow on the left? It points to my keyword – internet marketing.

The arrow at the top left tells gives me an idea what I could put in place of “podcasts.”

I could use a word such as “blogs” to read, “15 blogs about internet marketing”, you name it.

The arrow on the left bottom corner even suggested a traffic strategy.

“Tag influential people to get them to share your content”.

I must admit that, sometimes the idea suggested may be gibberish but when you keep refreshing, you may find a gem.

Idea generators are supposed to help you generate ideas anyway.

8.    Search Trends

What is the latest online? What are people talking about in your industry?

Knowing what is trending will give you an idea what your audience may be reading at the moment.

Twitter trends

Find out what people are tweeting about in your niche to know what your audience may be reading at the moment.

Hashtag (#)

  • Use the hashtag (#) to sift through conversation on a particular keyword

Trends Map

  • Use this tool to determine what is the hot topic online or in your area.

Advanced Twitter Search

  • This search feature in twitter helps you to narrow down your keyword search to days, to people, to retweets, etc.

You can also use google trends.

9.    Presentation Sites

Great presentations compress ideas in each slide with pictures.

This is a great source of inspiration.

Stories themselves can give you a content ideas and provide you with different angles to look at the same issue.

Your creativity will be evoked when you use presentation sites as a source of inspiration for coming up with content ideas.

Some of the popular presentation sites includes the following.

    • Slideshare.net
    • Slideboom.com
    • Authorstream.com
    • Sliderocket.com
    • Prezentit.com

10.    Statistics and Data

These provide the tradition source information that is usually critical and analytical.

A glance at chats and graphs will immediately inform cause discussions to pop up into your brains.

When you can’t find what to write about, just check your industry and see where the numbers and charts are.

11.    Product or Service Reviews

On any given day, you can find a product in your niche to write about.

Use the product and write an honest opinion on your experience using the product.

12.    Write about tools you use

13.    Other Blogs

Places to find content ideas on other blogs

  • Check the Blog categories
  • Check the headline of popular posts
  • Check and read blog comments.
    If you see a comment you disagree with, write a post on your blog expressing your opinion on the matter.
    If someone writes a great comment, invite them to guest post for you.

14.     Social Networking Groups

You can create a group or join one created by another person.

Follow the discussions in the groups you join for content ideas.

  • Google plus groups.
  • Facebook groups
  • Linkedin groups

15.   Follow the discussion in Social Bookmarking sites such as Delicious, reddit etc.

16.   Use the discovery feature in stumble upon

17.   Watch videos related to your niche. It could be niche training videos, or nollywood movies.

18.   Join the discussion in forums and see what people are asking

    19.  Attend webinars.
They serve as inspiration for most of my content ideas.
You will come up with content ideas discover gold nuggets and for your next content at webinars.

20.    Join a mastermind group.
As iron sharpens iron, so does one man’s countenance the other.

21.    Try to relate what you read to your niche. See how it applies.

22.     Brainstorm regularly.
Constantly think about content ideas and write them down.
You may not use them now but in the future, you would notice that, there is always something to fall back on

23.    Your personal experiences in blogging is a great source of content.
Apart from helping you to bond with your readers, this type of content cannot be easily copied.

24.    One picture speaks a thousand words.
Spending some time on picture sites can excite your imagination to come up with great content.

25.    Google analytics – What keywords are people using to find you?

 26.    Webmaster tools – Just like google analytics, you can determine the keywords people are using to find you.
Use top searches, then filter by impressions or clicks.

27.      Interview other influential bloggers in your niche.
This is the easiest way to generate content. The hard part is to land the interview.
When you build valuable relationships however, you can have a stream of interviews with top bloggers.

28.     Watch lions and birds on national geographic special.
Did you just laugh? Of course I am serious.
Since a whole book on business management was written using aesops fables.
You can get great ideas by watching how the elements in nature interact with themselves.
This to me is a great source of inspiration.

Soon, you will be hearing stories of Kweku Ananse and lions and forest over here and how they all can contribute to your blogging success.

 29.    The next time you see a billboard or banner ad, it may provide inspire a new content.
Keep your brains open.
The google picture ad below has given me so many topic ideas and headlines I can write about.
I can write headlines such as, “how to tell if you are $20,000.00 worthy”, “5 ways to become eligible for $20,000 by blogging”, etc


 30.     Go take a shower. It is funny sometimes what happens to us.

Remember the story I told you about my bathroom, that is where I got the idea to research and come up with this post.

31.    Ask your readers. They are the best group to tell you what they want to read.

If you are writing for them, then you better ask them what they want you to tell them.

32.    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Keep a log of questions your readers frequently ask you.
Turn to these FAQs anytime you need to urgently fall on something to write.

Check the questions your competitors are frequently answering.
Just go over to their FAQs and browse the questions over there for some content ideas

33.     Travel

Changing your environment can change your perspective.
It can also inspire you with new ideas you can write about.

34.     Use Social mention tools such as topsy.

Topsy helps you analyse the web. It helps you discover relevant discussions and what’s trending.

This is a great place to find your content ideas.

A search results page alone can tell you what to write about that is relevant.

You can filter your search by relevancy, influencers, etc.

Just browse through some the topsy results page for the keyword phrase, “content ideas”

 using topsy for content ideas

 It is important to mention at this point that, in order not to experience the writer’s block, you have to keep your mind open, be relaxed and think often about how to solve problems facing the people in your niche. Plan ahead, and keep to your content posting calender. When you do, you will not have to get out of ideas again.

Which of the methods discussed above do you find easy to adopt and how will you use it? Do you deal with writers block differently from any of the ways discussed? How do you come up with content ideas anytime you feel stuck? Share this post and leave your comments.













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